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  1. I was not trying to use the bev package to purchase the drink. I wanted to purchase the drink and pay for it for someone we met on the cruise. We have traveled both with and without a bev package but do not see why it should be an issue to do this...Like I said we will speak with guest services when we board in May.
  2. So lets say my wife and I would like to buy a drink for a fellow traveler. We are prepared to pay the price of the drink and I believe it should be a simple thing. On May 2nd I will ask someone from cruise line. Thanks all for your input. Happy cruising.
  3. When we try and pay for a drink for a friend or an entertainer we are told they are not allowed to do this. One time they had to talk to an officer to get permission. It is crazy to me-----you would think the cruise line would love more of my money. We are booked on a cruise in May and will try and talk to either hotel manage or guest services when we board.
  4. My wife and I usually buy the drink package when we cruise and several times have wanted to purchase a drink for a fellow traveler or an entertainer. We are fully prepared to pay the full cost of the drink but have had issues when trying to to this. Has anyone else had this happen?
  5. Thanks for update. Looking forward to day when my wife tells me it is time to get luggage out of crawl space!
  6. Well will have to wait until October to see who it is. We like the Eurodam and looking forward to the cruise.
  7. Thank you we have sailed on her before and is one of our favorite HAL ships.
  8. Thanks for info all and for spell check as well.
  9. Can anyone tell me the name of current cruise director on Eurodamn.
  10. Best described as an Asian themed restaurant---but we love the place. I had the wasabi coated steak on our last cruise and have to rate it as one of the best steaks I have ever had. We are sailing on Eurodamn in October and making a reservation at Tamarind will be one my first things to do when we get on board.
  11. Tamarind is our favorite place. We always go there and in my opinion it better than PG.
  12. We like PG but are even bigger fans of Tamarind.
  13. My wife and I were not overly impressed with Catalina. Found shops very expensive and much prefer the change to Santa Barbara on California coastal cruise out of Vancouver.
  14. You are probably right. We will be stuck with it but will just have to grin and bear it.
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