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  1. It is only open to passengers for special occasions such as Panama Canal transits.
  2. Yes, it's what allows them to offer regular and diet versions of all the different flavors. Everything comes in small cartridges similar to ink cartridges you would use in a printer. The base mixes come unsweetened, and then are mixed with the appropriate sweetener, fruit flavors, and water as they are dispensed.
  3. It gets greyed out if either the Powerade or artificial sweetener cartridge runs out. If all Diet and Zero flavors are unavailable, it's the sweetener. You'll have to try a different machine or ask a crew member to change it if this happens.
  4. April 27 was the original inaugural cruise, but was cancelled to allow for a series of promotional cruises down to LA and back.
  5. Those are standard offerings in all Freestyle machines.
  6. If you need to travel on specific dates or it's a special one-off itinerary, it's best to book as early as possible. However, you will get the best deals being flexible with your travel schedule and booking about 2 months before departure. Prices may drop even more closer to departure, but the likelihood of categories selling out without notice increases.
  7. They are doing a 3 way rotation. Joy 2020 = Bliss 2021 Bliss 2020 = Encore 2021 Encore 2020 = Joy 2021
  8. The full details can be found here: https://loyaltoyoualways.com/service/unlimiteddining/ After reading through everything, I believe the restriction on Hibachi is gone. The culinary activities they are referring to are things like cupcake and sushi making classes. Also of interest is the only dining package options going forward on 6-9 night cruises will be BOGO, 3 Night, and Unlimited. 5 Night packages will be offered only on 10+ day sailings.
  9. Yes to everything. You shouldn't have a problem getting the restaurants you want.
  10. Keep in mind that Anthem doesn't have hibachi. It's just the sushi bar, starters, and a few noodle dishes.
  11. Joy originally had the same number of restaurants as Bliss, but the Deck 17 space (used for Le Bistro on Bliss) was taken over in order to expand the fitness center and spa (but not add a thermal suite). Originally it was supposed to be Ocean Blue that was left off, but they decided to move Le Bistro into the bigger Los Lobos space and add Ocean Blue.
  12. Is it possible they could send Odyssey to Alaska in 2021? It appears Quantum class could fit through the new Panama Canal locks. That would be an interesting repositioning.
  13. Yes, here's a before shot of the same side of the ship as the after. The English titles haven't moved, but the Chinese characters have disappeared.
  14. All of Norwegian's promotions for it show it with the same hull art. The only potential modification is the removal of Chinese characters from the ship name and logos.
  15. Norwegian has Breakaway Plus class ships scheduled to visit Bonaire in the next two years, and those are similarly sized to Quantum class. I'm guessing it can handle Odyssey.
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