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  1. Third person is not required to purchase beverage package if passengers 1 and 2 have the beverage package as a promo perk.
  2. Here is a youtube video of a walk on the Freedom of the Seas pool deck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5e6b2VOdys
  3. Here is a youtube video of 9168 on sister ship NCL Pearl. You'll have staterooms above and below you (always a good thing in my opinion).
  4. Latitudes Rewards Program https://www.ncl.com/latitudes-rewards-program#!#latitudes_rewards_program We're Platinum Plus but won't live long enough to make Ambassador. Doesn't matter because we're pretty happy with the Platinum Plus perks.
  5. You could try forwarding your original request with notation that the Shareholder OBC has not been applied. I took this route once and obc was applied same day. I did not refer to acknowledgement or case # but by forwarding first request they could see how long it had been. Can't find a phone number for shareholder benefit department but maybe the Investor Relations Dept could provide that information. For Investor Relations inquiries please contact Andrea DeMarco Head of Investor Relations ademarco@ncl.com (305) 468-2463
  6. I'm on a youtube roll. Here is youtube video of 17706 on the Bliss. Same category and same side of the ship.
  7. If you are a member cruise deck plans has photos of most of the suites on the Star. Youtube is your friend. There are probably more videos with more time to search but here are a couple. NCL Star 9232 (heading on video says 9233 - typo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BzOvms0PT0 Norwegian Dawn 10226 (same set up as on the Star). There is youtube video on Star 10226 but it doesn't play properly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75CK_1KmfWk Here is a youtube video done with a drone that gives you good look at the stern staterooms. You can see that the wrap portions of the deck 10 suites are closed off but deck 9 is left open. I would choose deck 10 over deck 9. My favorite suite would be forward facing 10000 or 10500. Love the extra room inside due to the bump out under the bridge. On the Jade we had two loungers, 2 tables and 3 chairs on the balcony and still room to walk around. The draw back is the heavy hull door versus easy opening balcony door.
  8. Not necessarily. A lot of the action is on 6, 7 and 8 and the stateroom you have is on deck 9. Luckily you are forward enough that there are staterooms below you rather than public areas that could be noisy. You will have the benefit of a large balcony as you've seen from the videos. Its not too far to the first set of elevators/stairs and just one flight down to deck 8 which is one of my favorites πŸ™‚ Here is link to drag it decks section of cruisedeckplans mentioned by another poster. Use the elevators/stairs to line up the decks. Gives you a good look at what is on each deck. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/dragdeck.php?ship=Norwegian-Escape&zoom=1
  9. Here is another youtube video. This one provides close up shots of the Escape. When you are laying on your lounger or sitting looking out you won't notice any lack of privacy. Standing at your balcony rail you will be able to look down on the mini-suite balconies below you and will be visible from above and below. We like large balconies but prefer either aft facing or one of the angled balconies. We did visit someone in the type of stateroom you have booked and they loved it and the location.
  10. Here is youtube video of the balcony on 9734 on the Norwegian Breakaway. Views would be very similar if not the same as the stateroom next door to the one you have booked on the Escape. Your stateroom sleeps three so the bed is by the closet door. The staterooms on either side of you can sleep four, 2 in the main bed, one on the couch that makes into a bed and one in a bed that drops down from the ceiling above the couch. Those staterooms have the main bed by the balcony door. Here is another youtube video. This one is of 9718 on the Escape. Unfortunately it also has the bed by the balcony door rather than your set up. This stateroom is about 8 staterooms further forward than your stateroom.
  11. In March 2006 we had our first NCL cruise on the Sun in aft facing suite 9076. Loved the suite and really loved the wonderful balcony. Staterooms above and below make for a quieter cruise.
  12. Also, if you are a wine drinker the number of bottles of wine included in the Premium Plus Beverage package plus 40% off any not included bottles of wine, wine and spirit experiences, tastings and flights made the upgrade well worth it to us. NCL's regular Beverage package wine by the glass selection is not great so we really appreciated the expanded wine menu. The Veuve Clicquot at $99 per bottle or $35 or $39 (can't remember which) per glass was probably the most expensive inclusion in the upgraded package. Fresh squeezed juice, Starbucks, bottled water also included.
  13. Here is the Premium Plus Beverage Package flyer prepared by NCL. This list matches my lousy photos. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-plus-beverage-package.pdf We upgraded to the Premium Plus Beverage Package (PPBP) from the Premium Beverage Package on the six night Bliss Pacific Coastal. I believe it was only the second cruise where the new package was available. Cost was $29.00 plus 20% gratuity for a total of $34.80 per person per day. For the 6 night kick back cruise we dearly loved the upgraded beverage package. Our favorite thing about the package was ordering the same drink made with different premium spirits and doing our own side by side taste testings. I loved the Botanist Gin, the Ciroc Vodka and the Wyland Rum and had several drinks throughout the week made with them. Because the package was so new if server was new to me I'd say I have the PPBP and would like so and so made with such and such. It was also fun trying things new to me like the Chambord Black Raspberry where I just asked the bartender to make me something special with it. Elijah Craig is not on the package list but they had it on the Bliss and there was no problem in getting it. Same with another couple spirits .... can't remember what they were. Point is, if you see something on the shelf and you'd like to try it and have the PPBP just ask the bartender. When you go to dinner tell your server you have the PPBP and would like the drink menu that includes the wines included in that package. The wines available by the bottle will be *'d on the menu. You are allowed two bottles per meal and you are allowed to share the wine or take your unfinished bottle with you or have it stored for you. We also loved having specialty coffee included - visited the Starbucks on the Bliss at least once and sometimes twice a day.
  14. As Odie said, you would only receive one promo perk choice assuming it is the usual one promo pick for inside stateroom. If there is an oceanview category with two perk choice that will get you to a desired balcony you can do that using 30,000 points versus 60,000 points for the inside to balcony upgrade. Price the cruise out both ways and see what works better for you. Between the two of us we had over 90,000 points and it was time to burn some. We like to drink 🍷πŸ₯ƒπŸΊπŸ₯‚ so when we booked the 15 night Escape transatlantic for April 2020 we looked at the various options. Almost all of the insides were the same price and we could have upgraded with points from an inside or oceanview to anything but an aft facing or spa balcony. We found an angled bf balcony we liked and called NCL Worldpoint dept to be sure which category we needed to book to upgrade to that balcony. In our case bf inside was all we needed. We booked the cruise through our PCC and chose the beverage package for our perk then called NCL Worldpoint dept back and did the upgrade. I bought a 5 night dining package when I saw the post on CC regarding dining price increase .... price for our cruise jumped the next day.
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