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  1. I understand that different countries have different rules, but in this case if Regent is cancelling the cruise they should give you your money back. By any chance do you have trip insurance that might reimburse you?
  2. Bottom line is NCLH will send no ships to Asia until September. Beyond that, as in where they will go next, I do not know.
  3. Lana, even with everything that has been said on this site about Regent's slow reaction to the coronavirus crisis, I think that what they finally decided to do for new and current cruisers is just wonderful. It gives me more assurance that if anything should go wrong next year when we are in the middle of the Pacific, Regent will find a way to make it right. There decisions may not do a whole lot for their stock price (of which I have a tiny portion) right now, but the good customer relations should bring benefits to the company over the long haul.
  4. TC2 and Boblerm you both are most probably right. I am sure that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of distressed individuals on the website right now trying to figure out another cruise to take. The information I needed is not critical at all and I can wait until the panic calms down. It is just that when I have some free time I like to look at this year's shore excursions, as well as the ones that have been posted for our WC next year, to see whether we would want a Regent tour or I should be looking at private tours.
  5. I was trying to get information on the 2020 WC shore excursions. It said no world cruises existed.
  6. I have tried to gReet some information on the Regent website this morning. Every time I try I ultimately get to a page that says that the website is down. Has anyone else had these problems? It may relate to Regent cancelling a number of Asian cruises today.
  7. Thank you all for a wonderful report. The Splendor certainly lived up to her name. We look forward to cruising on her one of these days. Kwaj Girl look forward to seeing you on the Mariner next January, if not before.
  8. Lana, I would like to second the sentiments of Hambagahle. You have a fantastic attitude about the ups and downs of cruise traveling. We are booked on the 2021 World Cruise. I hope that the coronavirus epidemic is over by then. If not, I will try to emulate your positivity and go where the Mariner takes us. Did they need to cancel the Ayer's Rock overland trip? If so, are they adding any new overlands in its place? Stay safe and keep up informed of any changes. By the way, I love reading your blog. Norma and Mitch
  9. So glad that Regent is taking the better safe than sorry approach. Cruisers are now reassured that Regent is taking their safety into consideration. Look forward to meeting many of you on a future cruise. Stay safe and healthy.
  10. At least in the United States "one-percent" refers to the richest one percent of the population. I used the expression to say that although we are not terribly rich, we love sailing on Regent even with the high up front costs.
  11. More women than men dress up for formal nights. That being said, dark slacks and dressy tops are always appropriate for women. Rarely see anything more formal than a cocktail dress.
  12. Glad you are all having a wonderful time. The weather gods certainly shined brightly on thr Splendor. I agree John Barron is the best. Looking forward to seeing him on another cruise soon.
  13. Sorry about your toe. Glad someone came to help. Part of the new construction shake down process!!
  14. Your cruise looks amazing. I too am drooling at the pictures of the dishes you chose. It looks the the quality of the cuisine has been ramped up even since our Explorer cruise last summer. Is the Ladies' Dinner something new or something unique to the Splendor? We loved having Captain Serena on our Explorer cruise, that was her first assignment as Captain. Hope the rest of your cruise is safe and relaxing.
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