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  1. The website doesn't seem to be working. What are the requirements/minimum stock ownership to be able to participate?
  2. BINGO!! And they will have opt d to not get the insurance too.
  3. We used to do at least 9 months to take advantage of the extra Lattitudes point... We have one in January that was booked the week before the Lattitudes changes so it will be the last with the extra point. Our other booked cruise is Encore which we booked the day they went on sail over the phone for Thanksgiving next year. Have booked as short as 30 days on a last minut Fri-Mon out of Miami.
  4. Unless something has changed since November, NCL doesn’t use proximity or chip cards... It’s all mag stripe for everything.
  5. That’s why I would think Brito. Big Park West artist like the other Away class ships have been (except for Joy). I doubt very seriously it will be any artist not represented by PW because they make such a big deal about being able to buy art by the very person who painted the ship you’re sailing on.
  6. They scan the cards for practically everything. Get a drink, card scanned. Go to dinner, card scanned. Shop the gift shops, card scanned. Get off in port, card scanned. Gay back on in port, card scanned. It will still make it easier to have it accessible like you’re olanning but it will have to come out probably a dozen times a day. Have a fantastic trip!!!
  7. The double up promotional has to be six months or more out.. can’t be within 6 months. Or at least that’s what the deal has been for some time now. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Such as what artist or what scene? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. That would definitely be a good choice. His bright color palette would be great. He would get along with the Park West collection they have tended towards. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. That answers my main question... can I book a discounted CAS room and still use points to upgrade the room. Seems the answer was no...
  11. My last cruise was our first with UBP and I had several martini's through out the cruise and none were over $15.
  12. You should have your confirmation email that shows everything on your reservation. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Didn’t really make a difference, you,l have to take it out to be scanned anyway... but it’s horizontal. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Often, halfway through a cruise they’ll do a special for the remainder of the cruise too sometimes. Anyhtng to make some money.
  15. ^^^^ This. We've done this before to get a desired time.
  16. And there's a big catch... If you book the BOGO 50% off deal, you can't choose any Free At Sea offers... It's one or the other.
  17. Interesting.. The Australia facing site is showing those but the US site does not.
  18. I don't recall for sure but I think you can use it just before and maybe just after your service... I don't think the intention is that you have access to the thermal suite for the entire day however. We book the thermal suite every cruise and find that it's well worth it for the week. We'll usually end up in there for at least a half hour to hour a day if not longer sometimes. The Escape is quite nice because they do have SO MANY heated lounge chairs. The dry sauna, wet sauna, salt room and snow room are all nice as well especially to go back and froth from hot to cold (very invigorating). And it's nice place to get away from crowds and all too (no kids). A lot of times, the hot tubs on deck are packed and the spa suite is a good getaway from all that.
  19. Where are you seeing this? I just searched ncl.com and didn't find any of Joy's sailings with 50% off.
  20. We do the same thing essentially. If it's somewhere we've been before and know an idea of what we want to do, we get off the ship and get a taxi or book on shore. If it's a new port, we'd rather play it safer and use the ships excursions to be sure where we're going and that we're back on time, etc. There are definitely some ports now that we would not dare book through the ship because we've been so many times (Cozumel, Costa Maya, Nassau)...
  21. Our experience has been that the more popular ones may sell out online but can sometimes still be booked once you get on the ship in very limited quantities. It's as if they hold a certain percentage out for booking on board (same with dining reservations often). If you see something you want, you're best to go ahead and book it ASAP to guarantee you get it. You can always cancel before your cruise and I think you can cancel onboard as long as it's 24 hours or more in advance.
  22. When you say it can not be combined, are you referring to "free" CAS bookings? Like you earned an Ocean View and you wanted to upgrade to a Balcony? What about CAS bookings where you just have a discounted rate (i.e. Total Rewards Diamond earns 20% discount on fare)? If I were to book a discounted CAS, would the NCL MC qualify me to upgrade from an Inside to Oceanview or an Oceanview to a Balcony?
  23. What are you trying to slip through security?? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  24. There's nothing to check... the Cruise Next deal has essentially been the same for some time now. It's as follows: One certificate for $250, get $100 OBC Two certificates for $500, get $250 OBC Three certificates for $750, get $375 OBC Four certificates for $1000, get $500 OBC You purchased four certificates for $1000 and got $500 in OBC back... Therefore, you're final bill was $500.
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