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  1. The Latitudes Insider Offer runs through at least October 12. The Take All 5 deal will probably be extended at least that long as well if past promotions are any indication.
  2. I think they meant $1,025 per sailor, unless they're quoting suites.
  3. It appears the concept cabin may include the "infinite balcony" feature found on Celebrity Edge class. That's one (controversial) feature that I wouldn't be surprised to see show up on Icon class.
  4. It wouldn't be the first time Meyer Werft made a mistake painting the name of the ship. Norwegian Encore had the "Wonky C" where they used an O cut in half rather than a full letter C. That was corrected before delivery, as I expect this will.
  5. RCI is recategorizing all ships in May 2021 to simplify the number of categories. Originally they were supposed to launch the Spa category at the same time, but that has been postponed indefinitely.
  6. I would not book the first half of the year until cruising actually resumes. I am confident things will be getting back to normal by the second half of 2021 given the positive news on developing vaccines and therapeutics, but it will take a few months for those to be widely distributed and make an impact even if they are approved around the first of the year.
  7. The idea behind these itineraries is you would fly into and out of Panama City, which is why they are listed as starting and ending in Panama City even if they actually dock in Colon. The ones I've been looking at include free or reduced airfare (and is actually free at least from Detroit). It looks like it's only about an hour farther away to get to Panama City airport from Colon than Fuerte Amador, so it's doable that way.
  8. The general rule of thumb in tub vs. shower is: Bed near balcony = tub Bed near bathroom = shower The bed is in the part of the room that bumps out on the deck plan.
  9. That sign appears to be on a parking garage and not the new terminal.
  10. The ad is showing a sale price which has since expired. They are charging you the regular price of $61, but the sale price hasn't been taken down from the home page yet. Unfortunately you are at the mercy of what the system prices it out at, they won't do price adjustments even if you provide them the ad.
  11. Odyssey will most likely be in Europe in Summer 2022. The only Caribbean itineraries until fall will be the ones already for sale.
  12. I'm surprised Celebrity didn't think of something like this. They could have awarded full CC points for cancelled cruises if you agree not to take a refund, in lieu of the extra 25% FCC. This would have cost them less in the long run if people opted for points instead of extra credit.
  13. I think what's happening is the Windjammer is being moved from 16 to 14. This allows both 16 and 17 to be a separate suite area, similar to what Spectrum has.
  14. They are likely changing many of the sailings to 7 days, but are only keeping reservations where the new sailing completely includes the original sailing dates. It did seem like there were a lack of late summer/fall 7 day Bermuda sailings in 2021 (and 2022) compared to past years.
  15. I doubt they ever intended to have split pools on Odyssey, but rather used some stock footage of an amped Voyager/Freedom class ship to show the general theme of the pool area. All of the Quantum class ships have their pools in the same place, so there's no reason to expect Odyssey to be different. It's easy to change decor, but not so much major structural components. The entire layout of Deck 13 would have to change to allow depth for split pools.
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