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  1. Trump is looking at using Carnival ships as hospital ships. Also he is going to support the cruise industry. This is according to Bloomberg. So I have invested. If the company has government backing, that is good enough for me.
  2. I know nothing about trading in shares, but am tempted to dabble in Carnival shares now the price is in my comfort zone. Do you think things are that bad? I thought they looked a good investment with the benefits that come with them. This covid19 virus will go as quick as it come, leaving the cruise industry to get back to normal and share prices rising. I now think I will hang on to a later date. As I said I know nothing about share trading.
  3. Local Health authorities will soon start employing "The three wise men" option if things get out of hand. Meaning IC beds will be allocated on a greater % chance of survival basis.
  4. I sailed with Oceana three weeks ago. I am not a seasoned cruiser, I have only been on five cruises in total, all with P&O. I have nothing to compare P&O with. I too found standards had slipped. I enjoyed my cruise ( I always do ) but the service and entertainment had gone down hill since my last cruise two years ago. I could not fault the price, so I took this into consideration. Our cabin steward could not do enough for us, all smiles and went out his way to say hello. The day before we disembarked I gave him an envelope with a tip enclosed. On the day of disembarkation I saw him, and he totally blanked me. Our table waiters gave us the menus and then asked us not to forget to give them a tip. Every night the Headliners performed ( the best troupe I have seen on P&O ) but you can get too much of a good thing. They worked their socks off. I had the impression they were the cheaper option. With an American company it's all about " the dollar " Take Kraft when they took over Cadbury. The chocolate is not a patch on what it used to be, since they changed the recipe. We all have our moans, but P&O is what it is. I shall keep cruising with them because it's my type of cruise with no surprises. I like the laid back Britishness of it. It's not too loud or brash. Oh and the price is right for my pocket.
  5. I booked the Oceana cruise around the Gulf ( I should be there now.) As you know this was cancelled by P&O due to the problems in that area. At the time I questioned P&Os decision, thinking things will have blown over by the time of the cruise. Well done P&O. With things now really kicking off, the last place I want to be is on a ship with a blooming big Union Jack on the front. I have re booked on Oceana departing 19th January to the Canary Islands. Safer spot I hope😊
  6. We have the same deal as you, but finished up paying £74 pppn. Crazy
  7. I have just done that and ignored the dedicated number. As I feared I had to pay £800 more for the two of us. I am not moaning about the cost, I am not happy that we, who had our cruise cancelled were not given priority. One hour and twenty minutes of continuous redial. Not good customer service P&O
  8. I am fairly new to cruising. My cruise was one of those cancelled. I was sent a dedicated number yesterday via email. I have been trying for 45 minutes to date and no joy. I will not be happy if the best prices have gone because we followed their instructions.
  9. I am gutted, but this is totally expected. No compensation to be given. As a goodwill gesture, perhaps P&O would give a bigger cabin spend or nice discount on Oceana's alternative sailings. If so I might be tempted to do the Canary Islands.
  10. Sign of the times I am afraid. I have lost count of the times I have been in an hotel and witnessed bad behaviour. Never fighting, but very close. I have seen on occasions on P&O bad manners towards people dressed in their finest on formal nights. On the Ventura last year a man and woman sat at the bar and took the p*** out everyone that went past. Later on in the theatre he dressed even further down, in shorts and shirt opened to the waist. He then preceded to lounge in the most provocative way. He was trying to provoke a response. It is a case of everyone being tarred with the same brush. It is not down to the cost, it is down to the changing attitudes of modern day society. More and more people lack basic manners, and do not know how to conduct themselves in a more refined situation. Sad I know.
  11. Still looking dodgy. Have booked in January. What are the chances of Oceana being relocated? I will still go, unless the government advise otherwise, but would think P&O would change their plans if that was the case.
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