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  1. The kind that looks awful! Many many years ago I was great at sewing, but not today! I opened a 25+ year old sewing machine and had to get the instructions out to thread it! 🤣🤣. I found the directions on CNN but I failed! Hopefully my daughter can find us some. Governor declared today that you must have a face covering to enter a retail store. So, I will continue to stay home and keep my dog company!
  2. Hi all, Here in southern NJ we have been on lockdown since March 21. I have only gone out twice to go to the pharmacy - under strict orders from my daughter. 😂. Getting a grocery delivery in my area is impossible! They are booked weeks out! I was able to get a pickup order from Target but they don’t allow anything cold to be in a pickup order. So frustrating! Each day our Governor goes on TV with an update on the number of new cases . Unfortunately, NJ is #2 in cases. So, I have spent a lot of time canceling what was to be our wonderful Maiden Cruise on the Enchanted Princess. First, I canceled all our onboard purchases and got refunded very quickly. Then about a week later I canceled the cruise and I’m still waiting for that deposit refund. There is no hurry, I’m not going anywhere. Then I canceled all our private tours. Two tour companies immediately refunded but the third said “no refund.“ Only a voucher. I was most unhappy! The most fun I have had was exploring late 2021 Enchanted cruises, and found a fabulous one in October! I immediately called our Princess Vacation Planner and booked it! Much more expensive, but we got the exact same cabin as we would have had this July! Now , I have to pray that the situation will have improved and we’ll be able to visit the great ports on this new cruise. My job tomorrow is to finish making face masks as we have been unable to get them on line. Our Governor also wants us to wear them when outside. I’m sorry this is so long, but it feels good to write about the past month. I hope all of you are staying safe and looking forward to your next cruise.
  3. Our last several cruises were mini suites at mid ship. In fact, right across from the elevator “lobby”. We have never had a problem with noise. And, the location was very convenient!
  4. I definitely need to get my 10% deposit back. I’ll try to find get thru to my PCC next week. Thanks for your input.
  5. Unfortunately I’ve only dealt with her by phone. I’ll check my email and see if my confirmations have her address. Thank you!
  6. First, let me congratulate Princess on making this very difficult decision. It was truly the right thing to do. I have read everything Princess has posted but have a question about the Final Payment date. Ours is on April 2. Although we were looking forward to this fantastic Enchanted Princess Maiden Cruise we had decided last week we would need to cancel. However, getting through to our PCC was impossible. I can’t see a spot online for canceling. Will it cancel automatically if I don’t pay? Will I get my significant deposit back or can I transfer it to another cruise? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  7. Is it possible to cancel on line? It’s impossible to get through.
  8. I just asked our Princess consultant this question on Monday. If you have the CFAR insurance and it’s after final payment you can get cost of airfare returned if it is canceled before 45 days out. If it’s before final payment then no problem. You probably haven’t paid yet!
  9. I am trying to stay positive about out July Enchanted cruise that we have planned for over a year, but I just don’t know. I am not afraid of catching the flu, but of being quarantined for 14 days and/or having ports refuse to allow the ship to dock. Being gone for that extra time is a deal breaker. So, this weekend we’ll do some research of other types of vacations that won’t involve being stuck on a ship for 14 extra days. I’m still hopeful, though.
  10. Yes, I just started using a Princess Vacation Planner. She is excellent. Back in the day - 20 years ago- we used to use a big online Cruise TA. When she moved on we started booking directly with the cruise lines. I much prefer this as they have better information on cabins and locations and are quickly reachable when there is a price drop! Last summer my DS used a TA for a cruise we were both taking. Several times during the year before our cruise there was a price drop! I was always able to get on the phone with a Princess rep and refare. She had to wait days for a call back from her TA, who also screwed up her flights and linking our reservations. I’ll stick with Princess directly.
  11. I absolutely agree. They are wonderful. We have them booked for two tours this summer (Rome and Florence) and have used them for 5 previous tours. You can’t go wrong.
  12. The plastic sleeves sold on amazon are great. Be sure to order the correct size! The description will say Princess, Carnival, etc. Princess sleeves are wider than the RCCL thin ones. And they last forever! Have used the same ones for the past 4 cruises!
  13. We have had Club Class dining twice on the Crown, once on the CB and just last August on the Ruby. We now try to always book a CC Mimi suite or suite so that we can have this dining option. We have always been able to have the same servers for all meals. On all 3 of those ships there is a separate entrance with a big wall sign marking this entrance. On the Ruby the hostess knew our names after our first meal and greeted us by name each day. Another interesting point.... I had read here on the boards a while ago that the CC wait staff go to the head of the line in the kitchen. So I asked our waiter and he said yes that is true. He said he can get his choice of dishes and it is always hot. We loved our Ruby waiters -Sheldon and Alex. They made that cruise very enjoyable! We find it is well worth the extra price.
  14. We were on the Ruby for the August 24, 2019 Alaska cruise. We took an Upsell for a Penthouse Suite mid-deck on the Riviera Deck. (Cabin 405 or 415 - I don’t remember which). We knew going into it we were under the pool. But...we thought how much noise will there be by the pool when the temperatures are in the 50s? Well, we were wrong! It was very chilly that week and very few people used the pool but it was still noisy! Starting around 7:00 a.m. there were carts constantly being rolled across the deck above us. Now, I did not hear this after dinner but we did hear is all day. Why in the world would they design a ship with suites under the pool? Did it ruin our cruise...absolutely not! Did we complain? No! Would we take a cabin or suite under the pool deck again? Probably not. And by the way, this Alaskan cruise on the Ruby was one of our favorite cruises out of 26+!
  15. Hi , I do not have pictures, but we were just in R504 on the Ruby. We took this handicapped PS as an upgrade. The room is designed for a passenger in a wheelchair to move comfortably around the cabin. The bathroom is very large with a curtain that pulls around the shower space with no leaking! When you walk into the cabin there is a small alcove that your scooter will fit in. There is a sink and storage cabinets in this alcove. As I am sure you know as it is noted there is no bathtub. We didn’t miss it! We loved that shower. There is a ramp that leads out through one Serb of balcony doors to accommodate a wheel chair. If you have any other questions I’ll try to remember more
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