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  1. In 2018 we cruised with Princess and did online registration. It wanted me to scan passports for Medallion program. I was concerned about doing that and completed registration without that step, we went thru normal check in and was issued Medallions at time of boarding. Sure enough they were hacked and who knows how many people were affected!! But besides that I show an entry on Princess that said the Medallion opened your cabin door which provided extra safety in this era of Covid since it was contact free....WRONG!! The door is unlocked but you still have to use the door knob to enter the cabin--that is not contact free. Also since the device was new when we had them not all areas had device to read it-such as ordering drinks at dinner. They just asked cabin number and name and didn't even ask to see the medallion--since your name is posted outside your cabin on the screen I can not tell you how many times we had to go to Guest Services to have an FRAUDULENT DRINK ORDER REMOVED FROM OUR ACCOUNT!! When this terrible virus threat is over I will still not scan my passport and when boarding will insist they remove our names from screen outside the door. Sometimes technology is not your friend :-)
  2. Just got back from Alaska on Holland America-I was using a walker after foot surgery and my husband with cane after knee surgery. We were traveling with friends from Seattle-he with walker and wife able bodied. I DO NOT RECOMMEND HAL FOR MOBILITY LIMITED !! HAL used to be known as catering to "mature travelers"...but now that we have mobility issues they could care less :-( They have eliminated the trays in the buffet and gone to smaller plates. I can understand the smaller plates as it eliminates a lot of food waste...but eliminating the trays is actually a real hardship--I could balance food & a drink on the seat of my walker but my husband could only carry one plate at a time and then have to go back for his coffee--so much for a hot breakfast!! Our able bodied friend was constantly interrupting her meal to help the rest of us!! While there use to be staff that would see a handicapped person and offer assistance that is a thing of the past. They have seriously cut staff, including the staff that came around to offer coffee, tea & juice. Now you have to get your own. The staff just smile at you and WALK AROUND you while you struggle with plate and or hot cup. We will never use HAL again. We always sign up for excursions before hand and then go to the excursion desk when on board and ask them to check to be sure what we have selected is suitable and ask for ADA accommodations. This should not really be necessary for Alaska but we were told it "first come, first served"...I asked the clerk if they were planning a footrace to the buses!?!? The woman didn't even have enough English to understand "footrace"...another clerk said there were "too many" handicapped to make personal designations on seats but "first few rows" would be designated handicapped. So we did end up getting to the buses early in order to get our walkers stowed and get in the front rows. But the worst was that we signed up for a Royal Tea at Abkhazi Gardens only to be told ON ARRIVAL that the gardens were not handicapped accessible and in fact would be considered DANGEROUS as they had steps and gravel walkways...so it cost us $104 pp for a cup of tea!! There was even an able bodied passenger that fell on the rock steps and had to be escorted back to the ship to be checked out by the ship's dr. We have written a letter to HAL but have not received a reply yet. SO TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT :-) IF YOU ARE MOBILITY CHALLENGED TO NOT USE HOLLAND AMERICA-THEY DO NOT PROVIDE ANY ASSISTANCE, EITHER ON BOARD OR WITH EXCURSIONS. Good luck and happy cruising. BTW the trip to Alaska is beautiful and you can choose the level of exertion. Our able bodied friend took some more active excursions i.e. small boat that got within 1 mile of glaciers and we 3 watched from Crows Nest which was warm and enclosed but 3 miles from glaciers-LOL Cruising is good for us older folks as we only unpack once and choose our activities-then get together over dinner and compare notes.
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