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  1. We had delicious hors d'oeuvres during happy hour on the Nieuw Amsterdam this past November.
  2. I use them as coasters....however, iced drinks result in pooled water, glass adhering to the coaster...when I pick up the drink, along comes the coaster, which promptly crashes to the floor....thank goodness there is a somewhat regular flow of coasters...
  3. would like to go back to really good production shows....
  4. This option was a nightmare on our Thanksgiving cruise...too many people, and very difficult to meet a specific request. Works okay on less crowded cruises.
  5. It was a no go for me....my cruise has gone up $448....and I would lose my beverage package worth $690...
  6. still waiting to hear.....not too hopeful since already we have free beverage packages for our 11 day, plus Pinnacle dinner, plus $125 obc....we'll see!
  7. missing the libraries....on a recent cruise, all I could find were foreign language books.
  8. I live in Florida, and am right this minute wearing white jeans....
  9. An aft facing is perfect no matter where, in my opinion....
  10. Though I usually do not buy a pass to the suite, I purchased one for our last cruise online prior to the cruise because of the great price they offered, and we got two for one at the discounted price. I enjoyed it daily. However, I would not have bothered except that our ports of call did not interest me (except HMC) so we took no shore excursions.
  11. Can't wait to hear what you think of it. Bon voyage!
  12. On our Thanksgiving cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam, my husband fell down a short set of stairs on the way to muster. He grazed his head on the stair post and obviously was sore from the fall down to the landing. The muster official immediately called for medical aid and he was transported to the medical area where he was treated. we got a nice bill (and 6 or 7 chocolate covered strawberries), and then a $28 charge to get medical records. Thankfully our TA had offered free travel insurance. We submitted a claim right away when we got home, but it still has not been processed. We'll see. My husband is fine, and I'm glad we had insurance.
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