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  1. I love the feeling of total freedom while on the cruise! No work, no phones, no responsibilities, no schedule! Also miss a kiss on the lips!
  2. My husband likes to mix vanilla ice cream with lemonade to make a refreshing beverage. I like to take a piece of cake from the buffet back to my room to save for later in the evening...they only have a couple flavors that I really like so this way I can have it at lunch one day and again later that day or the next day. The toppings at Guys make for good loaded French fries.
  3. Our next cruise is on the Breeze, February 2021. Looking forward to new ports of Aruba, Curaçao and I think Princess Cays. We didn't get to cruise in 2020 due to my husbands health so really looking forward to this next trip!
  4. We started cruising in 2014 but we've only done the western and eastern itineraries. Had our southern itinerary canceled. I'd like to schedule a Panama Canal cruise next which would be a splurge for us. As I was price checking to get a feel for what to expect, it's about 1k more than what we usually pay. We normally do b2b so overall that will be pricey but that's ok. Too many people are waiting to retire before they start "living life". Too many have health issues or have died shortly after retirement. I want us to enjoy life while we can!
  5. It is an automated email that doesn't reflect reality. You won't be charged a penalty per John Heald. Just ignore that and when you go to rebook, you won't be charged any penalty.
  6. 1. Relaxing all day! 2. Making new friends 3. Great bang for my bucks!
  7. We have the second cruise of a b2b for January of 2021 disappear from my planner but I was able to add it back on. I wondered what was going on.....that cruise isn't paid in full but the other one is....coincidental?
  8. We had a spa balcony on deck 12 on Magic two years ago. #12023. No covering but that didn't seem to bother us. Depending on where the sun is in the sky, you will not always be in direct sunlight. I think you will actually have more privacy being on the end with only one side of neighbors to contend with. Those front decks don't get used often. It looks like you would have a divider on the side next to the deck so that should help with blocking wind a little. You can't go wrong with a spa room!
  9. I miss the cranberry rolls in the MDR. And a kiss on the lips!
  10. My husband views the ship as our destination and is frugal so we try to research each port and look for free or cheap things to do within walking distance. In ports with little options, we may splurge on an excursion.
  11. Even if it's the same menu item, they can vary from ship to ship on how they are prepared. We have loved one thing on say the Magic and then have it again on say the Glory and wasn't anything like the first time.
  12. When I submit an online price match form, I select OBC where OBC and UPGRADE are the two options. Then I write a short note in the message area explaining the price difference and what I want. I always get the price lowered before final payment instead of OBC.
  13. Thanks for the post! I price matched on the 2nd but didn't read through everything....I just thought the extra $50 addition to my obc was the bonus! Now I'm excited about this freebie!
  14. I read a previous post about someone trying to do this because they wanted cake for the whole group they were with, and being told no....
  15. We have done a b2b both ways, having different cabins and keeping the same cabin. Prefer keeping the same room but switching wasn’t horrible. Packed up all our stuff and the cabin steward moved it to the new cabin for us. We started out in an interior and went to a balcony. When staying in same cabin, everything stays as is, you leave for the debarkation as a group with all b2b people and enter back in together after going through customs.
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