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  1. One thing you should know is that the driver will likely take you to a place for lunch where they have an arrangement with the owner. Now this can be good and bad. We took RomeInLimo at three different ports one year. The first port, Naples, the driver took us to a small place off the main roads and the lunch was the best I've ever had. The second, in Rome, the driver took us to a place that two other drivers also used. They sat us all down at the same table and we no longer felt comfortable. And the service and food was terrible. On the third trip outside of Pisa we felt we needed to control our lunch, and instead of the driver taking us to a place we found our own by asking locals for a place they would go to for lunch. That turned out to be another fantastic lunch. I suspect all limo companies do this with lunch. Note that I'm only commenting on that one driver and the lunch experience. The service for all three days was fantastic and I'm already book with RomeInLimo for another trip.
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