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  1. Have only been on 5 cruises, 3 Royal, 2 Carnival, and so far prefer Carnival. Cant wait to try MSC and Norweigan next.
  2. Last month on the Vista we had early dining at a table for 2 next to a window. The shades were never down and we saw the sunset 3 times I believe. The shades were never down and sometimes I had the sun in my eyes for a bit before it set.
  3. Cruised from here on the Vista a few weeks ago, had the same boarding time. Got there about 20 minutes early and there was no line and the employees were telling and waving people to go in, dont stop, keeping moving. Took about 5 minutes to get to the seating area and only sat about 15 minutes before we were boarding. This was my third cruise out of Galveston in the last 2 years with similar results each time, no lines.
  4. I took the chance and did that time frame once with so issues doing self assist. . Would I do it again, probably not, it was a bit stressful. Also because on my cruise a few weeks ago we had driven to port so no rush which turned out to be a good thing because the hand held devices that they use to scan you off the ship went down for Im not sure how long. Long enough to back everything up and cause chaos and long wait times getting off the ship and getting thru customs. No way no how could I have made an early flight. You just never know.
  5. I have a bad knee and I struggle getting up from sitting down, my husband usually has to help pull me up. It's very awkward and slightly embarrassing to attempt this with the tables that are close. This trip I emailed the maitre d after I had looked at a map of the tables that were for 2 but not right next to another one. I listed a few of these table numbers and asked nicely hoping for the best. We had early dining and were assigned a lovely table next to a window toward the back and to the side in a little alcove, much more than I asked for or expected. This was on the Vista.
  6. It took me a minute to figure out why my favorite bread didn't taste as good as I remembered in the MDR. Then it hit me, it was the butter that isn't butter. I use real butter at home, didn't care for this stuff.
  7. Couple of weeks ago had a 12-12:30 time to board the Vista. Got there close to 11:30 and stopped close to the entrance to look for the early/late line and the workers standing there were waving their hands telling us and others to just go in, keep moving. Breezed right thru security and sat down and waited for about 15 minutes and were on the ship eating lunch way before 12. This was my 2nd time leaving out of Galveston, first time took just a bit longer.
  8. Only have 5 cruises under my belt but I found out this year after 2 cruises on larger, newer ships that they are what I like. I dont cruise to relax so the more to do and see the better for me. I also enjoy the expanded food options. Didnt experience any crazy crowds or lines anywhere, many times we were all alone in what I would have thought were popular areas.
  9. Was on the Oasis earlier this year and while I have only been on a total of 5 cruises this was my favorite ship! Have always stayed in interior rooms and this time I got a boardwalk view and loved this room, so spacious. Cant think of anything I didnt like, really had fun and kept busy enjoying everything the ship had to offer. I decided I liked big ships after this cruise.....until I sailed the Vista a few weeks ago, my least favorite ship.
  10. Just off the Vista this weekend. First night we were exploring and went up to Serenity deck late at night. It was almost pitch black dark up there no lights and very windy. My hair blew in my eyes and next thing I know I walked into something and fell forward. Turns out I walked into, tripped, and fell onto a big square daybed. It was funny at the time until the next day I saw the big ugly bruises I had on my legs from hitting the wooden frame. The bruises got uglier every day and I had brought nothing but sundresses and shorts. Be careful up there at night!
  11. Will be on the Vista next month, this talk about wear and tear and cleanliness got me thinking....I dont think I have ever really looked or paid much attention😮
  12. Prices are reasonable so not having a discount isnt a deal breaker. Im sure I will enjoy trying something new. Guess I better book ahead though, husband turns into a cranky curmudgeon if he doesnt eat by 7.
  13. Sailing on the Vista next month, my 2nd Carnival cruise. We always eat dinner in the MDR but theres always a night or 2 that the menu isnt that appealing so I am planning to try speciality dining for the first time on those nights. I have read about the free bottle of wine at the steakhouse on first night but we dont drink wine. I am wondering if there are ever any other offers or discounts for any of the restaurants, perhaps once onboard? Like a pay for 2 to eat at at JiJi and get a percent off a second meal at Cucina? Anything along those lines? The cheapskate in me demands I look for a deal LOL.
  14. Still got 80 days until I sail so not worried, but Im a planner so I have a backup Vegas vacation booked just in case anything comes up....
  15. Been following this situation even though we don't sail until Sept. Didn't expect to see 3 cruises cancelled, that's crazy. Can't even imagine having to stress and scramble if I needed to get something new booked on such short notice. So sorry this happened to the affected cruisers.
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