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  1. So you don't love name brand things on a ship but you also don't love their generic restaurants either... What do you cruise for?
  2. Bye. Thanks for letting us know you're leaving. But like someone else said, the "everything" threads are for analysis of the ships, new designs, etc. as details come out. A lot of people are rightfully upset that the bulk of the upper deck spaces are now premium paid space and that is something that should be discussed. NCL does sometimes monitor public response in forums such as this and if the reaction to Encore says anything, it says that we the people sailing NCL don't want the next generation of ships to continue in this premium deck space way. It's too much now.
  3. Maybe since they are doing away with H2O, this will be the location of the outdoor nighttime parties then... I'm sure the Havenites with rooms under this deck will LOVE that... I ain't mad though... This may make up a little for losing so much public deck space to Vibe if it starts being open to the public at night for parties and such...
  4. Been on Dawn twice and not once was Bamboo open for lunch dining.
  5. It’s still open for dinner even when they do the pop up sales.
  6. So La Cucina isn't a choice on Bliss?
  7. Out of curiosity, why would you decline the dining package? The gratuity on it is only like $20 bucks and you get 3 upgraded meals free.
  8. I'm in Birmingham and this is definitely why I'm willing to drive the two hours to ATL to utilize the free and reduced airfare. BHM is too risky for the layovers as you could end up in Atlanta, Charlotte, Detroit, New York, Chicago or any number of other potential places. ATL is at least most likely to be direct on Delta or a layover in Charlotte on American.
  9. Were you a single traveler who paid double occupancy?
  10. Doesn't matter of it’s paid off early or not, as long as it’s before final payment date, you can have a cruise repriced if the price drops... Even if you are paid in full.
  11. When you don't use your car insurance or home insurance, do they refund that money to you when you sell or trade the car? When you don't use your health insurance, do you get a refund on that? 😕
  12. They probably should have updated their website first then... ALL those cruises still show free open bar... So I'm sure they have a rush of people doing bookings just to get in and have it saved only to decide later if they actually want to take advantage of it. I hope the prices drop accordingly as well... I think we know they won't... but..
  13. Well that was a total bust... They're just giving a cruise away...
  14. The horror of just going to the MDR to get a meal....
  15. I don’t know... Sky still includes free unlimited drinks. That’s a huge perk for a lot of people.
  16. Wow! I guess the Alaska market is very hot right now to put that much availability there next summer. I was honestly shocked when they announced Joy was joining Bliss because that's a lot of mega ship capacity.... But adding a fourth ship now, even if it's a smaller one, that is a ton of capacity.
  17. Where did you see Sun was moving to Alaska? That seems odd with both Joy and Bliss sailing Alaska... Or whatever combination of mega ships is there next year and the year after.
  18. If an aft balcony is even still available by then...
  19. At first, I thought it was something to do with the Sun (and/or Sky) but then yesterday, they posted Harvest Caye with Escape docked there...
  20. Los Lobos! Hidden away at the back of the ship on the same deck as the buffet.
  21. I get the distinct impression that you're a chair hog yourself...
  22. Sounds like the OP is asking about purchasing OBC through My NCL prior to sailing.. And what happens if they cancel. Not about OBC earned from Cruise Next purchases.
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