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  1. We stayed in an aft Vista Suite on the Crown on the Caribe Deck. Yes, some slight vibration, but no noise from above. We have booked the same suite for our next Crown Cruise. We were in a Penthouse Suite on the Ruby and it was directly below the pool deck. Now that was noisy! We thought we’d be ok because it was an Alaskan Cruise - no one in pool. However, they were constantly rolling carts across the deck starting early. We would not stay in that section of suites again. Why they put them on the deck below the pool is a mystery to me.
  2. I agree 100%. We did not care for any of our courses. We did read the menu ahead of time and the selections were not at all as expected. i don’t mean to be negative because I am a happy Princess cruiser. I just did not care for the choices in this restaurant.
  3. Let me add that it is a very long walk from the baggage claim to where the buses are parked to take you to the ship. Our tripS both ways To and from the ship included a delay on the highway due to a bridge opening. 😂😂
  4. Absolutely do the White Pass Railroad! The scenery is amazing. We also did the train up and a bus down. Our excursion included a marvelous lunch at a small organic farm. We did a bus tour up to Mendenhall (because our helicopter tour was canceled due to weather). It turned our to be a great choice! We loved hiking down to Nugget Falls at Mendenhall (in the pouring rain!). It’s about 25 minutes each way and we spent time at the lake at the base of the Mendenhall glacier! Don’t miss walking around the Mendenhall Park’s grounds - especially the bridge that crosses a stream with salmon swimming under! And of course wear layers with a waterproof coat on top. And our umbrellas came in very handy!
  5. Thank you everyone. I’ll watch for something in the spring. Happy cruising everyone!
  6. We were on the Ruby for an August Alaska Cruise. We noticed men dressed in jackets or just shirts or sweaters on the “Formal” nights. I will say that after eating an early dinner we ran into a gentleman in one of the shops looking for a pair of pants. He said he was not allowed in the dining room in his jeans that night. I was surprised as mostly people dressed casually on our cruise.
  7. We are booked on a February, 2021 cruise and I want to change our cabin to a suite. With the current sale I would lose the perks that are important to me - OBC and gratuities. We are not interested in the beverage package that is offered on the current “ sale.” Does anyone know what/when the next sale would be?
  8. There were two TVs in our cabin on the Ruby in August and you had to run in on both TVs for each one to work. It was short and I enjoyed the Love Boat music! 😂
  9. Thank you! Your replies are very helpful!
  10. I hope someone might have an idea on Formal nights during a New Years Eve Cruise. We are on a 5 day cruise and New Years Eve falls on a port day. With many cruises under my belt I never remember a Formal night on a port day. Do you think they would make an exception for New Years Eve?
  11. Many years ago we found a solid gold men’s wedding band in the safe on our last day of the cruise. ( Under the lip at the Safe’s door). We debated how anyone at the pursers desk would try to locate the owner, who was obviously on a previous cruise. We decided not to leave it and contact the RCCL version of the Captain’s Circle when we returned. A quick call to the Captain’s Circle line was the right thing! The ring had engraved initials and they researched previous passengers who had been in our cabin. Bingo! They contacted them and the wife called me. I mailed it to them the next day. Interesting, the wife never thanked me. Maybe she was upset that her husband had taken his wedding ring off. 😂😂
  12. We were on the Ruby this past August (2019) staying in a Penthouse Suite. All hall doors were locked with signs indicating cabins would be available at 1:00. We took our carry-ons to the CC dining room but were surprised that the dining room would not be serving until 12:00. I recall it being 11:30 in May on the CB. i, too, believe that the cabin stewards need their space to ready our cabins.
  13. This topic was discussed in detail previously. When you go to your booking and go to reserve a specialty dining reservation it says right there Gratuity not included. I tried to bring it up tonight on my two upcoming reservations (Enchanter in 2020:and Crown in 2021) but the dining options did not come up. When we went on the Ruby this summer that statement was definitely there online when I tried to make our reservations. We have always had service that is above and beyond and are happy to leave extra for our Crown Grill waiter. But I think it’s totally up to you.
  14. What airline are you using? We picked our seats on our American Airlines flights for next June. Originally one of the flights was a code share with British Airways who does not allow you to pick seats before they are paid for. So.. we switched to an AA flight. Good luck!
  15. Thank you so much for your fabulous reviews. Your details were so helpful! I have been a little nervous about our inaugural cruise on the Enchanted next July. Our experience on the Majestic (3rd Cruise I think) was not great. Too many things really not ready for the passengers, and the food left a lot to be desired. I guess Princess has worked out the kinks for the inaugural cruises. It was hard to see in your Sanctuary pictures if they have plenty of lounges outside of the cabanas. We were on the CB last May when she came out of dry dock and they redid the Sanctuary. Unfortunately, the cabanas took up so much room there were far less regular lounges. Thank you again for all the time you devoted to sharing great information to all of us. Safe Travels.
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