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  1. It's the same difference. I'd be willing to bet you're on board account still showed all four certs at full price and then an OBC of the $500. It's the same...
  2. And how are you going to tip all the cooks, laundry staff, bar backs, etc. behind the scenes that you may never actually meet in person but who still make your vacation fantastic and memorable?
  3. I'm sure that's more so to differentiate between the cabin changes. If you click back and forth between the before and after on cabin decks, a lot of cabins are being reclassified.
  4. Are these plans visible to the public anywhere? Like leaked versions, etc.?
  5. What was your discount and where was it from? That sounds like it matters in this case...
  6. Hmm... Has anyone seen from the OP since they started this pointless thread yesterday??
  7. DAMN, I just tried again right now... Selecting only ship name and the earliest cruise that comes up as a match is October 2020 now.
  8. Now I did notice this.... If I select Ship name AND a month, then I get zero results. Any month... Even September that you mention seeing, if I choose Encore & September 2020, I get no matches. Obviously something is going on or filtering through the network in some way.
  9. How are you searching? I'm searching with only ship name "Encore" selected and 18 different cruises come up including TA, all Miami inaugural season, the NYC Bermuda/Northeast season, Panama Canals and all the way through 2021 to Alaska.
  10. TA is still listed when I look right now... And everything else from November through April at least before she relocates to NYC.
  11. Exactly. I loved being able to go up to that area on Escape that was never crowded or over run with kids. One of my favorite areas on Dawn is the front of the ship on the upper deck as well. Great place to just sit and relax and enjoy the scenery as you sail.
  12. Take a few more cruises "first timer" and then we'll talk. 8 posts??? Really? I've been on plenty of cruises and they are plenty relaxing as well with plenty of upper deck space to enjoy. Encore is being severely limited on publicly available upper deck space. You have your "first time" opinion... I have my cruised many times opinion.
  13. There are going to 4 public hot tubs according to the deck plans. That's it. If they each hold 8-12 people, you're talking 32 to 48 people being accommodated in the hot tubs in public spaces... On a ship with 4000 people.
  14. I feel like there was a designated smoking area on Escape on Deck 8 when we sailed for Thanksgiving in 2017.
  15. Or maybe NCL sees enough push back about the greatly expanded Vibe and loss of so much public deck space that they decide to alter those plans while the ship is still under construction instead of sailing out the way it's planned right now...
  16. I would hope not as "Italian" is one of the Platinum dinner options so it doesn't seem like it would be fair to then turn and and say if you choose Onda, you have to pay a surcharge to use your Platinum dining certificate. Likewise, if it stays one of the Platinum options without a surcharge, doesn't seem like it would be fair to then charge a surcharge to Specialty Dining Package holders either. Not a perfect apples to apples comparison... But surely the signature "Italian" dining place isn't going to start becoming an additional surcharge option for dining packages.
  17. I'm guessing a glitch until they getting everything uploaded into the system. Cagney's has never been "book on board" and it's labeled as that right now.
  18. $209??? *****?!? I didn't realize it was that much now. I was thinking of trying for passes this time but I'll just stick with my Thermal Suite access instead. That's insane.
  19. Another effect of the entire Deck 19 and 20 becoming Haven & Vibe is that there appear to be only 4 public hot tubs now. It doesn't look like there are any hot tubs on the actual pool deck itself...
  20. The first video at the top is updated to include dining and some of the other new features. https://www.ncl.com/cruise/norwegian-encore/overview
  21. Looks like there is an updated YouTube video as well for Encore showing some of the new features.
  22. So ready for some further announcements about futures, venues, dining, etc... Why can't they do that already!!!
  23. Pretty sure Carnival was the first cruise line to call on Cuba when restrictions were lifted... Not NCL.
  24. I mean, quite literally, they do put the heavy stuff on the bottom. That's where the engines are and they weigh thousands of tons and tons...
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