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  1. We are booked for Alaska,but not till September. Im thinking (hoping) this will be all done. we havent bought air yet. Holdin off on that for a minute
  2. Hi! We are currently booked in a signature suite on The Noordam. We are considering changing to a Neptune suite. Can you guys tell me is it worth it? Pros and cons? Any info? This is our first time on Holland and to Alaska
  3. Thank you. I've been reading about the president orcas. It's so sad. I think I'll skip a tour out of Vancouver. And pray to see some in Juneau
  4. We are on a Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver the end of September. we are planning on coming to Vancouver 2 days prior to cruise. We plan on booking a whale tour in Juneau. However, i have this dream of seeing orcas in the wild. how are the tours out of Vancouver?
  5. Thank you. I think we are going to not rent a car now. Seems like the public transportation is good. Did some research today. Still confused lol. Tge hotels downtown look great but were pricey, so I'm still researching where to stay. We are going the end of September so I got a lot of time. Planning is fun though
  6. Hi! We are planning on staying 2 nights before our cruise. First question. Best area to stay? Second question. Should we rent a car or is there good public transportation? Bus, trams etc..
  7. Thank you. We are planning on coming out 2 days before the cruise. We may still take a later flight even a overnight flight. I was curious just in case. Early flights back are less money. We definitely want some time in Vancouver
  8. We are from upstate ny. We've been considering flying out of Toronto (its 3 hours from us) they have direct flights to Vancouver. So ky question is our return flight. What is a safe time? Says ship gets in at 7:00 a.m. Thsnk you
  9. These photos are great! I really hope I see orcas in the wild. It's kind of dream for me. We may fly to Seattle a few days early and try to see the orcas around San jaun islands
  10. I have a very picky eating husband. I wonder if I can get him to try the pea soup. I'm giggling just thinking about it 😂
  11. Thank you. I'm so looking forward to a more classier ship. I always liked carnival but I'm kinda over the party ship thing lol. I'm not knocking carnival its great. Just ready for different
  12. Hi, I have done several ccl cruises and one ncl. We just booked Oosterdam for an Alaskan cruise in September for our Anniversary. Im,very excited to try a new cruise line and Alaska. Any tips for us?
  13. So I am trying to plan my vacation for next year. I really want to see orcas in the wild. I know that San jaun islands has them there. So that is one choice. I'm also thinking about an Alaskan cruise. I love to cruise. I figured I'd see a lot of beautiful wildlife and scenery. However Its a dream to see orcas. What ports are good for orca sightseeing?
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