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  1. In my experience Conde Nast surveys are often US-centric. Many of these cruise lines have a diverse passenger mix from all parts of the world as well as sailings from all five continents ...... you need a truly global survey to get a picture that is more accurate.
  2. Secondo Bacio is on most of the ships but it is adjacent to the buffet.........a somewhat different atmosphere and vibe to the main location.
  3. Your agent clearly did know something, maybe not the finite detail but enough to arouse questions .............
  4. No “we” do not know what is being consumed and at what rate but the staff do and having engaged two or three of them in conversation on our last Celebrity cruise, they were all anxious about what one of them called overstayers. When people are going to Cafe al Bacio for a particular “service” that is not available in the same way elsewhere on the ship, it is disappointing if tables remain occupied for long periods of time by people not availing themselves of the “service”, who could enjoy their hobby/past time elsewhere.
  5. When we were last on Silhouette earlier this year, on the Evening Chic nights most people stayed dressed in their “chic” clothes throughout the entire evening.
  6. I do think that some officers and senior staff can significantly change the vibe on a ship. If they create a good feel not only amongst their passengers but even more importantly amongst their crew, you will feel you are on a different cruise. You may stay in a bar longer or stay up later (both equal more money spent). I have been on cruises where the CD, HD and others have helped create such a good atmosphere that some of the bands and musicians would play late into the evening long beyond their allotted time because their audiences were having such a good time.
  7. Which would be your cruise line of preference nowadays? I really don’t like the “passenger mix” on some other lines.
  8. We enjoyed a number of cruises where they had a show at 8 pm and then at 10:30. This suited us fine as we don’t like to eat our dinner late afternoon, we prefer to have a dinner after 8 pm. We found that having a dinner time of 8.15 still gave us two hours for dinner and 15 minutes to get to the show. We have always found the restaurant staff to be very accommodating with regard to how long people want to spend eating and if you want a quick service they will normally oblige and they somehow managed to do it without you feeling rushed. If you let them know what you want and what you expect, they are normally very keen to help you.
  9. It is certainly not just Celebrity that responds very positively to a “whole ship” charter enquiry. That is a huge amount of money that is ringfenced in that they are guaranteed to receive it irrespective of whether or not the charterer sells all of the cabins. Some lines do seem to work more closely with the charter market, Celebrity, HAL, NCL, Princess are near the top of the list.
  10. Definitely based on season and location as there was live poolside music on Silhouette on Friday in the Mediterranean.
  11. If that figure is correct, I for one would prefer they spent that $20m on food and entertainment improvements although to be fair, on my last three Celebrity cruises I have never veered away from the MDR (and we went into the theatre most evenings).
  12. I think maybe live music by the pool is seasonal because certainly on our last two Celebrity Cruises there was music out on the open deck at least once a day, sometimes twice and also often up at the sunset bar. I guess it would be nice if they could react to improvements in the weather they were expecting and respond with moving some live music outside, but maybe there are more constraints than we realise. We also recently had plenty of guest lectures.
  13. Is it possible that these two cruises are not getting a lot of advance bookings so there are less people to come onto a roll call.
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