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  1. I've been confused by this entire thread because these itineraries have been on NCL's website for at least a couple of days.
  2. None of the balconies on the Jewel class ships (Jewel, Jade, Pearl and Gem) have an obstructed view because the lifeboats below are recessed. There are some oceanview staterooms with obstructed views on deck 8. Some of these views are very obstructed and a few have minimal obstruction depending on the size and placement of the lifeboats/tenders. Here is rather long Youtube video of sister ship Pearl that gives a good look at the setup. Starting around the 7 minute mark you'll get a good look at your balcony area. 9638 is the 16th balcony counting from the aft (rear) end of the ship on the port side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxHTC073SEA
  3. The Epic (one of a kind ship) has some enclosed balconies I would NOT be happy with. Here is link to a youtube video showing Epic 12015. Luckily the enclosed balconies on the Jewel class ships are not like this one on the Epic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZagHWrxC48g
  4. There are several videos on youtube - - sometimes called hull balcony or priva sea balcony. Here is link to one of the videos. The table on the balcony is really small so the lower ledge looks like a good place to set a drink and may even work as a footrest. This type of balcony makes it harder for your neighbor to look into your balcony and also offers more protection from wind/rain than the normal balcony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2LVXmRTMJM
  5. We've been looking at Europe cruises this fall and have been thinking about doing the same thing. In addition we have enough NCL Mastercard points that we could upgrade our ix inside to a bx balcony. I've been playing with different options and our NCL PCC was able to give airfare costs on IX stateroom without having a cruise booked. Airfare price is not the same as if you booked an oceanview or balcony stateroom on cruise where reduced or free air is offered. On both options at present time you can deviate up to 2 days both before and after the cruise if desired for $25 per person. Example on air pricing (pricing was same for Pearl August 30th and Pearl October 1st for the booking inside without the free or reduced airfare option). Spirit October 26, 2019 booking IX inside air from Portland $1399 per person air from Seattle $1199 per person booking any non-x oceanview or balcony category and using the free or reduced air air fare from Portland $799 per person air from Seattle $599 per person
  6. Larry and I upgraded to the PBP (premium beverage package) on the Bliss Pacific Coastal. We really enjoyed the experience although it was a little muddied by the fact that the last two days were spent in Canadian waters and only one bar could be open on each deck. On the fall Pacific Coastal they were able to have two bars open per deck, this spring just one. Not NCL's fault and you could still get drinks but it wasn't as smooth a process. During the week we had several glasses of Veuve Clicquot and full bottles at two meals. Le Bistro was perfect but the Ocean Blue experience was the only disappointment on the cruise. 6:00 reservation, lots of empty tables but we were seated in the small section to the side where the other tables were occupied by families with many small children. Before we ordered I asked for a quieter location (Larry hates that) and they did move us to a small table in the main section. We were celebrating so ordered a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and it was brought to us along with two white wine glasses .... didn't want to complain about the glasses after asking to be moved but darn....bubbles were not the same. When we went to refill our glasses discovered waiter had put the cork less bottle in bucket with no ice in it. Another server brought us ice for the bucket. If we had paid the $99 I might have asked for a new bottle. Have no recollection of what we ate at Ocean Blue and doubt we'll try it again. Didn't mean to get negative. We enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc Pascal Jolivet "Clos du Roy" (#215), the Spellbound Petite Sirah, the 2016 Simi Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. One french Pinot Noir was a failure and we couldn't drink it. It was replaced without a problem by a different bottle of wine. Our favorite thing about the package was ordering the same drink made with different premium spirits and doing our own side by side taste testings. I loved the Botanist Gin, the Ciroc Vodka and the Wyland Rum and had several drinks throughout the week made with them. Because the package was so new if server was new to me I'd say I have the PBP and would like so and so made with such and such. We went to the Cavern Club two different nights for the Britain's Finest shows - walked in about half hour early got great seats in second row and ordered drink from their bar while we waited. They don't serve during the show but no problem getting a second before show started. Wonderful bar waitress Nussara Suryyo remembered what we liked after our first drink order and took care of us both nights as well as during the day in the Observation Lounge. She has great personality and beautiful smile .... look her up if you're on the Bliss. At home we rarely go to Starbucks although I enjoy it and it was so nice to have Starbucks on the ship and included in the package. If it were a long port intensive cruise because of the extra cost I would not do the beverage package upgrade but for a short kick back cruise like the Pacific Coastal it was perfect. It was our second time on the Bliss and we really love the Observation Lounge. Spent time there every day and some evenings, drink in hand enjoying the surroundings and the view.
  7. The original poster said the Elvis promo code was just for June, July and August 2019 sailings. I'm hoping someone will post on Cruise Critic the new promo code for September and beyond.
  8. A few days ago someone posted they heard on the radio the promo code Elvis for any NCL sailing June, July and August 2019. I've done a few test bookings and it appears to work for $100 OBC on any category stateroom other than the X's (ix, ox, bx, mx) because the x's receive no perks. Tried it out on a September 2019 sailing and got the invalid or expired code message.
  9. Family suites on the Star and Dawn...... they also have family suites with balcony on those ships. We've stayed in both versions on the Star and really enjoyed the huge window wall (old observation lounge location).
  10. In 2010 in your situation we were also requested to call when we heard the noise. We did and they sent someone who agreed that the vibration and noise level were unacceptable. They said they'd ask the band to turn the bass level down. This helped a little and after band stopped and dj started up although we could still hear we were able to get some sleep. The biggest problem in our situation was due to my 82 year old mom's short term memory loss every time a new song started we went through the same thing..... over and over. From speaking to a fellow passenger at the Cruise Critic meet and greet I knew there was at least one vacant stateroom on the ship and NCL was kind enough to provide us a second stateroom for sleeping purposes. Front desk could not help with this, it took working with the HOTEL DIRECTOR and his assistant. If you are unable to obtain relief I suggest requesting a blanket from your room steward, dress in something comfortable and take your blanket and pillow to the observation lounge and sleep on one of the big lounges.
  11. Having been in 8634 on the Pearl in 2010 I sympathize. I started a thread on noise / room vibration from Bliss Ultra Lounge after that cruise because I hadn't found anything when researching the stateroom before choosing it. The noise / room vibration in 8134 and 8634 on the Pearl and sister ships that have Bliss Ultra Lounge underneath them is unacceptable and doesn't make up for the aft facing balcony. We could hear words to all the songs and the floor and walls literally shook..... bad for me but terrible for my 82 year old mother with short term memory problems. There is a reason these staterooms are the last aft facing balconies to be booked and probably why you were "lucky" enough to be assigned it. I love NCL and am platinum plus but still find it disappointing that nothing has been done to diminish the problem with these staterooms. I really HATE that they act like they've never heard it before when a new occupant complains. If I were you I would request a meeting with the hotel director and politely ask for a second room for sleeping. Even an inside room in a quiet location would serve your purposes. It isn't unreasonable to expect to sleep on a cruise and would be a gesture of goodwill on NCL's part and make you a grateful customer.
  12. When we were on the Bliss in September instead of Dinner for Two at Moderno or La Cucina the choices were Dinner for Two at La Cucina, Los Lobos or Q. Hopefully that hasn't changed because on the Bliss this May we're planning on Q as Los Lobos was just ok for us. We like La Cucina but have eaten there many times so trying something new.
  13. Here is link to youtube video of 10668 from sister ship Norwegian Pearl. If there aren't already two chairs and two loungers and you want them request what is missing from your room steward.
  14. Additional Differences Bedside table on both sides of bed. Balcony stateroom has one on closet side with loveseat next to the bed on other side. Curtain to draw between couch area of stateroom and bed area. Mini-suite is deep enough to have couch open for bed for two and still get out onto balcony.
  15. Same error message using both Firefox and Safari on my mac. I'm glad it isn't just me. Dr Google brought me here ..... ironic that this thread loads :) Hopefully things will get back to the new normal shortly.
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