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  1. I don't want to say what staff member (I've found they don't like being quoted by name on fora like this), other than to say it was someone senior and it was part of a conversation that involved a couple of repeat WC'er passengers talking about how much nicer it was to have a smaller full cruiser percentage this time out. I guess everyone has their own views on this kind of thing.
  2. I was on a Panama Canal cruise (on Crystal) as a lead-in to a world cruise in 2016. This page of my blog of that world cruise includes the Panama Canal cruise stops: https://pacrimtrip.blogspot.com/2016/01/
  3. The question is, where would you rather feel the primary effects of jet lag? I see you're in the eastern U.S., so you'll be doing a redeye-- flying overnight west to east. That's the tougher direction and timing. Would you rather have your groggy day or two in Barcelona or on the ship? If this is the cruise I think it is (on Splendor), you'll have only 2 sea days, and the first one won't be until 5 days into the cruise, which means you could be a little bleary-eyed through the earlier ports. So you may want some recovery time on shore first. Maybe consider a couple of days on ea
  4. I loved our Vintage Room dinner. The courses were superb and the wines specially selected to pair with each course even better. The head sommelier guided the entire experience. But be aware of a couple of things. First, there is a substantial extra charge for it. The charge is justified--the wines are high-end and pour freely. And it really is a special experience. Second, at the least at the dinner I attended, we started with a champagne, then a white wine (Savignon Blanc, not Chardonnay) with the first course, then all the following wines (I think there were four mo
  5. Since one of the benefits of traveling by cruise ship is that you only have to unpack and pack once, a little more luggage than usual is just fine for a long cruise. What's an extra $35 or so to check a bag on the flight there, given what you've already paid for the cruise?
  6. It is unclear whether there is a federal law definitive enough to invoke the Supremacy Clause on this subject.
  7. They also keep any air deviation fees you might have paid, though they've been known to credit them on another booking.
  8. Of course, if you are within the penalty period (in normal times, it starts 150 days out), they keep the percentage of the fare that they list out at the various dates. 15% to 100%, depending on how close to departure you are.
  9. Am booked on Crystal's WC. Haven't heard a word on itinerary. They did push back the final payment date some.
  10. BTW, the transfer to the ship is by private car---the cruise line apparently likes to make an occasion of it by having a "grand arrival" of black cars. It sounds like a nice way to start things off. So, no mass buses on that.
  11. Thanks. El Segundo sounds like the thing to do. The stay in LA is really just a utility layover to be sure to get to the cruise on time and to stock up on toiletries. I used to get to LA a lot--just never stuck around the airport area--and so won't be in any kind of sightseeing mode.
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