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  1. Today is a market sell off because of remarks by Treasury Secretary Yellen that interest rates may have to rise. Imagine if rates do rise? Government is dumping buckets of cash into pockets at full throttle, and now wants use interest rates to stomp on the brakes with both feet. Today Biden wants to raise the Estate tax from 35% to 61% by eliminating the step up in basis for heirs. What is an investor to do? Sell and sit with cash while interest rates, inflation, and taxes ravish equities.
  2. On Mardi Gras The Chef's Table is in the kitchen on deck 5 aft. It is near the stern, closer to the port side. It is a square room with access near the aft elevators.
  3. Getting back to the title of the thread, the latest gestations from the CDC recognizes the effect of the vaccine on the spread of the disease, and the elimination of the need for hospitalization for the poor souls that contract it after vaccination. To that end they are saying the need for simulated cruises is moot and the no sail order modified if 98% of crew and 95% of passengers are vaccinated. This might be the time for those adults that wish to cruise in July or August to roll up their sleeves. If you are the extreme few who have a medically articulatable reason to not take the vaccine, a
  4. Ms Duffy did a live hit on Healds page earlier today. She appeared on the Lido Deck of Carnival Sunshine in Port Miami. I would have thought there would have been better stagecraft and production support beyond a handheld iPhone for the CEO, but she did say she was going to attend the arrival in Galveston, and there would be a light show! That is all well and good. A little publicity for the arrival is a good thing. I note that Panorama and Miracle have been in Long Beach for weeks. There are more cruise ships than I have ever seen in one place offshore within sight of Long Beach
  5. Cruise ships fly flags of convenience for tax purposes, and employment reasons to be sure, but the cruise industry contributes vast sums to the US economy. Carnival Corp alone paid about $71 million in taxes for 2019, and all the US based workers, travel agents, purveyors, and fuel suppliers also kicked into the federal kitty. Carnival is a registered Panama company, and Disney is a USA registered, but they cannot put an American flag on their ships because US law requires the ship to be built it a US shipyard to sail internationally. There is no yard in the USA currently building cruise ships
  6. My observation is both very large and tiny casinos near me have a "temporary no smoking" policy. As near as I can tell they are more crowded than ever. I spoke to a manager at the largest, and they are considering banning smoking on campus. He said they are saving a bundle on the air handling system, and they have had very few complaints. Many places that formerly had smoking places set aside have started to eliminate them one-by-one. Another brand of ships are down to one outdoor deck on one side of the ship, with limited hours.
  7. I would enjoy increased cleaning and sanitizing protocols, service in the buffets, and the smoking lamp is off for the entire ship. I don't think changing the muster drill is a good idea. It at least gives you an idea of where you are to go in case of an emergency. Showing a video would be good reinforcement, but not on it's own. I cringe every time I see an airplane crash on the runway and passengers are running away with their rolling luggage. Blue cards should be treated to a practice fitting of the life vest. Show reservations could have reserved seats, and ten min
  8. Many folks spend too much time with the woke media who is doing their part to mimic Pravda. They need to take off the WAPO and NYT headband as it is squeezing your head. Dr. Fauci approved a study of bat corona viruses to the tune of $3.7 million dollars in 2014 funded by the NIH despite a ban on such research by the Obama administration. This funded Shi Zheng-Li, a virologist at the Wuhan lab, to catalog the bat cave corona viruses. That work was finished in 2019 and Fauci then signed off an additional $3.7 million for part two of the study for gain-of-function research for the pu
  9. The first injections took place last April. Is a year long enough to judge? I think so and so do the scientists authoring the trials.
  10. Carnival can tell us they are not requiring pax to be vax'ed but the reality is they don't need to make a decision now. If you paid a deposit, or even final payment for a voyage, that does not guarantee you carriage if the policy changes. It would be difficult to mandate vaccination at a time when it was not available to everyone. That would not be fair. Now or within days everyone down to age 16 will be eligible for shots. People will discover that without the vaccine some doors will be closed to you, just like not having a driver's license or a passport will slow your roll.
  11. I have no doubt the CDC is running scared, not simply because a lawsuit can collapse their house of cards, but because public sentiment is running rampant over their procrastinations without peer reviewed scientific data. It is true that State issues travel warnings, but they do it based on information from other agencies, among them the CDC. If the "novax nudniks" would hold out their arms life can return to normal faster. I see nothing that would prevent the CDC from taking right-thinking action to cancel the no sail order all together this week. That wo
  12. If you were to take the known cases of Covid at 32 million and multiply by 4 for the unknown cases, we get 128 million with natural immunity. If the US Adult population is 330 million (no one really knows because of the open border policy) and 60% have immunity from vaccination, that is 198 million folks. Add the natural immunity to the vaccinated immunity to get 328 million. That is 98.7% of the adult population, and sounds like herd immunity to me. Would Canada have similar stats? The CDC is slow walking any changes because it's the government, and they are here to help. (n
  13. 7203 would be my first choice, unless the thermal suites are important to you. 7203 is an interior price, but it has a window that looks forward on the ship. Outside the window is a public deck, and the rail for the deck is what blocks the view. There are seldom any other passengers on that deck, and during the day the window tint makes it very hard if not impossible to see inside. At night you must keep the curtain closed to protect the night vision of the sailors on the bridge. The head of the bed I believe is under the window. The door to the deck is right next to that room mak
  14. I am not sure how any cruise line can submit a coherent plan? The CDC has not issued the full set of technical instructions for the companies to formulate a plan.
  15. Worry is just interest on problems you do not have yet. I don't think the double-secret probation will be a factor in resuming operations. Carnival has hired a compliance officer that reports to the CEO and has a budget and portfolio for mandated requirements of the Court. Hopefully the training will change the culture among the crews that adherence to environmental laws is paramount in their daily routine. Some components of the Court's order cannot be accomplished because the pandemic makes it impossible to obtain required spares in the quantity specified, and the inability of outside mainte
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