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  1. Changes to packing will be more easily washed clothes that can stand the new Laundry requirements that are going to be in place: hot wash, hot dryers. So keep that in mind when packing.
  2. Yes, that’s a great itinerary for Norway...have done it before and looking forward to repeat visits to some ports next year. Do it👍🛳😁
  3. Thanks for that video! Took me back to memories of my grandparents who took several trips on the Queen Mary...then when it became a hotel, we stayed on it to see what it was 'sort of like." Photo is of my grandfather (in the cap) on the deck of the Queen Mary in the '50's. Loved the differences in attire now...my grandmother had her hats/gloves, suits to wear all over Europe and grandpa had his suits and ties...everywhere. Then there were the evening clothes...I prefer our travels now! Much easier!
  4. Learned to pack light, too...24" suitcase for each of us plus 18" European OK carryon. That's max we take. We take a lot of photo/electronic gear, so that pretty much takes up the carryons. Pack the same for a 7-day (actually would probably do that in a carryon now...did it for an Ireland trip of 14 days) as for 45 days. Only change would be to add an extra layer (fleece) if we go north...fits under the raincoat which is a given unless Caribbean which we rarely do anymore. No books, only Kindles and iPads.
  5. Yes... booked the Svalbard trip next summer since we had to cancel Mediterranean/reposition this Fall...and deposit on WC 2022. Hoping Holiday cruises go off this year🤞
  6. Wow. Really? From HAL or TA? It didn’t sound like that from the letter which indicated “new bookings”...my TA said Seattle is very confused at the moment so I’ll wait. Would love to have it applied to a 2021 cruise we booked right after our Med Cruise was cancelled.
  7. RKACruiser...yes, I agree about the captain and CD making a difference...That's why we wanted to really take this year's WC with Captain Jonathan Mercer...supposed to be his retirement cruise....alas, he's still out there cruising but without guests! Vibes are definitely different among the cruise lines, too...as with ships within a line. Too many variables...but just give me a dam ship!
  8. You're right on track...one suggested cruise that is always a favorite is the Voyage of the Vikings on HAL...only once a year...35-37 days...fantastic scenery, ports, etc. You've got the right idea! Enjoy being able to do it while you're so young...we had to wait until our 70's.
  9. A World Cruise is a totally different animal from several long cruises. World Cruises have more offerings for activities, more social activities, sports, crafts, etc. In addition, there is a camraderie that develops among passengers and staff over the time. For Holland America, the food budget is increased so food is very different from "normal cruises." Definitely a better cost value to do the whole cruise in one WC. Watch itineraries that come out for the various cruise lines...some are definitely more ones we want than others...and they change each year.
  10. Yes, some insurance companies have a "per trip" maximum day allowance...we used GeoBlue and MedJet for the years we've traveled a lot. "18 we did a World Cruise and several other trips...GeoBlue was the only one that worked out for those long trips. We always have MedJet active. WE want to be in control of where we get our medical care. A "hospital" in some third world countries only has to have 1 doctor. Most medical insurance policies, when you read the fine print, says it will send you to the nearest appropriate medical facility...I want to be in charge of where that is.
  11. We've put down a deposit for the deposit (i.e. we're "in line" to get a cabin on a 2022 WC with HAL)...you DO need to work with a TA (they'll offer lots of special perks, opportunities for overland tours, excursions that are special to them). The "potential" itineraries for 2022 for HAL were sent out to previous WC passengers so we could vote on our favorite...based on what we saw, two out of the 4 cruises appealed to us, so that's why we put down the deposit. Cabins are offered first to those on board the current year's WC, then opened to the general public.
  12. We've only done one WC...in 2018 on Holland America's Amsterdam, a "classic ship." All our excursions were paid for by us (HAL doesn't include excursions in their fares)...but just the two overland tours (privately arranged through our travel agency) cost $10,000 and were SOOOOO worth it. One was a 4-day safari in Africa, the other was a trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Both involved leaving the ship in one port and returning to it in another. We chose HAL's WC based on it's itinerary and length. Four months was long enough for us to do what we wanted. We had previously been on cruises as long as 45 days, but had never been on the Amsterdam, so made a point, before final payment, to take a week cruise on it just to make sure...definitely something I'd strongly consider. We're not drinkers, so that takes out that "perk" for us for most all-inclusive lines. We want itinerary first, comfortable cabin (we like to read, etc. in the cabin), and overall ambience of the ship (we like "shippy ships")...HAL met all those for us. I figured we added about $10,000 more in overall excursions, etc. ...haircuts...souvenirs...food... We enjoyed it so much we immediately signed up for another WC on HAL...this year's...which, thankfully, because of family health problems, we canceled...glad we did. But...we are still signed up for another in the future...it'll depend on the itinerary, but at least we are "in line to be able to get a cabin." We were able to obtain well-priced private or semi-private tours all along the way, arranged in advance through Roll Call...and then by word of mouth. Loved usually traveling with only one other couple...we saw so much more than a larger group. No matter what, it'll be a voyage to remember...and want to repeat! Enjoy the planning...but DO cruise on the ship you "think" will do the cruise (it could change in the next few years)...always good to have a goal. Meanwhile, loads of fantastic longer cruises to try!
  13. There is a sentence that says it's the NEW bookings that it can be applied to. I'm going to ask my TA if that means we can cancel a booking for next summer and then rebook and allow the FCC to be applied...she's away until Monday...shall find out next week.
  14. Most questions can be answered by CAREFULLY reading HAL's statement. (and also going to the cancellation form here https://book2.hollandamerica.com/cp/ which, if you print it out to carefully look at, will show you how to get your money returned, etc. Only NEW bookings are able to have FCC applied to them, but probably some Travel Agents can cancel 2021 trips and try to find similar cabins (and prices) as a new one. From what I've heard, though, some of those 2021 cruises have gone up in price since we booked them.
  15. Nailed it! Keep it on the "routine" on stage when we all return to "normal."
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