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  1. We have truly enjoyed all of the enrichment lectures we had on Regent. When we sailed on the Navigator from NYC to Iceland each lecture focused on the history of the area we would visit the following day. The entertainment, for the most part, has been wonderful. Sometimes they have a singer on for a couple of days, who gets such a positive response, that they keep them for the rest of the segment. On one cruise, they had a singer who had done a number of Broadway shows. He was great. We were lucky enough to have dinner with him and since I am a theater geek I had lots of fun picking his brain for Broadway stories.
  2. Does anyone have a more detailed itinerary? We are curious what ports are in-between because we are on the whole world cruise. Thanks in advance.
  3. They will definitely have special on port days as well as specials if you have multiple treatments. The tip is extra but they automatically add it to your bill. I have always been able to book spa treatments when I get onboard. Often I wait until they advertise the special I want. Since many of Regent's cruises are port intensive, and most people want to visit the spa on sea days, there are more slots available.
  4. Thank both of you for telling what it is like onboard the Splendor right now. It sounds glorious except for the masking. But I, for one, would rather have the inconvenience of wearing a mask indoors, than contracting Covid again, no matter how mild. Good to hear Regent is supplying comfortable masks, but I wouldn't expect anything less. Has anyone heard anything about the revised itinerary for the 2022 WC. We are planning to be on that cruise one month after we get off the Splendor. Keep sending these wonderful reports. Norma and Mitch
  5. Serena Melani was supposed to be the Captain of the Splendor. When the ship started cruising again this week they have a different captain. Does anyone know what happened?
  6. Hi there. Are you going to be on the Splendor transatlantic? We will be on from Athens. Hope we meet you and we can share some bubbly. Norma and Mitch
  7. I must be doing something wrong because when I press on the Grandeur on "ships" it says the site is unable to find any cruises right now and to try another ship.
  8. Where are they posted? I couldn’t find them on the Regent site.
  9. We have had extremely good luck going to the Maitre D at each specialty restaurant the night before we want to go and agree to share a table. We were able to eat at more than the basic number of specialties if we were flexible. That being said, the main dining room, Compass Rose, is amazing. If there is a special dish you would like, tell your server the night before and it will magically appear the next night. We were even able to get the chef to make us caprese salad with the tomatoes we purchased at the market on a shore excursion.
  10. The difficulty in getting a dining reservation is based on several factors. If you are flexible about which night we have found port days are easier to get than sea days. Early and later are easier than 7:30 to 8:30. Finally it depends on the length of your cruise. It is harder to get the reservations you want on a seven day cruise than on a fourteen or more day cruise. Norma
  11. If you really love cappuccino or latte in the morning, as we do, we just added it to the room service order that we placed on the door the night before. It always came nice and hot. Sometimes we even ordered two each if we needed a real wake up jolt in the morning. The wonderful part of room service in the morning is that the room stewards are very prompt and you can use it as a wake up call. On Regent, your room steward arrives, puts a linen cloth on your table, sets the table and lays out your breakfast. They will even bring an alcoholic juice if you request it. It is all terribly decadent.
  12. We have not been on the Splendor, yet. We will board on November 11, 2021. However, we have cruised on the Explorer, which is her sister ship. We always have chosen Concierge E. We chose a cabin as midship as possible on a lower deck. We love the cabin size and amenities. In addition to what you mentioned Concierge gets a 5% savings on upgraded shore excursions and overlands and a 10% discount on special wines. While getting dinner reservations is fairly easy, getting shore excursions can be tricky. It helps to book them earlier. I hope this helps.
  13. Has anyone heard if Mariner has had their dry-dock? It was supposed to take place at the end of the 2021 World Cruise that never happened. It would be wonderful if it was upgraded and spiffed up before the 2022 World Cruise.
  14. I don't think they are going to increase the number of guests on our cruise by 40% by November.
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