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  1. Oh, because of the Jones Law?
  2. I saw the below posted on YouTube I'd be happy to do a five-day cruise with no ports, and a high degree of pre-sail screening It seems to be a thought, you would think worth pondering. Does anyone know if Princess and other possible Cruise Lines are considering this? My wife and I live in California and would jump at the chance if the port is close.
  3. I seen the posted on a live YouTube feed I'd be happy to do a five-day cruise with no ports, and a high degree of pre-sail screening It's probably not a new idea, but has anyone heard of any of the Cruise Lines adopting this as a possibly? If so, my wife and I are in. Glenn
  4. Thank you I will check it out.
  5. Watched a couple of YouTubes on this site. One gave a step by step on how you can get about 10% back for buying one of their gift cards for Carnival. Hey, for every $1000 getting a $100 back sounds like a sound idea. Anybody run across this site and what is your opinion?
  6. Thank you all for your responses. My travel agent was attempting to do a work around for our July 11 2020 cruise to Alaska and it would have worked out with the exception of us losing a $1000 of onboard credit, so we opted out. Fortunately, when we booked the cruise it had free gratuity. I spoke to a princess representative and the unlimited WiFi does cap out at 2000 minutes, so for longer cruises, such as our 15 day to Hawaii, this would a been a great benefit, since our Elite status allows only 250 free minutes. I spoke to our agent and she further expressed she agrees with one of the responses in this thread that mentioned it works better for new booking. Premier Drink package is about $60 a day per person, Premier WiFi about $30 a day per person, and Mini-Suite gratuities about 15.50 per day. So for our 15 day cruise to Hawaii, using our mini-suite as an example this would have saved us approximately $3165 for the both of us. Glenn
  7. Has anyone taken advantage of this and if so, does anyone know if their is a limitation on the WiFi? I'm sure I can find out tomorrow, but if someone knows I'd appreciate the reveal. Glenn
  8. We just gained our Elite Status in May and immediately booked the December 19th cruise going round trip from Los Angeles to Hawaii. In May our travel agent put us on the waiting list for Club Class. On September 20th she made our final payment and inquired about our waiting list status. Well, apparently we were taken off the list with no explanation, so our travel agent asked for us to be put on this list again. I called a couple of weeks ago regarding another matter and inquired about our status. Again, we were taken of the list. This time they said we were taken off the list because an email was not responded to regarding confirmation of acceptance. I never received the email and neither did my Travel Agent. Again, we requested to be put on the list. I told my Travel Agent to automatically accept, if a confirmation was requested. Today I received an email notifying us to confirm our upgrade for Club Class. I contacted my Travel Agent who was puzzled because she did not receive this email. What a hassle, yet finally Club Class achieved or so I thought. My travel agent tonight was making the the upgrade payment and was informed they were going to take the majority of our onboard credit, which amounts to $1300, away. My travel agent asked them to reconsider and they will be contacting her with the results tomorrow. Just trying to be preventive in case they don't honor a chunk of our onboard credit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My wife loves Club Class and having it for 15 days is a treat and saves us from the enduring dining waiting. So, I'm just crossing my fingers, but please reply with any thoughts. Glenn
  9. Thanks. I've been just feeding off others posts for some reason I have a difficulty starting my own string, but will copy and paste and see what happens.
  10. Unfortunately, I can't seem to post from roll call. I can reply, but that's it. Any suggestions on how would be appreciated.
  11. My wife and I are going on the December 19th holiday cruise going to Hawaii round trip from Los Angeles. I recently have struck an interest for the card game, Klaverjassen. If anyone is interested and is going to be on this cruise feel free to contact me. Our Cabin # is A246. Glenn
  12. Took your advice, I sent an invite for those interested that we would be happy to host a intimate tourney in our cabin. We are on the December 19th cruise to Hawaii round trip from Los Angeles. If you happen to be on that cruise, shoot me off your Cabin number so I can contact you and give you an official invite. We will supply the chips and cards. Buy in will be $10 and we will reward 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Glenn
  13. They used to have Hold'em Tournaments on the ships, but I haven't seen them lately. Does anyone know why? My wife and I are going on the December 19th Hawaiian trip and were interested. If not, does anyone know the procedures on how one can be generated. Do we need to go through Princess or just inquire passengers if they are interested? Any suggestions would be appreciated. We would be willing to host in our cabin if that's an option.
  14. I just started playing this card game, Klaverjassen, on line and enjoy it. My wife and I are going on the December 19th Princess Cruise to Hawaii from LA and if there are any takers who would like to play please contact me.
  15. I concur with junglejane. My wife an I fill out the breakfast card and always indicate milk alternatives for our cereal. they've been good about it. Sometimes at the end of a cruise, if it's a lengthy one, they may run out of Almond Milk or Soy Milk.
  16. My wife and I have been in cancel situations before and fortunately we had our very competent travel agent work around it with princess. We were able to cancel and book an alternate cruise without any financial repercussions. We had no insurance at the time.
  17. Attempting to plan our specialty dinner reservations to coincide with formal nights. We are leaving on December 19th. We have 4 days at sea, hit days consecutive of Hawaiian Islands, 5 days at sea, hit Ensenada before coming home. I know the sea nights are when the formal nights occur, but we have 9 to chose from, so just a little confused. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Glenn
  18. Choices I found were pier 2 and pier 11. Specifically I'm inquiring for my wife and I are taking the Princess Star on Dec 19, 2019. We are contemplating renting a vehicle before departure, but not sure which pier. I attempted to contact Princess, but was forever on hold today and no-one ever picked up my call. Inquiry has anyone taken this cruise through princess before and if so do you know which pier was used? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
  19. Military discount on carnival but no OBC. Just had my travel agent take a look for me.
  20. My wife doesn't like formal nights either, which is why when we were on the Royal we booked the Crown Grill and Sabatini's for the formal nights and since they served us faster it got us out early to enjoy the entertainment.
  21. Thank you, fishywood. I'll get my attentive radar in motion.
  22. What is, "Exclusive Window to Preview and Book New Itineraries?" Would appreciate if someone could elaborate on this elite benefit. Thank you in advance
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