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  1. Cruise to cruise... So they dont change it every two or so years???
  2. Hi Everyone, My husband and I are booked on the Conquest for the second year in a row on Oct 5. We were wondering when do they change the main dining room dinner menu. Or does it always stay the same?? Thank you in advance!!
  3. Quick question.. So in relation to the Enchantment of the Seas is this ship the same size??
  4. I was super excited to see that you are writing this review. I was thinking to myself this is the only other person on my roll call for the Enchantment of the Seas in Oct and sure enough it was you.. I was like Oh Yeah i am definitely reading this!!! So far its been great! Happy Sailing!!!
  5. Hi Everyone, My husband and I finally decided to try a new cruise line we are Carnival veterans and we decided its time to change things up. After going back and forth with what cruise line should we try we finally decided RCL. We are super excited and cant wait to see what RCL has to offer. We are booked the Enchantment of the sea because during the last RCL sale last week the price was too good to pass up on, but now I am wondering did we make the right choice the enchantment is an older ship?!?! As I read all the reviews they are mostly of the newer ships with all the new features and I wonder. Can older ships be just as amazing as the newer ones?? Which do you prefer the older ships or the newer ships?? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Everyone, My husband and I always cruise on Carnival we have been on 4 different sailing with them. This time around we are looking for something different. The current ship we are looking at is the Armonia out of Miami. We do understand that this is an older smaller ship. Can anyone comment on the diversity of ages, cultures, food and over all experience of MSC. Any information would be helpful. An afterthought: We are big on food. We normally do comedy shows, Vegas style shows and maybe the dance club once. Thank you in advance!!!
  7. I just call MSC asking about this package. The package that goes with this offer does not included frozen drinks or cocktails like mojitos and margaritas, ect. If you want those drink you can upgrade the drink package up until 4 days prior to your cruise for additional $27 per person per day. That would give you the premium drink package and with that you can get an drink as long as you don't go over the maximum drink allow of $12 per drink
  8. Hi, The drive wasn't that bad because my husband planned stops like breakfast, and jet skies. So we were there in no time. We did not take the turnpike because we did not want to pay extra for the tolls. So instead we took I-75 south to I-10 to I-95 south. I am so glad you enjoyed the review. Happy Sailing
  9. I wonder what special gifts you might get?!?!?!?!
  10. Following Sid I love your reviews I have followed you on Carnival cruises and now my husband and I have booked our first NCL and I was checking out their board and saw you over here. AWESOME!! We are super excited about our a Breakaway cruise in Oct but are worried about the night life.. On Carnival we normally do a comedy show or productions list show, drinks and then late night pizza. Maybe a stop by at the dance club if it looks like the spot to be, but I have seen some reviews that says NCL night life ends at about 11pm.. Can you give some insight to this?? Thank you and Great Review!!!
  11. And I see you are getting married on the conquest in April Congratulations. Nick and I got married April 2, 2016.. April wedding are perfect not too cold and not too hot. Just perfect!!
  12. No Problem. The first formal night was the second night of the cruise this would have been under Nassau port day, Sept 24.
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