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  1. The next window will probably be March-April.
  2. The itineraries have actually been out since spring. Encore takes over the current Bliss itinerary with Glacier Bay, and Bliss moves onto the Endicott Arm/ISP route. Joy moves to NY for Bermuda runs, so that wouldn't be an option anyway.
  3. Of course. They will not forcibly serve you food you don't want to eat.
  4. You actually want as little fabric as possible when going down the slide. Bare skin generates less friction than fabric, so you will go faster and be more likely to make it through. Swim shirts are especially problematic, and make it nearly impossible to complete the full slide.
  5. They changed the names last time they recategorized. They are now Owner's Panoramic Suite and Grand Panoramic Suite. This was presumably done to make the distinction that they are all on a single floor as opposed to the lofts which have two floors. There is still a Royal Loft Suite, but that's an actual 2 story loft.
  6. It has very limited hours - sea days only for a couple hours at lunchtime. It would be easy to miss.
  7. I just noticed this too. It appears to be a glitch, as there's normally a message when you click through the booking that tells you you're getting 20% off and an extra point. That doesn't appear on these "newly added" sailings.
  8. They are probably referring to the existing two panoramic suites on Deck 17 (the ones added in the previous dry dock). I haven't seen the new ones offered for sale yet. It is unclear whether they will be Sky or Star class, as the categorization grid places them between the 1 & 2 bedroom AquaTheater suites.
  9. RCI has released a stateroom recategorization grid that confirms the new suites on the bridge wings won't have balconies, and Allure will also be receiving them despite them not being on the deck plans yet.
  10. The 30% Off is an ongoing promotion and meaningless. The weekly promo is up to $150 OBC, and this is what will end tonight (or most likely tomorrow night as they tend to extend it an extra day). A new weekly promo usually comes out on Thursday or Friday.
  11. You can also order nachos from the bar a la carte without paying the full cover charge.
  12. Yes, the deck plans show all the new public venues, but no new staterooms.
  13. Did you book through a travel agent? Some do not participate, including one of the largest wholesale clubs. Norwegian uses the exact same bidding system as well. No more calling to upgrade unless you want to pay the full going rate.
  14. As of now, Allure isn't even shown as receiving these new cabins (or the ones in place of the Diamond Club). I wouldn't be surprised if that changes before dry dock though. They may just be waiting to see how the modification goes on Oasis.
  15. I've never seen any reference to a Sky Pad in the plans.
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