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  1. what will happen is: the little cupboard will be moved from the side of the bed and placed inn the centre of the two beds. Still the same amount of room Jxx
  2. Hi if you already have the "free" beverage package and you intend to "upgrade" AND BYO wine on board. Do have a think about this and work out which will be cheaper for you. It may depend on if there's a certain wine that you prefer. Have a great cruise Josie x
  3. Have you thought about a WhatsApp group? Depending on where you are when at sea telephone signals can be weak or none existant .
  4. I have a boot full of tote bags! I've stopped taking them now. Yes a reuseable bottle (or 2) would be great Jx
  5. That makkes me sooooooooooooooo angry Last year on Sirena I saw books being moved ( both by staff and passengers) and put to one side (of the bar) near the door. Jx
  6. Will you be in Venice? We took a (shared) mini bus to the Dolomites ( with lunch) Josie x
  7. what is World Series? I've never heard of it!
  8. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Oceania-Cruises-replacing-Canyon-Ranch-with-Aquamar?fbclid=IwAR0h0vUI6oI0-ppbVLz4fHTISB65aXthTrWmnLqNleqdtc7hqR57TiqlpcA Oceania are changing Canyon Ranch Spa to Aquamar Spar and vitality . Not being a spa user my self I can't comment Josie x
  9. No! They are on Oceania FB page.
  10. Thank You all for confirming this. There all still a couple of people adamant that they have had irons in their staterooms ☺️ Josie xx
  11. Thank you all for your kind responses and for confirming my belief that irons are strictly forbidden in state rooms. There are a few people that are claiming they had irons/boards in their rooms on board Riveria and one person in a B room and one in PH adamant that they have them in their rooms! Hey Ho! off to do some ironing now! Jxx
  12. Hi all I have been speaking on line with someone who is in an Ocean view room who claims to have an iron in their room! Has something changed? I was of the understanding that the only irons for public use are in the laundry room. I'm sure that someone here will know thanks Josie x
  13. One idea: Get them to keep a diary . Are they old enough to take photographs? They will have something to look back on when they are older Have a great cruise Jxx
  14. Hi pharmasists are usually pretty good in Europe. Could someone at home take a photo either of the meds or his prescription and send it over to you? If you know the name of the medication I suggest that you write it down and ask in a pharmacy if they can supply it or something generic that they could match? best of luck Josie
  15. Hi all let me throw something else into the mix! We are flying MAN/LHR/ LA for our Christmas cruise on Sirena ,given the vagaries of the British weather and BA pilot strikes , we are flying a day early and keeping our fingers crossed! For 2020 we have taken O air to Tokyo via Dubai ( the pits) they've booked us on Emirates (not the best airline) out and Air Canada via Toronto return from San Francisco . Trying to give up my control freakery! and just go with the flow, but not before I email my TA and ask if they have a plan B if indeed there is a BA pilots strike. Jxx
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