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  1. Thanks for the reply. I’m hoping for 2022.🤞🏻
  2. We would love to take a cruise that would would go around the southern tip of S America and include the Chilean fjords. We are looking at a Celebrity cruise right now, but we are open to other cruise lines. We would like about a 14 day cruise. Our questions: If you have taken this cruise, did you love it? Recommend it? What cruise line? What were the demographics of other cruise passengers? Please feel free to add any other info you would like to share. Thanks all!
  3. We will be Cartegna next moth and I want to make the most of our 7-4 pm stop there. We are interested in the culture and history. Many have posted rave reviews about Dora the Explorer, but the group is limited to 16, which means there will probably be 16 in the group. We really do not want a group that large; ten would be tops. I know about toursbylocals.com and have used them in the past with great success but we are only two which make sit quite expensive. I have posted on our roll call but no bites. Can anyone recommend a quality tour to fit our preferences? I am
  4. You have some great responses here. I can’t add much but to say that before our very first cruise after much research I settled on Celebrity because: 1) smaller ships, less crowded; 2) they do not cater to children like other cruise lines do, so there will be fewer; 3) did not want an overly casual vibe - in the evenings, specifically. Celebrity fit the bill on all counts. Last year we tried MSC yacht club and while it really was fabulous, we came running back to Celebrity. So so while it is not stuffy, Celebrity is not overly casual in the evenings either. I think shorter cruises
  5. Did I read somewhere that there is no longer a Cellar Masters on Reflection?
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