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  1. Agreed on Southwest! Ironically though I actually just glitched their (Southwest) system recently. I was rebooking a flight for my father's funeral that got postponed when Houston had awful storms - the original fare was booked with a credit that expired before the new flight dates but total cost of new flight was lower by more than that credit. It all appeared to go through seamlessly, until I never saw an email confirmation of the change come through but was busy at work and not thinking too much of it. To Southwest's credit they called me before I knew it was an issue and an awesome agent rebooked my flights at the same cost and did it in such a way to preserve as much of the original fare/credit as she could! But that's also a testament to how even if their system fails they jump on it to correct it!
  2. True, I forgot that part, too bad it isn't set up like Southwest to change flights if desired. Then again I can only imagine the errors that would come from that!
  3. I almost feel this would be more prone to error having seen some fiascoes that arose on here after an agent has hit some errant button!
  4. If you want mainstream beer, likely. If you want craft, not likely.
  5. Me either on our last cruise, sniff! Maybe it depends on ship?
  6. Also, while the MDR is a great time, most of the exact menu can be found in the WJ which is very calm in the evening usually - at least a solo table not near others is easier to score so if you find even the 2 top in the MDR is too close for comfort try that. We often do the WJ for dinner since it tends to be more soothing and relaxed than the MDR.
  7. I've found any comedian using themselves as part of their act is often amusing and more power to them to embrace the full hand they've been dealt! I don't find it amusing though when used by someone who doesn't have it. Quirks and stereotypes can be funny when done right, illnesses and ailments not so much.
  8. A lot are questioning noise level, or saying they would have just sat on their balconies and enjoyed the show. Some are also harping on the OPs choice of words since yes, several implies more than 2 but less than many so not as short as 1.5 hours, but I think their upset was compounded by feeling like they were singled out, and likely the crew was only told a passenger or passengers complained, not specifically which cabin, but they, in that moment, probably felt like all eyes would be on them. I would have handled it similarly if I was the person intercepting the OPs complaint, as half all grievances can be resolved by letting someone feel like they've been heard, and we don't know what was said by either party because no 2 recollections are ever the same. As for family/friends I meant more that we'd all likely be a bit gentler in responding, though you have a point, some family I likely would have been blunter with 🙂
  9. You nailed it really! 🙂 It's why there are speech writers and marketing gurus and the like. Rarely are any of us communicating as clearly as we think we are.
  10. Sheesh, everything is subjective. We all have different tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. And that’s ok. I’m not surprised the OP hasn’t returned, and why would they? They’ve been chastised, painted in so many unflattering ways, the level of assumptions here is crazy! What if this had been told to you by a family member returning from their cruise? What about from a trusted friend? Would you have heard it differently or thought perhaps there was an issue? We don’t know, I have yet to see anyone else post and say “I was there too”, and I’m hoping some will once returned, it will help with data points. But who cares if they had young children, older parents, or just plain wanted a quiet night? No one needs to justify their feelings. Noise is so subjective, and again, I’m not saying compensation was deserved at all but if you were the manager in charge would you have heard the complaint and told the passenger to “Get over it”?! That’s simply not good customer service. I expect we wouldn’t have heard a word of this if when they called they were told “we’re sorry, I’m sure you didn’t expect this level of noise while our crew is celebrating, can we offer you a night cap in such and such venue?” Or whatever. I actually don’t think they should have ended the party early either, but perhaps they could have made the last hour quieter. And again, noise is subjective. A party won’t sound as loud to those attending but to someone next door not participating it may just be grating. Not everyone likes every genre of music, that can have impact. I love country, I know many who would call that torture by itself lol! I don’t think they should have posted about it, as most of us would have just rolled with it, nuisance or not, but for them they still felt not listened to, and thought to share, perhaps for validation, perhaps wondering if they overreacted, who knows? Yes we got their original post but at this point it feels like I’m back in college lit classes dissecting what an author meant, knowing full well most of us would not have the correct interpretation. Benefit of the doubt, anyone?
  11. I agree no compensation should be expected or requested. And parties always sound a lot louder to those not in them, not to mention the tunnel effect of the boardwalk area that could have amplified them. That said, I do think this should have been handled better. They (RCCL) should have simply recognized perhaps the noise could/should be reduced for the remaining time. Again, not down to silent levels, but it does sound per the OP that this exceeded all previous activities, and because at that time of night there is a reduction of passenger noise it likely sounded even louder. If they (RCCL) couldn't/didn't want to reduce the noise or change the hours, they should have simply been gracious in understanding OP's complaint and perhaps offered a small token of consideration, more as you catch more flies with honey approach. RCCL should NOT have told the cast they were shutting it down early due to a passenger complaint, such loud comments at the end are the reason most of us are afraid to ever speak up in such situations. RCCL should have set expectations for the party that sound levels should be monitored during since they are still on an active cruise with active passengers and this may or may not have an impact on how those passengers feel about their cruise/tipping/etc. Again, not stating OP was right or wrong but since none of the rest of us were there or know the level it was at, why the heck are we all treating them like they are being unreasonable? I may be more sensitive because I used to live directly behind a venue that had ampified music on Friday and Saturday nights and even with all doors closed some nights it was awful, and we never could simply enjoy our own outdoor space and when I was the protester against them only asking for no amplification of music past a certain hour I was harassed continuously. For me though one night wouldn't have upset me, even if tired, I would have just found another quiet place to sit and chalked it up to normal uncontrollable things that happen, life! I think the crew do deserve a party, perhaps in another venue, but regardless even the crew should understand yelling about being shutdown by a passenger is in poor taste.
  12. I wouldn't attempt it in any way shape or form, not saying it's impossible just highly unlikely! Galveston is 46 miles from Hobby so ONLY if the weather is perfect, no fog, no customs delay, etc, might walking off at the very first possibility and booking it may get you there. I haven't tried it though, just basing it on what I know from flying out of Hobby that weather is often my nemesis and have read the same goes for that port. When is your cruise?
  13. It's still a valid complaint. Yes, booking a boardwalk balcony you can be expected to hear noise, even with the cabin door closed, but rarely that late at night and they'd control the noise more for a passenger event. I appreciate them wanting to let the crew have a party but don't know that's the right venue. I'm certainly not going to judge the OP's experience since I wasn't there.
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