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  1. You need to book an aft balcony...those are the true typical large aft balcony.....they go fast though.....
  2. It appears that the cabins toward the front half of the ship look down to the ocean....much more at least then the sides/back area...
  3. Can you have dinner in Eden without being involved in the show or having it interfere with eating your dinner?
  4. Thanks for your suggestions... does anyone know if raw on 5 is part of the dining package or just a la carte?
  5. What specialty dining is your favorite on the Edge..thinking of getting a 3 night package. Not interested in Le Petite....is Raw on 5 only ala carte or can you use that as a choice? thanks for your recommendations!
  6. We love those cabins....my only concern would be that there is a smoking area below you on deck 5...we always stay on the other side....7280...
  7. They worked For me....I like the Sagas...Flam and Oslo fjords....
  8. Dani.....I don’t see the June 2022 Jewel of the Seas going to Geiranger....what date? Thanks...
  9. Our January 2022 b2b on Edge is cancelled...not giving other options but Silouette for 10 and 11 nighters...where is the Edge going to be?
  10. I got an email from Celebrity about my Edge 2022 cruise....changing ....I can take the silhouette for a 10 or 11 night...says nothing about what the Edge is doing?? Not happy!
  11. Anyone know what the Celebrity perks will be starting tomorrow? Thanks!
  12. Can you pre purchase the tickets, and if so, can we print them out or do we need to pick up at the station? Thank you so much for any info.
  13. We will be arriving in Flåm at 8am....do you think we could book the 8:50 train to do on our own? Would like to avoid the crowds of the ship if possible and would like time to do or see something else.....we depart at 3:00 thank you!
  14. We are on this same itinerary for June 6th...not happy about the change to 7 nights, eliminating a few ports that were a priority for us....looking elsewhere also....disappointed since we were looking forward to the itinerary and ship.
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