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  1. Jezz y Lou is home. Did the blood test, now must wait for results. About a week maybe sooner. They had to feed her since she had fastest the night before. She got puppy food and they sent home the rest of the can with her. She was on cloud 9. I fed her her cry food and a little more of the puppy food. The Vet Tech said they only had to feed her a couple of table spoons so she was still hungry. She drank a good drink of water went out and pottied and is back in resting. In the mean time hubby called me into our room to ask me a question, when I turned around to come back out there was a ginormous wet spot on my bed! I guess she had to go out again and we weren't paying attention! I'm not having a good year.
  2. Ha ha Roz, I can just see you and the big boy Horty in a kayak! Think I'll way for a cruise ship, too. Mz. Jezz y Lou was dropped off at Vet at 8:15 this morning. The Vet called me and said her liver and kidney levels were elevated when they did the blood test. 2 options. Have her eat, wait a while then re-elected test. Wait on those test results and go from there. 2nd option to ahead with surgery knowing it is a risk. Big risk is not waking up from anesthesia. Knowing she is going to be 12 in February and loosing a dog this way as a kid, we are going with 1 st option. Will no more when I pick her up this afternoon.
  3. Good to hear Horty greets his Momma with smiles. I just love the sound of those big thumper tails hitting on something! Thump, thump thump and smiles to go along with it. 💖 it has been crazy around here, as usual. Trying to get Travis all set up to "go" to school on line. At least they got all the teachers on one page on how they were going to do it. Some like Google classroom others like a different format. I believe they are going to give assignments on Monday, for the week. Then the kids can do it all at once or one lesson a day. Then turn it in at the end of the week. At least one of his teachers wants lessons on Monday, Tuesday turn homework in on Wednesday. Then lessons on Wednesday, Thursday turn it in Friday. Sounds like a better plan than procrastinating the whole week then having 5 days of lessons due. We shall see. Ms. Jezz y Lou goes in for her surgery Tuesday. Took her to another Vet for second opinion. I !liked her. Very positive about the surgery. She has done a lot of them. Used laser technology even though she has to still go inside. Has a technic that seems reasonable for being as precise as possible. So going with it instead of taking her to the Vet every 2 weeks for the rest of her life and traumatizing her. Hope everyone is settled down into the " new" normal. We are still all hunkered down. We have over 900 positive cases of Covid. Seems really high for our small town. We are now required to wear masks when out and about. I only go out when necessary and always wore my mask anyway. Still disinfecting when I get home. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. 😻
  4. Yay, Horty and Roz. So glad our BIG boy dog is doing well. Finger, toes, Claws and Paws crossed that in 2 weeks he is doing fabulous! ❤️
  5. Oh how nice to be in a first floor apartment. I am sure Mila loves being able to go sit outside and watch the world go by. And a park close by. That is great. Hope you get better with your foot and don't have to have surgery. But if that is what will fix it, I guess it is a must. Good luck and keep us updated how you and Mila are doing.
  6. Well they did it again last night. The good part is Jezzy was laying behind Pop's chair and the TV was still on so she didn't hear them. Fortunately when she went out to go potty it was all over. These Jack Wagon's have posted in our social media thread for our area that they don't give a "damn" about our dogs or people that can't handle it. They will continue to do it and then they laugh about it. I do not like humans sometimes, this being one of the times.
  7. Thanks Roz for the well wishes for the weekend. We thought we were in the clear, it has been quiet for a few nights, Then last night as we were getting ready to go t o bed at 11:30 pm some Jack Wagon decides to light off fireworks! And of course not the safe and sane ones, the unsafe and insane ones. Fortunately it only lastest about 15 minutes but long enough to send Jezzy under the bed and LeAnn Emily threw her dinner up!
  8. Roz, so glad to hear you and Horty are just chillin '. Hopefully some o f his playful moments bring out his goofiness for Mom. I guess he likes your cookin' ! 🍗🍔🍕 BOL. I As for cruising, I have been thinking, 1.). Will it be a "light" crowd because peop!e are still afraid to travel or 2) Everyone will want to travel because they will have killer deals to fill the ships. Could go either way. Keith and I discussed just going and staying in our room, with a balcony. Just order room service! It won't happen. I think he has left the house about 3 times since he came home from the hospital in first part of Febuary.
  9. Roz, I hope Horton and you can find a safe level for both of you with the stupid fireworks. Jazzy had her Thunder Shirt and benadryl last night and still climbed under Travis' bed panting. She won't let me hold her. She is not a cuddle bug. Then I am babysitting a nice German Shepherd. I hate leaving him home alone, but can't bring him to our house. I didn't know last night was going to be a war zone. I didn't put his Thundershirt on him, I didn't want him to get too hot. I will put it on him tonight. I left the stereo on. Hopefully that muffled the sound. Hope everyone else has a good 4th.
  10. Roz, you will have to share Horty's new gourmet menu with us. The Vet suggested adding green beans to Ms. Jesse's diet. So now it's green beans, pumpkin and dry kibbles. She loves it, but seems to be hungry in between meals.
  11. Roz, I'm a hugger too! I had to meet with a friend yesterday because another friend of ours in the hkspital. She has been since the end of January. She had 2 big German Shepherds that are total sweet hearts. The one friend has been taking care of them, but she is going on vacation and I will be taking care of him and the fishies. Unfortunately the older one h ad to be put down. The younger pup is doing good considering his mom has been gone for months and then his brother is gone. We have been trying to find a foster family but I think most people shy away from big German Shepherds. Cindy has 3 little dogs and can't take him home. Of course we have little Princess Jezzy Lou. Kailua gets along with other dogs, he use to go to the d o g park all the time. Anyway, to end this long saga, when we're done we both said we wanted a hug, but refrained. 😞
  12. Roz, I am so glad Horton is doing better, eating mommy's good food! Do you give him a menu and let him pick what he wants? I can just see him with his glasses on, looking over the menu and pointing to what he wants, dropping the menu to the floor and running off to play and wait for his meal! Sweet boy. ❤️
  13. Roz, I don't know if you heard Karen Mays (Sunshine), her husband Rich passed away. 😿. Such a sweet lady and her boy Chesney was always by his daddy 's side when he was able to be at home.
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