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  1. We easily ate $50 pp in food while at Secrets. And the drinks only bettered our deal. Steak, shrimp, chicken, fish all prepared to order via our cabana server. You can have alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks as well. Enjoy whichever you choose! You cannot make a wrong decision here.
  2. You’re not the first or last to “jump ships.” We have our first 10 day X cruise this coming March and we’re really looking forward to it. Without kids in tow it should be a relaxing and less busy experience for us, but not boring either.
  3. Check Trip Advisor and you’ll find links to charters there too. Most people on cruises do not do day fishing trips from my experience. And March is whale watching season in Cabo. Now that’s an excellent experience to enjoy.
  4. They run two day parts, a day session and an evening session. The time limit for the day part is a hard stop meaning it ends at the stated time. Wife and I did the Secrets day pass in March 2019. We had an excellent time and fully enjoyed the resort, food, drinks and excellent service. We’re even looking at vacationing at Secrets PV due to our experience. Now Amber is the family side adjacent to Secrets. I’d advise you to arrive early to secure a good lounger location and maximize your time at this great resort. Lmk if you have additional questions. I’ll try my best to help. Here’s the original thread:
  5. Yes but if you’re driving to the Port you’re sure to get a parking spot. Spend time early or later, you’re still going to spend the time. And it’s nice when you disembark and your car is literally right there. Makes for getting on with your day easier.
  6. Playa Porto Marie Curaçao https://goo.gl/maps/ahZa9SYxqpWaBbEn6 Our favorite Curaçao beach. Good snorkeling, relaxing, has a bar, restrooms and is quiet, not super touristy. Take a cab from the port and negotiate with your driver your pickup time and only pay your fare when you’re picked up from the beach for your return to port trip. This way you’re guaranteed your ride back to the port. The beach closes at sundown so you’ll have plenty of time to get to port safely. I also recommend cab sharing to reduce you fare cost. It’s flat rate so the more peeps you have in your taxi the less expensive it’ll be. IIRC, r/t was $80 so sharing a cab will reduce your fare. If you have your own snorkel gear, this beach is super easy to use and enjoy. Note, the shore entrance is full of shells so water shoes are highly recommended.
  7. Agreed. The Caribbean is good. Bonaire was the best snorkeling we’ve ever done. Whale watching in Cabo is excellent when in season.
  8. What kind of experience are you seeking? Food? Drinks? Loungers? Umbrellas? Quiet?
  9. 1230-1P is the Zone. Check in has 30 minute increments so if you would have chosen 1-130P, that would be your boarding zone or group. The new terminal really speeds up the boarding process, except when you’re held in queue above the escalators. Since you’re cruising in Jan it shouldn’t be an issue with heat/AC so I wouldn’t worry too much about Panorama pax count. We usually arrive by 1015/1030 in LB as if the ship clears sooner than projected, they might board you sooner. We’ve arrived at 0930 on past cruises and got a parking spot on the lowest level in the garage for those questioning parking or driving. Either way, LB is an easy port to navigate and use. It’s only gotten better since the new terminal opened. Including debarkation and clearing CBP.
  10. We’ve bought this brand over the years and it’s great. Around $10 USD.
  11. Panorama will be a great ship. I cannot speak to Royal’s offering. Having sailed Vista, Panorama is a major upgrade for MX Riv. And the food and bar choices on Panorama should be great too. Two items that are the “same” yet $400 apart, are likely not the same.
  12. The Office in Cabo. Best food and heavy pour margs. Been eating there since 2008.
  13. That’s the road that ends at Pepperdine? If so, that IS an amazing rise out of the canyons onto that amazing view of the Pacific. I’d fully concur.
  14. Here’s a peek at the drive: January should be fine, just might have some rain. And yes, we have an actual “fire season.” California is a unique place for sure.
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