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  1. We were doing a land tour in Switzerland this year followed by a cruise back out of Copenhagen. We were able to get Flight Ease to book flight from home to Copenhagen much cheaper than if we did it ourselves. Stayed overnight in Copenhagen and flew to Zurich on our own next day. After Swiss tour, flew on our own back to Copenhagen. Still way cheaper (since we flew the initial flight to Copenhagen in First Class) to buy the short flights ourselves. Nice to know that as long as you book from home to port it can be days/weeks earlier.
  2. Which cruise are you on? We’re on one of her transatlantic about then and would love it if it ends in Tampa since we’re visiting friends in Sarasota right after it! Haven’t heard from our TA yet about this. ( our cruise leaves Venice Oct. 6 ends FLL November 6)
  3. Comment Cards are available (if not in the grey packet you get on your bed each night) at the Main Desk. They ARE very welcomed by and helpful to the staff on board, especially those who have gone above and beyond service for you. We actually received a nice Thank You note from a MDR staff thanking us for the kind comments. You may also use your iPad/computer/phone to access the Navigator and input your comments, too...it's a bit difficult to find (and I'm not on board now) but you can ask someone where to find it. You simply type in your comment. Easy to do. We try to do it often. We've "heard" (not verified) that positive comments can allow an extra 30 minutes of sleep time, extra shore time, excursions, etc. by those who consistently receive good remarks. Had a Thank You note from a Spa person once.
  4. End of subject...this is and has been the rule on board for years: The Crew Services Cabin Directory given to all new crew states: All ships have the Rewards for Excellence (RfE) Plan which consists of Hotel Service Charges and Beverage Service Charges. If a guest chooses to adjust out of the RfE Plan and instead provide cash tips to an employee, the employee is required to turn in this cash to their Department Head so the money can be added to the RfE plan. Any “tips” received above and beyond the guests standard amount may be kept by the crewmember.
  5. Thanks loads! I knew I had seen one 😁
  6. Would love link to photo of a Verandah cabin on the Zuiderdam (or its twins) set up at night for 4 people. Know about Halfacts but am on ship with limited bandwidth for searches. thanks!
  7. Thank you all for your help! In the end we were able to book a HAL cruise with a great itinerary and were able to get cabins for all as we wanted (yes. we have 1 grandchild with us)... Cruise Critic folks are the best👍 Jan
  8. We usually sail on HAL but we see an itinerary that would work for 4 families total, ages 6-76. 1 family with 3 children (7-15), other with two (17,19), other two adults only, and us, the grandparents. i would love recommendations for a cabin for the family of 5 ( or else we can keep one in our cabin), and recommendations for the best floors/cabin locations for all of us. Do not want to spend for Concierge Class etc. This is our present to them so we do need to control expenses a bit. Want balcony abins though for all. thanks heaps in advance...clueless about this ship.
  9. You will love it... on the Zuiderdam now doing the Passage of the Vikings with similar ports to V of V which we did a few years ago. Love all the ports. In Shetland today, 50’s. Not sure if you do that . Iceland coming up. Have quilted puffy jacket and light rain shell and multi-pocket travel vest. Can use any combination of them. Today vest, long sleeve turtleneck and outer rainshell (wind mostly today). Ship is always cool-cold.
  10. It takes two days to really see this...no way would I spend money on a day excursion. We did it on our own after leaving the ship inBuenos Aires, flew to iguazu, stayed at Secret Garden B and B two nights, then flew home from B A. Great trip. An hour at the falls? Forget it.
  11. On an Iceland, Norway trip now....40’s and 50’s so far. Ship is cold so glad for long sleeves and sweaters on board. DR dress is my wool pants and sweater top.
  12. Love this itinerary....on a similar one right now. Shetland Isles are very interesting...try to book a private tour with Les Sinclair. He’s a great teacher , funny, (stand up comic), etc...everything you’ll see on that itinerary is interesting...done it 3x!
  13. If you like all-night partying, this is the cruise for you. We were on one that was a 1-night continuation for a multi-week cruise for us and the mess for our stewards afterwards was dreadful. Noisy, rude passengers. Definitely a booze-cruise.😩
  14. He's ON!!!! Got an inside cabin, wife got her vacation extension OK'd...they're 7th on the wait list for a balcony cabin! So all is well...now just hope he's physically able to make it...4th chemo today, 5th just before he goes. What a great-looking itinerary for a couple doing a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to the British Isles... Thanks for all the support here...now I see there's hope with sold out cruises even at last minute.
  15. Thanks, Tillys mom...it’ll be easier for them to get to London for the 5th. Thanks for the info on insides. I just saw a video of them and they look quite nice. I’m usually a HAL cruiser so I’m familiar with all of those cabins. i told him this itinerary was fabulous so instead of a land tour of Ireland they were trying to do, this would be easier on him and would give him a great overview of so many interesting places. Orkney is one of my favs!
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