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  1. We are in generally the same boat. Although are health is good, we are over 70. I don't know what our doctors would sign. Our stock portfolio has taken a major hit, but at the moment DH has assured me we have enough in cash that we could go all things being equal. We are contemplating cancelling then rebooking the 2021 if they push us too hard on the final payment date and there are enough open suites that we can take the risk to hold out until September. Then again, maybe not.
  2. We are booked on the 2021 World Cruise as well. We plan on going but I am concerned that if Regent cancels it we will be left with a very large FCC. That being said, more likely, if it were cancelled we would immediately book the 2022. Wendy, when I looked at the itinerary closer it looked better and better. Except for not going to India, which we can do another time, it does most of what we are doing on the 2021, save for the middle east and Europe that we have done many times before.
  3. It always pay to check your refund against your final payment whether at home or on a cruise ship.
  4. I was following her on her blog and Facebook. She is safely home, albeit quite tired. Regent did a great job of getting her the best flights from Perth they could. They even put her up at the Ritz Carlton,the night before. I am sure everyone wishes Lana the best, and that she stays safe and healthy.
  5. Well that makes an easy decision for those of us over 70 who are scheduled to cruise in the next few months. If the government says we are forbidden to travel doesn’t the cruise line have to refund our money? This would be an even bigger hit for cruise lines like Regent because I suspect a large percentage of their passengers are over 70.
  6. I feel bad about the library, especially if you have a number of sea days. As far as LaVarenda, if you are not happy with the speed of the line or other issues with the buffet, why don't you just eat at Compass Rose or get room service. It may be us, but in all of our Regent cruises we hardly ever eat in the buffet. One of the things we enjoy about Regent is getting pampered with table service or being woken up by room service. Eating at the buffet always reminds me of being on a mainstream cruise line. I want more pampering than that. Just my opinion.
  7. Kudos to Regent. These precautions may seem over the top historically, but in my opinion Regent is trying to minimize the chance of any virus being transmitted onboard. I suspect even more precautions are being taken vis a vis the crew. I, for one, even as a senior would have no problem taking a Regent ship.
  8. So well said. We have to keep on living our lives. If next year’s flu epidemic is much less prevalent and morbidity and mortality are reduced because of increased attention to hand washing, then something good will have come out of this.
  9. I say go but follow all recommendations. No NCL cruise has had a problem including all Regent ships. They know how to keep the ship clean. If a crew member showed any sign of illness they would not let them on the ship. Same for passengers. If someone shows signs of a respiratory illness they are relegated to their suite. Take precautions when you go ashore, but don’t stop living your life.
  10. Don't believe anything Pence says. Tony Fauci was on the morning shows today and said that they have only produced 75K test kits as of the end of the week. They are not sending all of them to Seattle given that there are outbreaks in places like NYC. They are ramping up production of the test kits but they can only go so fast.
  11. I agree!! We were on the Explorer last Spring and they had oysters on the half shell at the brunch. They were fabulous, as was the caviar.
  12. You need to own 100 shares of stock. Each cruise you take gets you OBC of $50, $100, or $250 depending on the length of your cruise. There is no limit on how many times you use the benefit.
  13. We did it ourselves. We flew from Atlanta to London. Stayed a couple of days in London. Then flew to Cape Town on South African Airways. It was a wonderful trip. These days there are direct flights from US to Cape Town. I think United has one and Regent does book on United.
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