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  1. I'm dating myself here. Back in the day, before we had a clothes dryer, we had one a similar bag that hung on the clothesline. It stored clothespins to hang your clothes on the line. It was mesh so rain wouldn't collect in the bottom of the bag.
  2. I've rented from both Scootaround and Special Needs at Sea. They are both fine. The price varies based on port, date, and number of days. I don't think either rents folding scooters. I second @kokopelli-az 's suggestion to try practicing with a grocery store scooter. A big difference is that the scooter you rent will have a speed knob -- grocery store scooters don't. Until your husband is very comfortable, keep it on a slower speed.
  3. You need to contact the special needs department of the cruise line to notify them you are renting a scooter.
  4. I can't speak to your other questions as I rent a scooter that doesn't fold up. However, on question 7, please tell your wife to take the scooter and enjoy the freedom it gives her. As long as she's not (literally) ramming into people and following the rules about not leaving it in the hallway, she deserves to enjoy her vacation as much as anyone else on the ship. There are always going to be some people who will be snotty about something or another. Don't worry about them.
  5. For me, it depends on many factors. How far, how fast, how polite, etc. I usually start with $10 and add, depending on those factors. For the woman who was able to get me from one end of a concourse to the opposite end of a different concourse in less than 10 minutes (so I wouldn't miss my connecting flight) in the ATL airport, I gladly gave her $30. She hustled through a huge airport and she was funny and kind. On the other hand, the woman who pushed me at Dulles, made nasty comments about my weight four times, and dropped me well short of the taxi area; well, she only got $5. On my last cruise, I gave the employee who helped at embarkation $20 because he was very efficient and was able to get me through the crowds quickly. He was also very funny and kind. The man who helped at disembarkation got $25 because he took me all the way to the taxi stand. The previous cruise, the wheelchair assistant dumped me right in the luggage area and I had to hobble to get my luggage, get through customs, and get outside and across the street to get a taxi, so I only gave him $10.
  6. I've never had a door that opened into the corridor.
  7. I purchased mine on Amazon. I travel by myself, so it's an essential tool to be able to enter and exit my cabin.
  8. I can't speak to Carnival, but on the NCL Jade, when I went to Grand Cayman, I took my scooter down to the tender area. I asked the crew there if there was any way I could leave it close by, since it was hard for me to walk from my cabin to the tender area. They were very nice and let me pull it off into a little alcove only a few steps from the ramp to the tender. When I got back on the ship, the scooter was right there. It made the trip so much nicer.
  9. Another vote for the Great Outdoors! I also enjoy the Spinnaker lounge on 13 forward. There's great views and comfortable seating. Of the two MDRs, Alizar seems more crowded. I also enjoy people watching from bar city on deck six. I hope you have a great voyage, the Jade is a lovely ship.
  10. I've used both Special Needs at Sea and Scootaround. Both delivered to the cabin the years they were the authorized provider for NCL. I rented a scooter, not a wheelchair, but the only issue I had was that I had ordered a cane holder for the scooter and it was not there. I called and they removed the charge for it.
  11. Last year I had to bring narcotic pain meds on my cruise. I had them in the original container, plus I had a picture of the original prescription on my phone. I didn't run into any issues.
  12. I haven't been on the Gem, but I've been on her sister ship. I wrote a review of my balcony cabin. I was in 9148 in 2018 and 9648 in 2019.
  13. I'm glad you were able to get 9148. I sailed in 9648 this year and it seemed to be laid out a little differently. I much preferred 9148. In the first picture, I was sitting in the lounge chair, the balcony was to my left and the bathroom was to my right. My scooter was between the restroom and me. The second picture is the balcony sitting in the same chair. The third one is obviously the bathroom. The final is of the closet, drawers, and safe.
  14. The only spa I've been in is on the Jade, so I can't compare it with other ships. I had a thermal spa pass in January 2019. I thought the spa was nice. The women's only area included a decent sized hot tub with jets and bubbles, several loungers, a steam room, a cold plunge pool, plus nice showers and lockers. The coed area had a larger hot tub with recliners in the tub, several heated loungers, and a small refreshment area. My only quibbles were that I wish there were more heated loungers and that the coed hot tub was easier to enter/exit (I am mobility challenged). The whole spa area looked reasonably fresh, so I assume it was updated in the last dry dock. Edited to add: you can ask to tour before buying. I did so to verify I could get in and out of the different tubs.
  15. On my first NCL cruise in January 2018, I had some OBC, so I signed up for the shuttle. I'm mobility challenged and when the wheelchair pusher dropped me off in front of the terminal, there was a massive line for the shuttle. He told me it would be at least an hour wait. I can't stand for that long, so I hobbled across the street to the taxi stand. Even by myself, the taxi was only a few dollars more than the shuttle. Especially with a group of young kids, I wouldn't want to wait in a long line for the shuttle. I love the Marriott Residence Inn by the airport. It's a nice hotel and in a little gated community with other Marriott properties. They have a paid shuttle to the port.
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