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  1. I wish there was an option to receive occasional emails rather than all or nothing. I wouldn't mind one a week, but 1-2 a day (times two because Celebrity does the same thing) is way too much. I put up with them because I don't want to end up on the lifetime opt-out list.
  2. You don't need to cancel and rebook. If you are more than 120 days out, just call up and ask for a price adjustment. Your promotions may be adjusted to what is current at the time, but the CruiseNext certificates will remain regardless.
  3. Does the new procedure still allow your TA to prevent you from bidding (i.e. big box store)?
  4. I don't think they plugged the hole. It sounds like the internet coverage was very spotty, and since iMessage requires the internet to send and receive messages, that when the coverage dropped it didn't work whether they had the VOOM service or not. The RoyalIQ messaging service is entirely ship-based so even when the outside internet goes down, that service still works.
  5. There are no self-serve areas for soda. You'll have to see a bartender. I've never tried to have them fill a cup other than what they have behind the bar, so I can't help you there.
  6. The meeting place is very close to the ship, just to the right as you enter from the pier.
  7. Lemon lime is the only flavor offered, which is essentially unsweetened Sprite. The other Freestyle fruit flavor mixes contain colors and sweeteners making them unsuitable for creating the Dasani Sparkling flavors, so none are offered.
  8. I'd be interested in a 7 day sailing, but not for the premium that comes with holiday sailings. November or early December would be ideal, but it seems they aren't ready to release those yet. Unfortunately, the wording of the press release makes it sound like these are the only two 7 day sailings planned for now, so cancelling seems increasingly likely. My current reservation dropped by $150, but it still seems excessive for a 4 night non-Havana cruise.
  9. Reservations do not open until 120 days before sailing. Until that time, the reservation placeholders hold little significance. They are supposed to show "Too early to book" but in practice can show pretty much anything.
  10. It's one of the most useless perks. Ours stayed in the room unopened the whole week.
  11. Quite a few cruise lines have included Key West on their former Cuba and new substitute itineraries. It definitely seems like a better fit for Virgin than Nassau. The problem is that Key West is reachable by car and is a tough sell as the only featured destination. I'd rather go there as part of a longer itinerary.
  12. VV hasn't given any indication yet what sort of compensation or cancellation policy they will offer for the Cuba sailings. I agree that the fares are too high for a simple 4 day cruise that can practically only go to Nassau or Key West unless they cancel the Bimini stop, which they've indicated will remain. It's not worth the expense to travel to Florida for a 4 day cruise anyway, as Cuba was the only reason I begrudgingly accepted the short itinerary. I'd consider switching to the Dominican Daze cruise, but the Sweet Aft Suites are sold out on every sailing and the next cheapest suite is $1000 more than my current booking. They really need to release the schedule for November and on.
  13. Joy and Bliss always use the AJ dock.
  14. The 5 night dining package is only offered on cruises of 10+ nights.
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