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  1. Spa Thermal Suite will be the aft area of Deck 16 most likely as the Spa Rooms are all located on Deck 15 Aft. The Galaxy Pavillion is on Deck 17 with Laser Tag on Deck 18. There's an extra area of deck space on Encore that Joy does not have... Joy has GP on 16 I believe...
  2. I'd rather see it the other way around.. Get rid of Vibe and open that deck space back up to the general public as an expanded adults only Spice H2O during the day and the more party like atmosphere at night to everyone.
  3. Whatever LV... So you muddied the post up further to tell people to shut up on a public forum allowing for public comments.. EYEROLL EMOJI.
  4. And I told you when I got my $119 rate... In December. Then you chastised me saying that didn't exist during "high season" and nothing under $200 could be found. So I searched multiple weekends in February and March. I posted lengthily replies with my search results with DATES and HOTEL NAMES showing that indeed, you could find a dozen or more Marriott brand hotels under $200 with several even under $150 (and that was just the first 40 results). I didn't even move on to Page 2, 3 or 4 to see what results came up. Yet you still claim the rates I found don't exist... If you can't duplicate the search I did using the dates and hotel names to find the same rates, then you ARE NOT such a pro after all.... But whatever. You do you... I know what I found on Marriotts website with 14 out of the first 40 results being under $200 and 6 of those being under $150 IN FEBRUARY (you know, the high season). Could probably find dozens more if I bothered to search IHG, Hyatt, Wyndham, Hilton or other brands... You still haven't actually said what dates you have your hotel for in February though... Why not? You don't want to be proven wrong, again?
  5. Where? What time? What hotels? I answered all of those questions on multiple weekends and you still argued that they didn't exist. I ran searches on marriott.com and found dozens of hotels under $150 (which is not what you originally argued, you said you couldn't find anything under $200)... And several of those under $150 were in the in the $130's. Even after give you specific dates and hotels, you claimed you still couldn't find the rates quoted yet I could and anyone who plugged the dates in using the Senior Rate I was using could as well. So yeah, I still stick by my comment that you don't know how to do your homework when you kept on saying nothing under $200. You want me to run the searches again? I bet I can still find plenty of options under $150... Also, as many times as you kept demanding to know what dates and what hotels.. You never said what your actual travel dates were. Bet I could find under $200 and likely even under $150 for your dates... 😁
  6. I insist on keeping this war alive? You quoted/commented to a post from almost two weeks ago now to bring it up again. You must not know how to operate Marriotts website as I just went to look and sure enough, most of the rates quoted above are still available. Some are slightly higher which is understandable since it's been two weeks since I did that search. You aren't running any exhaustive searches if you aren't finding the rates I quoted. It's that simple. Another quick search of February 22nd-23rd found 14 of the first 40 available hotels under $200... And 6 of those 14 were under $150. These are publicly available rates published on www.marriott.com that anyone can search for and find.... And I didn't even click to look at Page 2, 3 or 4. That's only Page 1 of the search results. The reason I went with $200 and below... "The costs hover and most are above the $200 dollar mark."... That was your remark and I quickly found a dozen plus hotels UNDER $200 which you claim isn't possible. So whatever... You pay your high rates since you can't operate a hotel search and I'll book my $119/night room in Miami for my cruise at the Aloft. Anyone who ever wants suggestions/ideas/etc. on hotels and finding the rates I've quoted above, hit me up. I'm glad to help you find these publicly available rates directly through Marriott... And to top it off, all of these have options to cancel, i.e. they are NOT prepaid rates.
  7. But that's not possible to find such a cheap rate in Miami. πŸ˜• Thank you for proving my point above that if you look enough and keep an eye out that you can find anything you're looking for. What site did you book through or was it direct with Marriott?
  8. My understanding was that if you had a cruise booked at the time of the change and that cruise would have pushed you to the next level on the old system upon sailing, then you got the next level because you were booked. For instance, if you had 18 PRIOR to the change AND already had a 7 day cruise booked PRIOR to the change, then upon sailing that cruise even if it was after the change, you would have 25 points and qualify for Silver under the old rules even though you were short under the new rules. I would tend to agree with Keith on that since your Latitudes account is a NEW account under the new rules, only those would apply and I doubt they would go back that far to bring those 2 points over. Never hurts to try though. Somehow my mom wound up with two Latitudes accounts although one had no point history but I did ask one time, if the second account had wound up with points, would they combine them and they said they would. Go for it and see...
  9. To me, the best is always a good ole Mudslide!
  10. February 22-23rd on an AARP/Senior rate direct from Marriott.com... Miami Airport Marriott - $178 Sheraton Miami Airport - $175 Fairfield Inn & Suites Airport - $160 Townplace Suites Airport - $186 Aloft Miami Airport - $169 Four Points Airport - $152 Courtyard Miami Airport -$144 Townplace Suties Airport West - $169. Springhill Suites Doral - $161 Aloft Doral - $143 Element Doral - $144 Courtyard Miami Lakes - $135 Townplace Suites Miami Lakes - $135 Courtyard Miramar - $118 Tell me again how I'm wrong? 14 hotels ALL under $200 and seven under $152. The same results I've been finding all morning. You stink at your research... Sorry not sorry. Sorry Shoppie124.. Hopefully all this research will give you some additional ideas for hotels. They can definitely be found well under $200/night with reputable brands throughout the area.
  11. Try the Aloft or Four Points at the airport (on the nor west side). They seem to be some of the most affordable Marriott in the area and those are two of the most consistently cheaper ones I find in my searches over December, January and February.
  12. Our $119 rate is aLoft at the airport the night before our cruise. The internet must be so hard for some people.. I'm still finding all kinds of rates under $150 in mid January & February and as you mentioned, even some closer to $100 or under. I mean, I even asked what dates buddy boy is traveling to specifically search his exact dates and he's not interested in help. If I had been arguing all morning with someone who kept finding lower rates than what I was finding, I'd be thrilled if they tried to help me save some money. Whatever... I got my $119/night room and I'm happy.
  13. Sure, ignore the part where I found Marriott hotels in the $130-$150 as well... And found 20 something under $150 on Hotels.com. I get that you don't want to accept that you're wrong... But you are. There are plenty of options under $150 and as someone above noted, under $100 even.
  14. And just for sh*ts and giggles... February 7th for 2 nights on an AARP rate there are 8 Marriott branded hotels within 5 miles of MIA under $200 a night and three of those are $160 or less. And in March 13th for 2 nights on a AARP rate, I found the same 8 hotels under $200 and within 5 miles of the airport. Also, three of them still priced $160 or less per night with one at $144/night. For a seasoned traveler, I would think this wouldn't be too hard. Again, took about 5 minutes to find these rates.
  15. Wrong again buddylover... January 11th with a AARP/Senior rate... $135/night at TWO different Marriott hotels. January 18th with a AARP/Senior rate... $135/night at TWO different Marriott hotels. February 7th for 2 nights with a AARP/Senior rate... $152 at one hotel and $144 at another. Again, that took me all of 5 minutes to find those rates. You aren't trying too hard. And since you demand names... Aloft, Four Points, Courtyard are the ones I just found above. Not hard at all buddy.
  16. You must not be trying very hard... December 7th for 1 night in Miami - Found five Marriott brand hotels under $152 on marriott.com (AAA rate) January 11th for 1 night in Miami - Found three Marriott brand hotels under $140 on marriott.com (AAA rate) January 18th for 1 night in Miami - Found three Marriott brand hotels under $140 on marriott.com (AAA rate) February 7th for 2 nights in Miami - Found one Marriott brand hotel under $150 on marriott.com (AAA rate) The $119 rate I broked was the day the schedule released for that particular week (December 7th) at the Aloft Miami Airport. They are currently quoting $137 (AAA rate), $139 (Senior rate), and $124 (Prepaid rate). I only use Marriott.com as I'm a long time rewards member (legacy SPG) that typically winds up with at least a basic upgrade and I've just been loyal for over a decade to SPG/Marriott. I'd rather book direct for the perks I get than go through hotels.com or travelocity.com. Hotel rates can and do change constantly though as most hotels have gone to some type of demand based booking system. I look about once a week at all of my current reservations and compare my current rate (usually AAA or Senior) with what the current rates are at the same hotel or other nearby hotels that may be of interest. For December 7th, I'm not likely to beat $119 for the night but all this talk about "nothing under $200" is BS. There are plenty of options under $200 and even a healthy variety under $150. Are they all 4 or 5 star hotels? Absolutely not... But I don't have to have a 5 star Embassy suite for a one or two night stay before a cruise. I just searched Hotels.com for December 7th and found 20+ hotels under $150 a night and another 14 under $150 in mid January (11th). And since you mentioned LaQuinta.. yeah, found it on Hotels.com for $149 a night in mid-January. I don't know what to tell you.. Try harder.
  17. What days are you searching? It matters what sites, what days, how many days, what rate codes, etc... The $119 is no longer available but I just found several around the airport in the $130's...
  18. We're cruising in December and booked at $119/night for one night prior at an airport hotel (Marriott brand).
  19. Wouldn't pay more than $125. Seller doesn't have to sell on eBay as you can find people constantly trying to sell these on Cruise Critics and even Facebook. PayPal transfer "between friends" doesn't cost anything if you don't use a credit card so no expense there either... If you want to pay another 20% more for something, by all means you do that but most people are not going to be interested in paying 20% more for something they can get cheaper. πŸ˜•
  20. Really not needed any longer... With the free/reduced airfare, that's likely a better deal than the credit you got through DV... The other perks were a hotel credit (NCL way over prices partner hotels), an internet package (250 minutes) and a shore excursion credit. We had DV on our San Juan cruise back in January and the only part we ended up using was the internet and shore excursion.... Their airfare was more expensive even with the credit than it was booking direct through Delta for us. And the room they quoted was $300+ for the one night before our cruise.
  21. If you don't want to be ripped off, don't pay more than $125 for one. The most someone would pay on board is $150 if they purchased one voucher ($250 minus $100 OBC for an out of pocket expense of $150). If someone purchased 2 or more, then they would have almost been $125 out of pocket... 2 for $500 with $250 OBC = $250 out of pocket 3 for $750 with $375 OBC = $375 out of pocket 4 for $1000 with $500 OBC = $500 out of pocket... As long as you know that and stick it.. You're good. Also be careful of expiration dates as you are supposed to book & sail within the 4 year time but often NCL will give a waiver to the sailing requirement as long as you book within the 4 year time frame.
  22. I thought that as well and figured maybe she would replace Epic her first summer but then they announced going to NYC instead.
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