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  1. Though our favorite spot is an aft facing verandah, we opted out of the verandah for our April transatlantic, since the weather will preclude sitting out there much. We kept an aft facing cabin on the Rotterdam, but no verandah.
  2. This is baffling....Ten of us were on the Westerdam to Alaska in June and we all loved the ship, the crew, the food....
  3. For sure it will be a quick sauna, quick dip, quick sit in a warm lounge, and get the heck out of there!!!
  4. So I went ahead and booked this package. As you said, they asked for a time, and I gave a random time. In my emailed receipt says that I made a reservation for 2 pm for 15 minutes!
  5. Just took a look at the forward facing Neptune Suite....I can only dream!
  6. Thank you for the link....will be in a front facing on the Nieuw Amsterdam in November....they seem a bit larger than standard.
  7. When I see these, I sometimes call my TA to see if they can be applied to my existing booking. The answer is sometimes yes, and sometimes no, or some variation thereof....worth a try!
  8. So if I purchase the relaxations package, I have to give them a time, but don't have to stick with that time? Also, is there a time limit as to how long you can stay, and can you go in more than once a day? Thank you.
  9. I checked twice....got the same answer, with the added reason that all the cabins in my category are booked....not sure what that has to do with anything...oh well.
  10. We always need to stay vigilant! I am happy that we got free grats for our 16 day transatlantic, never expected it as we got a great price, nonrefundable, but HAL said yes. Then no to the one week Caribbean that was rock bottom nonrefundable, but we paid so little that I'm ok with that.
  11. Wondering if there is any benefit financially to purchasing spa products while on board rather than prior to the cruise. Are specials offered? We do'n't often use spa services, but I'm inclined to use the relaxation areas this time around. Thank you.
  12. On the other hand, I called my TA at a different agency regarding our November Nieuw Amsterdam cruise, which we got at an incredible price, a non refundable fare. It was a no go...
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