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  1. Your own words: ”With regard to the ballroom dance floor, there are lots of things that the Cunard website fails to mention and/or give specific rules. It says nothing about knowing basic ballroom dance floor etiquettet, but without it, the floor would become mass chaos. If everyone were to 'do their own thing' on the floor, dancers would be crashing and falling into one another and that definately [sic] would fall in the disrespectful category even though the Cunard website might not have mention it.“ We have purchased dance lessons, but your assertions say that, whatever we do, we won't be good enough for some people.
  2. Yes. I think giving up the small deposit would be preferable to paying more than five thousand to be made to be feel “not quite good enough.” We are in no position to try a Grill, but we were looking forward to a nice balcony room.
  3. The rigidity of some of the people discussing this issue is making me think it was a mistake to book our crossing. It isn't that we don't intend to participate in the themes. We do...or did. But it's beginning to sound as if there are some unwritten “rules” that we will be ridiculed for not knowing. That is not an experience I am eager to pay so many thousands to have. Perhaps riff-raff like us would be better off using those funds to go see our children in France. Even our Chinese-French daughter-in-law doesn't turn her nose up at us for not knowing all the nuances of her family's culture.
  4. I'm American, and I think respect for money rather than people may destroy us. Let's neither overgeneralize nor care so deeply about what colors people love to wear. I intend to fit the code where possible and enjoy whatever else anyone else does.
  5. That's a great idea, LL. I hope we have LOTS of formal nights on our round trip TA in December and that few or no passengers dress down on smart nights. We've been on Norwegian only our other two times, and it was really sad to dress for a nice dinner at an expensive specialty restaurant and see most others in shorts and T-shirts!
  6. I can't imagine anyone looking down their nose at you. We, too, must be frugal to be able to do the voyage we have reserved. Meeting people different from ourselves is a large part of the pleasure of travel. I'd bet you have experiences, unrelated to your frugality even, that many would be delighted to know about. And if anyone DID get sniffy with you for not wearing a Rolex...or whatever...that's their malfunction,
  7. Wow. This comes perilously close to those awful online lists telling women what they should and should not wear after 30/40/whatever age someone decides to tell us what do. We could start a list of physical characteristics of men that we prefer not to look at, but that would be nasty.
  8. Closer to the sea is always good! Thanks!
  9. If men who don't like formal dress had a clear idea of how hot they look in a tuxedo, there wouldn't need to be any enforcement. 😏
  10. Very kind, thank you. I don't remember the last time I slept past 8, so I doubt I’ll have any worries.
  11. Thank you both very much. I am a light sleeper, so most of this is reassuring. Unless crew bang in and out of that door at night, that won't worry me at all.
  12. Hello. We are new to Cunard and have our round trip TA scheduled for December 2019. The price has only gone up, so we won't be changing anything, but I found few choices on the form for cabin selection when I reserved several months ago. Does anyone here have experience of 4079 or anything near it? Seems very low on the ship to me, but it's still a sheltered balcony.
  13. You're killing me, Tonopah! Our round trip crossing isn't until December! you know, we are restaurant reviewers for our local newspaper and its associated websites, and we don't care whether the food is the best we've ever had as long as it's good and we neither have to photograph it nor write about it the next day. we intend to be EASILY made happy.
  14. I wouldn't want to miss either Winchester OR Salisbury, our favorite cathedral. Public transportation is so much better in the UK that it's very easy to get to these places. Of course, having enormous amounts of luggage for formal nights could hamper you. We always rent a car to do our “cathedral and pub tours,” so bags are not a problem.
  15. We will do that at some point, thanks. We've worked it out in our minds that we could take inside cabins to cover Barney's kennel cost. (You aren't the owners of Mighty Paw, are you? Their little dog's name is also Barley.)
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