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  1. My March MyVegas cruise that was cancelled would have been my 5th comped cruise, first time on Norwegian. The other 4 cruises went smoothly with absolutely no issues. I wanted to rebook a Sept. cruise but just didnt have a good feeling about it so I requested a refund, so glad I did. Expect to wait the 90 days they say it will take for a refund, maybe even longer by now. Its very disappointing to not be cruising this year, hope it all works out.
  2. Went the CC dispute route also, had my money returned almost 60 days ago plus an interest credit adjustment. So as an example, will everyone that requested a refund on March 23 all get paid in one big group at 90 days? It doesn't seem as though payment are being staggered over the 90 days.
  3. Terms of the the refund?? Are you referring to the one single line that states Please allow 90 days for us to process your refund? Hardly terms, sounds more like they are ASKING me politely to provide them a courtesy which I not so politely declined.
  4. Thank you OP for providing clearly understandable info. I was aware of this option but decided to wait 30 days to see how things were playing out and to gather info since it would be my first time disputing a charge. My cruise was cancelled 3/14 for a 3/21 sailing. I didnt understand or like having to wait 2 weeks to fill out a form for a refund and I certainly didnt like being asked to allow them 90 days to process my refund. They offered me no assurances or promises that I would ever receive my money. Since this was going to be my first sailing with NCL I had no history with them to put my trust in them. My CC was Chase and immediately after hitting the submit dispute button the charge was removed. Im not worried about any of the so called repercussions, at the end of the day I feel I did whats right for me.
  5. Well now with the cancellations Im guessing those that didnt cancel and rebook their MyVegas cruise already are back to square one as to what is going to happen. Supposedly everyone is supposed to receive an e-mail regarding cancelling. Would be nice if the e-mail explains everything we need to know before calling.
  6. Will be on the Breakaway 3/21, those particular closures wont effect me but there are other closures that would. Guess it will be a wait and see daily evaluation to help me decide. When it gets to the point of being a bare bones cruise I will throw in the towel. And I dont drink lol
  7. Im curious to where I stand also but havent called yet because I still plan on going at this time. My cruise was booked thru the casino but its not a casino cruise, its a MyVegas gaming app comped cruise reward. A few years ago something similar happened when due to a hurricane Houston airport was shut down and it wasnt expected to open until afternoon the day of cruise. With that comped cruise I was offered to take the cruise, which I did since I drove to port, book any other cruise that was sailing within a 2 week window, or get a cash refund.This was on Royal, doesnt sound like Norwegian will be as understanding or generous.
  8. I also called yesterday just to ask about how cancellation works since I have no experience or knowledge about it. My cruise is 3/21. I was told the refund would be FCC. I asked did that also include everything I had paid out of pocket already besides the cruise fare. She said yes everything totally I already paid would be FCC. I asked why wouldnt the things I had paid for besides the cruise fare be put back to my credit card, since I thought that was what I had read on here will happen. She mumbled a few things I didnt quite catch then clearly said Im lucky because if I cancel now I wont have to pay a $500 fee. Still not clear about it all, seems I have some time left to make a decision about cancelling. Will just keep watching on here for updated info and see what happens next week.
  9. Is there a comedy show each night?
  10. Great review. I have only cruised RC and Carnival so far. I am trying Norwegian for the first time next month. I really like RC but I love Carnival.....so far.
  11. My offer was for the 3/21-3/28/2020 sailing on the Breakaway.
  12. I am new to this also. Have cruised before but this is my first time on Norwegian. Am in a family oceanview but usually just book inside so I am lost as to which offer is best bang for my buck, the most expensive one? My offers are: Spa Mini Suite Balcony from $150pp Spa Balcony from $125pp Mini Suite with Balcony from $100pp Balcony from $75pp
  13. Have only been on 5 cruises, 3 Royal, 2 Carnival, and so far prefer Carnival. Cant wait to try MSC and Norweigan next.
  14. Last month on the Vista we had early dining at a table for 2 next to a window. The shades were never down and we saw the sunset 3 times I believe. The shades were never down and sometimes I had the sun in my eyes for a bit before it set.
  15. Cruised from here on the Vista a few weeks ago, had the same boarding time. Got there about 20 minutes early and there was no line and the employees were telling and waving people to go in, dont stop, keeping moving. Took about 5 minutes to get to the seating area and only sat about 15 minutes before we were boarding. This was my third cruise out of Galveston in the last 2 years with similar results each time, no lines.
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