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  1. Deck 8 and 9 aft facing balconies will have two chairs and one small table. The deck 10 aft facing balconies are deeper so they have room for loungers. I would NOT recommend deck 8 aft facing balcony on the Dawn because they are above Bliss Ultra Lounge. We had very bad experience on the Pearl in one of those balconies.
  2. Itineraries are on NCL website ..... need to be signed in to see them. You are right, prices seem very reasonable. It is very tempting.
  3. Thank you so much for the photos. She is beautiful. Have a wonderful cruise!
  4. Here is a Youtube video posted in November 2019 of 9076. The narrator has a quirky sense of humor but you can turn the volume down. Our first NCL cruise was in March 2006 in this stateroom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTpCq26WjNE
  5. Here is Youtube video done by Cruisereiziger of 5138 on sister ship Norwegian Bliss
  6. Your post scared me because I thought NCL increased the amount of points required for meta upgrades. Not sure if they have more than one bank sponsored Worldpoints program but for the BAC NCL Worldpoints card it is 30,000 points for single meta upgrade and 60,000 points for double meta upgrade. I see you already did the single meta upgrade from inside to oceanview stateroom. Hopefully it only cost you 30,000 points. Here is link to the NCL World Mastercard showing the credit card rewards. https://www.ncl.com/world-points
  7. Doesn't look like it is a USA promotion. See the terms and conditions.
  8. Here is a youtube video done by John Devlin of privasea or hull balcony 8034 on the Jewel. Still lots of viewing room to the outside and it is harder for your neighbor to lean around the divider and look in to your balcony. The little ledge would make a fine drink holder or footrest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrHCwS4U0Gs and here is an older youtube video by 691leeps of balcony 8542 on the Jewel. Person sitting on the balcony looks comfortable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2LVXmRTMJM
  9. Missed my opportunity to edit ..... the deck for these partially obstructed ocean view staterooms is actually lower promenade, not Oslo. Here is a youtube video from 2012 by David James that gives you a look at stateroom 6003 as well as the view out of the stateroom window. Decor is outdated due to the age of the video. NCL does close off access to the promenade deck outside these staterooms later in the evening and during the night for noise control. These are the least expensive ocean view staterooms on the Sun and have quite a lot of room in them. Some sleep four. Location is convenient.
  10. At 5:35 into this youtube video by The Summit Push they give a tour of stateroom 6203 on the Sun Oslo deck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_uLeaYWqC0
  11. NCL website is so frustrating..... the way I pulled up the cruise is from the main NCL page where it says explore 423 cruise vacations .... clicked on April (click apply) , clicked on Star (click apply) and clicked on Find A Cruise and there it is Here is the itinerary from a travel agency website (as you know NCL's website itinerary doesn't show the dates. It is also difficult to copy and paste from NCL site). Thursday, April 9 New York (Manhattan), NY 8:00pm Friday, April 10 At Sea Saturday, April 11 Halifax, NS, Canada 9:00am 5:00pm Sunday, April 12 At Sea Monday, April 13 At Sea Tuesday, April 14 At Sea Wednesday, April 15 At Sea Thursday, April 16 At Sea Friday, April 17 Belfast, Northern Ireland 11:00am 8:00pm Saturday, April 18 Dublin, Ireland 6:30am 10:00pm Sunday, April 19 At Sea Monday, April 20 Paris (Le Havre), France 6:00am 11:59pm Tuesday, April 21 Cherbourg, France 8:00am 11:00pm Wednesday, April 22 Portland, England 7:00am 8:00pm Thursday, April 23 London (Southampton), England 6:00am
  12. Do not pick a destination ..... just pick Star and April 2020 ...... the cruise is on NCL's website.
  13. On NCL website just choose Star and April and the April 9 - April 23rd transatlantic comes up.
  14. Blueslily, just want to say that we've been on the Star four times and the Jade and sister ships Pearl and Jewel several times and unless we're staying in one of the deck 12 suites on the Star we prefer the Jewel class ships. They still have a forward facing observation lounge (area changed to suites on the Star and Dawn) as well as the Great Outdoors on the stern. The Jade had a major makeover in March of 2017 and when we sailed on her in 2018 she was beautiful. Booked her yesterday for 13 day Caribbean cruise February 2021 and really looking forward to it. There are several YouTube videos of the Jade so you can check her out.
  15. I was composing my post while you were posting yours or my wording would have been different. I "assumed" from the video that the new style hair dryers were automatically included so it is good to know you can request one if it isn't in your stateroom. Will be interesting to see if we have one when we board the Sun May 21, 2020.
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