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  1. Could be some interesting ports if they do it that way. Guam is almost in a straight line between Singapore and Hawaii.
  2. Hopefully there are still more to load. At the moment only 5 cruises are showing. Nothing between 16th November and January 15. Then more gaps then a cruise, gaps, cruise, gaps etc. Only 1 seven day cruise, 2 three day cruises and 1 two night cruise but it doesn't show where it is going after that. It also looks like Ovation only has two seasons in Alaska. It has a Sydney - Singapore cruise at the end of the season in 2021, so it looks like it will be heading back to China for the Northern Summer. I wonder what will replace it in Alaska and what will come to Australia at the end of 2021.
  3. Yes - it is Radiance of the Seas that will be home ported in Brisbane. It is in the local newspaper.
  4. RCL briefly had Legend of the Seas based in Brisbane as it was the largest of their ships that could go up the river and be based at the current cruise terminal, but that went away when they sold the ship half way through the season and had to cancel a lot of cruises. The 2020/21 Australian season isn't available for sale at the moment (due week of April 1?) so no one is affected by the move from Sydney to Brisbane. I wonder what will replace Radiance in Sydney - a second Quantum class ship to join Ovation - Quantum or Spectrum to winter in China then Summer in Australia and the Pacific? or the new Oasis?
  5. Brisbane is building a brand new cruise terminal at the mouth of the river so larger cruise ships can have a decent place to dock versus the cargo terminal they have to use at the moment. Royal Caribbean have just announced that Radiance of the Seas will be based at the new terminal at Luggage Point over the 2020/21 southern hemisphere summer cruise season. RCI also said they would be increasing calls to Queensland with other ships during the 2020/21 season.
  6. Have you thought about flying through San Francisco? There is a Qantas flight that leaves in the afternoon, which would give you more time to get to the airport. There is also an early evening flight out of Melbourne to Los Angeles. You could catch a flight up to 6pm down to Melbourne and connect there. If flight on same ticket, then bags would be checked through. Melbourne is a very easy terminal to connect through as its all one building, but you would have to recheck through security. There is also a 12:35pm flight to Dallas - Closer to Tennessee, and gives you an extra 45 minutes to check in vs the American Airlines Flight. Qantas and American Airlines are both in One World, so you would get American frequent flyer points if that is important. While not capable of doing it at the moment, the Qantas flights may even have American Code Share flight numbers on them in the future, to allow you to book American one way and Qantas metal the other.
  7. Sorry no. I didn't go into the main dinning room apart from the bottomless brunch galley tour.
  8. Other Documentation The normal "Book your next Cruise" For the first time in forever, we actually booked a cruise on board, as the Jan 2021 cruises had just been released. For booking a 7-day cruise in a suite, you only get $300 on board credit. To get $600 its got to be 10 nights (I think) or longer. The biggest benefit was we got 30 days to change our mind and cancel at no cost with the deposit refunded. As it was, we got back to Australia and decided we didn't want the cruise we booked, so changed dates, ship and destination and it was zero cost as it was within the 30 days and we kept the $300 on board credit. And lastly, the page that no one wants to see. The Leaving Instructions I did ask about Luggage Valet at the start of the cruise and was told it wasn't being offered yet for Symphony. They said the ship was too big and too new, maybe after it was bedded down in Miami it might be offered but not at the moment. That's all the documentation I took off the ship, but if there is anything else you are interested in, please let me know.
  9. Other Documentation Show Schedule. Crown and Anchor - Platinum Benefits for Adults and Youth Spa Services and Costs
  10. Teen Cruise Compass Included for information purposes, my kids weren't in the 12-14 age group and we never got the older one. They didn't attend any events.
  11. Ask and you shall receive! I have begun loading the December 15 Eastern cruise compasses for those these stops. I will get the rest loaded tonight / tomorrow. Sorry it has taken me so long. But really, the only reason I have scanned them in as you asked, otherwise it would have taken me another couple of weeks. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2626360-symphony-dec-15-2018-cruise-compass/
  12. Sorry to pop in again on your cruise, but I have begun to upload the cruise compasses from this cruise, as I was on it as well. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2626360-symphony-dec-15-2018-cruise-compass/ Some other documentation will be added as well.
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