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  1. Thank you for all the great information. We plan to cruise on the Grandiosa next year.
  2. We have a cruise booked in the Med on April 18th out of Barcelona and still plan to go. We are hoping the cruise will not be cancelled.
  3. Having been on the Seaside for two weeks in November, we found the food in the Yacht Club to be excellent. I really do not know what people expect when they complain. The Italian food was great as were the burgers and steak.
  4. We are sailing out of Barcelona in April. We booked specifically for the Amalfi coast but there is a good chance that may not happen. We are still going and hopefully, all will be well.
  5. Thank you for your review. We will be on the Meraviglia in October and valued your opinion of the buffet.
  6. Yes, we did this on the first day onboard. When I called MSC beforehand, I was told it could not be done ahead of time.
  7. We were able to do this on the Seaside in November. It cost $100.00 to upgrade to unlimited wifi.
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed your review. The Seaside certainly is a beautiful ship. Glad you enjoyed your cruise.
  9. We missed Ocean Cay the second week of November. Received our 20% certificate before the end of November. After several calls our TA had it successfully applied two weeks ago to our October cruise that we booked on board.
  10. We just did this yesterday. It was $133 US per person for 7 days.
  11. Wonderful, well balanced review. This makes me want to cruise the Divina soon.
  12. We had our voucher before Christmas. Our TA sent it to MSC to apply it to our upcoming October cruise. We are still waiting as well.
  13. Terrific review. Your tips will be helpful for our October Meraviglia cruise. I hope to read many more of your wonderful reviews. Happy New Year
  14. Wonderful review. We had Julien on our last cruise who was missing in action most of the time. Hopefully you will fare better. Have a great cruise.
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