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  1. Spectrum has more pandas from the same artist as Ovation.
  2. So far, no ships with Jamie's have had it removed. The only change has been they are no longer adding it to new ships, and instead are going with the updated Giovanni's concept. I have no reason to believe it will be removed from Anthem.
  3. I was skiing in Aspen in December and noticed many Virgin Voyages ads on the chairlifts. I've also seen the TV ads several times.
  4. That's essentially what they are doing with the Spirit, although it's almost 10 years older than the Jewel class ships. I don't see any significant dry dock changes being made until after the Leonardo class ships start arriving.
  5. I assume the late boarding window simply refers to the ship not leaving until later than most. This gives sailors the option of spending more time in Miami rather than boarding immediately. The ship itself will likely be available for boarding as soon as the previous passengers are clear, just like any other ship.
  6. Norwegian's excursions are virtually guaranteed to be more expensive than booking direct with a tour operator. They need room to pay for the $50 shore excursion credits and 10-20% Latitudes discounts while still making money on the excursion. Do yourself a favor and book direct.
  7. I'm still holding out hope for a mini New York season starting in August 2021. The Scarlet Lady itineraries for Summer 2021 were added recently but they conspicuously end on August 1, whereas Valiant Lady extends all the way through October. The Bermuda port schedule has several openings starting in August which would allow Scarlet Lady to fit in there.
  8. Joy is scheduled to be at Terminal E, with Encore at the usual B/C.
  9. Norway seems to be one of the last destinations made available. This year only went on sale about 12 months in advance, so keep checking but anticipate May or so.
  10. All Norwegian deposits are refundable. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity offer refundable deposits on non-suite categories, but reduce the discount accordingly so you pay more. I'm still stuck with my deposit on the Cuba turned Key West itinerary and keep hoping to change to a longer itinerary, but the winter 2021 itineraries were no better and there's still no sign of summer 2021 out of Miami.
  11. They should be out very soon, possibly even this week. They released 2019-20 this week in 2018, while 2020-21 was released a bit earlier in December 2018.
  12. This press release starts with the sentence "Royal Caribbean International today announced its China itineraries for the first half of 2021." (emphasis mine) Wonder really won't arrive in China until May or June at the earliest, so it's probably best to save the fanfare for the second half announcement.
  13. This is typical of NCL. It's no different than Free & Reduced Air was for 2019. Occasionally they may switch up the terms or offer a bonus deal, but otherwise it's rinse and repeat.
  14. Most websites track your activity via cookies so when you go back to a website, it remembers what you were looking at before for the next time you visit. When you open a new browser window, you can choose to open as a Private or Incognito window. This makes the website treat you like a new customer visiting for the first time, and it will forget what you were looking at after you close the window. This will prevent you from getting bugged about cruises you might have been pricing out earlier, or receiving emails prompting you to come back and finish booking.
  15. Yes, it is standard procedure to open the bow to the public during glacier cruising in Alaska and while in the Panama Canal.
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