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  1. Appreciate your asking. We chose to not reschedule, and ironically just today received our refund from Scenic cruise line. The virus cases here in Northeast Ohio are quite high. Unfortunately, the U.S. is far behind in its recovery. We are scheduled for a 21 day ocean cruise for this October, which has not yet been canceled. I doubt we will be taking that trip either. Once things are more stable, we certainly intend to start traveling again. Thanks for your posts, and have a delightful summer!
  2. Thank you, Notamermaid, for sharing this interesting information. It is great news that Austria and Germany are in better shape regarding the virus. Our hopes to all that everyone stays safe and their situation continues to improve. Economically, travel is so important to beautiful Europe. We long to visit again someday.
  3. Scenic revised their cancellation policy, received an email at 11:07 am: "Cancellations until 30 April 2020 The Scenic Group (Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours, Emerald Cruises, Evergreen Cruises & Tours) has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend all river cruises operations for guests embarking from now until to 30 April 2020. We have updated our cancellation policy to allow guests more time to make decisions about upcoming travel with Scenic and Emerald Cruises. We want to assure you that your travel plans will be protected, and are providing the following options; If you hold a river cruise reservation during this period, you can either: Receive a 125% Future Travel Credit for the full value of the trip to be used for a river or ocean cruise within the next 24 months based on their date of cancellation, Receive a full refund of the value of your Scenic booking The situation in South East Asia has also escalated significantly in recent days, with several Governments restricting access to ports and points of disembarkation along the Mekong River. It is no longer possible for Scenic to continue cruise operations in this region and therefore, we have cancelled the remaining river cruises for this season up to mid-May and the same above offer applies. Our cancellation policy for guests with bookings departing from 1 May to 31 May 2020 For any guest departing from 1 May to 31 May 2020, Scenic will waive all of our cancellation fees with the value of the bookings applied as a future travel credit. We are allowing guests to change or transfer their booking up to 14 days prior to departure for river and ocean cruise bookings, and up to 30 days prior to travel for land tours. For current river cruise, ocean cruise and land journey 2020 bookings departing 1 May to 31 May 2020, the future travel credit is valid for travel up to 31 December 2021." Hope this helps those with Danube trips. I will also share this on the Scenic Roll Call, if it isn't already there.
  4. Based on info kindly provided here, watching media, researching sites, and weighing all the facts, DH and I now concur that rescheduling is our best option. As much as we wanted to be supportive of the travel industry during this hard time, conditions have eliminated that choice. Banditoo, thanks for your concern.
  5. Really appreciate your contributions. This information is extremely telling, and it will benefit many who have hard decisions that need to be made about their upcoming trips.
  6. Thank you, Notamermaid, for your helpful insight. It is good to hear from someone in Europe who can provide a glimpse as to what precautions are being made. We are scheduled to arrive in Prague on April 5, then board Scenic Crystal on 4/8 in Nuremberg, disembarking in Budapest. While we are sure Scenic would do everything in their power to make this a worthwhile experience, many things would be beyond their control. Any information from others in Prague, Germany, Austria or Hungary would be appreciated. Our window to cancel or reschedule closes on 3/21.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I will certainly be watching this topic as spring comes. The information provided here is appreciated by many. In Sept. 2018 on the Rhine, we missed one port due to low water. Our ship was lucky, as many others had major itinerary disruptions. We'll keep our fingers crossed that our April cruise will go without a hitch!
  8. Hi all, So I'm seeing posts about "shallow sections." My concern will be the opposite, too high water levels. We are on Scenic Crystal April 8th - 15 from Nuremberg to Budapest. So what bridges or areas may pose a problem for us in April 2020? Thanks for everyone's input.
  9. Hello fellow Danube cruisers, The information on this site is extremely helpful and I am grateful to those that contribute. We booked Scenic aboard the Crystal going from Nuremberg to Budapest 4/9 - 4/15/2020. Pre-cruise 3 days in Prague. Hoping water levels aren't too high in April, so will be watching this topic closely as time draws closer. We were aware spring is a bit of a gamble, but there's no predicting this crazy weather! We were lucky in September 2018, aboard Scenic Jewel on the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel. We only missed one port due to LOW water. Many other travelers were impacted to a greater extent.
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