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  1. I’ve been following HAL’s updates on Facebook and I came on here to see what the comments were like. I wonder if HAL is deleting negative comments because I’ve noticed overwhelming positive responsive that don’t seem to grasp the negative news constantly surrounding this. I woke up to a New York Times news alert about the confirmed passenger and every comment on HAL’s Facebook is “good job” or “thanks” or something similar. It honestly feels like fake comments since every posts responses are like that. I know they probably aren’t, but the negative ones are probably removed.
  2. This!! Just to clarify to everyone, it’s not an actual American Flag. But red, white, and blue board shorts. But now he’s wearing Khaki shorts to board and still is heading to the pool.
  3. After much discussion, he agreed to wear khaki shorts that he can also wear in the pool. I hope we don’t see anyone else boarding in a flag swimsuit, because he might kill me 😂
  4. My boyfriend wants to wear swim trunks when we board tomorrow so he can head straight to the pool. I said it’s not appropriate. This is an American flag swimsuit! He wants me to ask on CC if other people wear them onboard. I said bring a change of clothes and then put the swimsuit on. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks everyone for commenting. I switched the check in to Passport. It gave me a notification that Celebrity recommends 6 months remaining on the passport, but allowed me to use it. We will bring the birth certificate as backup. I traveled with my dad on HAL 3 years ago and his passport was actually expired. It took us like 20 extra minutes to check in because he had his Original 65 year old birth certificate, which did not have a seal. Normally they don’t accept those, but a supervisor confirmed that it was a certified copy. It can definitely be a hassle to travel without a passport!
  6. First time on Celebrity. My boyfriend and I have about a 90 minute drive to the port from our house. We depart on Saturday 1/4 on Infinity. What’s the earliest time you can board if you are just regular cabin with no status? Also, my boyfriend’s passport expires in two months. He’s going to bring the Passport and his birth certificate. I put on the Xpress Pass that he is checking in with DL and Birth Certificate. Will this delay us? Should I switch to listing Passport? We’ll still bring both for him just in case. This was a last minute booking and we didn’t realize it was expiring until we were checking in.
  7. This will be my and my boyfriend's first time on Celebrity. We depart in 9 days. I made reservations all 5 nights in the MDR since we have select dining and I didn't want to get stuck waiting in line or wake up early to call. We are considering using our OBC for a night or two a specialty dining restaurant(s). Any recommendations? There doesn't seem to be a lot of options. We've been on RCCL before and I've never pre-booked, but that ship was at least twice the size and had a lot more options. For the most part, I had 30-40% off at each venue no matter the day. I find that no matter the cruise line, they come haggle you for a reservation and will offer discounts when you say no. Should we wait to book on board to get the best deal or should we be concerned about not getting a table?
  8. Thanks! I just read through it and it was very helpful. 🙂
  9. I'm looking for photos of the daily planner for Celebrity. I've found a few from 5+ years ago. I've never been on Celebrity and I would like to get an idea of what sea days and port day schedules are like. I'm traveling on Celebrity Infinity for 5 nights to Cozumel and Key West in 2 weeks. I've never been on the same cruise line twice so I don't know if ships tend to have similar schedules. If you have any links or reviews with schedules you can provide, I would appreciate it!
  10. Duty-free stores are marketed to tourists, whether they are on a cruise ship, at an airport, or in a foreign country in a tourist area. The seller does not need to charge sales or VAT taxes as long as the goods are sold for export only and the seller is able to verify that the purchaser will export the good (international airline ticket and passport, cruise ticket, etc.). Alternatively, you can purchase goods in a foreign country and pay the sales/VAT taxes and claim a refund on the taxes when you leave the country with the goods. If you purchased the goods while you were outside of the United States and re-enter through customs, you will need to declare any purchases that exceed the exemptions whether you paid taxes. When goods are sold for export only, the sellers can sell them at reduced rates since they do not pay the excise taxes that are normally increase the cost on wholesale imported goods. That's why you will find "duty-free" stores selling at a discount. The buyer is responsible for import duties, if any. The problem with exceeding the exclusion limits is that items have drastically different import tariffs depending on, where you traveled to, the product's country of origin, and the type of product. The stores on the ship, at the port, and at the airport, report the purchases to CBP so they aren't liable for the import taxes.
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