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  1. Nein2


    Just wnated to know if it still did. Why do you care what I ask?
  2. I think you might need to book a cruise soon. This is all bad info.
  3. Nein2


    Last time it was OK. Thanks Pal.
  4. Nein2


    Can we still use our EBT card for cash on the ATM on Breeze?
  5. I would ask Jumbo for the info. He problably knows its.
  6. It is all bout tips. Nothing more.
  7. Never tip. You already are at 15% that is too much already.
  8. Why should we decor our doors on next cruise on Vista?
  9. I like eatin early. More time for the night life.
  10. Why would anyone book a cruise for the drinks package? Must be an alckyholic.
  11. Chucky would demand a spot at the table or ban everyone. Plats should always be fore any FTTF.
  12. Wait till it drops below $40. It will happen at some point. Arnold is not a good CEO long term.
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