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  1. Was the canceled cruise 5 days or less? Had you only paid $250 toward the canceled cruise? This looks like a future cruise credit of $250 + a random $1 and $300 OBC from a canceled cruise offer.
  2. Yes I do. It doesn't matter how many towels I use or how much time I take. There will still be moisture left behind. Just because paper towels work for other people, it doesn't mean they work for me.
  3. I want them to stop putting onions and peppers in the majority of the items. There have been many things that looked good until I saw the onions and peppers. I find the texture of onions and peppers revolting.
  4. I like them. Paper towels don't completely dry my hands. That makes the spaces between my fingers sticky until it finishes drying. It takes longer, but the air dryers get my hands completely dry.
  5. Of all of the cities that are available to select when searching for August 2020, all cruises are gone from Baltimore, Barbados, Barcelona, Charleston, Jacksonville, Long Beach, Mobile, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, San Juan, Sydney, Tampa, and Venice. Only Galveston, Miami, Port Canaveral, and Seattle show availability.
  6. Before I applied for my first passport in November 2015 for my cruise in February 2016, I requested a second copy of my birth certificate. Even though I would get it back, I didn't want to be without a birth certificate in the meantime. I expedited the birth certificate directly with the state. I only paid $20($15 for the certificate and $5 to expedite). I got the second certificate a week after I mailed the form. Now my original copy never leaves my home. I don't know if you would get it back in a week right now.
  7. I can see the 2/3/22 sailing out of Brisbane. It is a 3 day cruise to nowhere. I got all the way to the traveler information page before backing out.
  8. Does prorated mean not a full refund? I didn't use it, but I'm curious.
  9. I love them. It may take some time, but they get my hands completely dry. Multiple paper towels don't get my hands completely dry. A hand towel doesn't get my hands completely dry either.
  10. 1426, 1435, 6224, and 6227 on the Conquest are 1A upper/lower cabins without portholes.
  11. Cabins 1211 and 1212 on Conquest class are upper/lower portholes. They have a twin bed and an upper pullman. My source is that I was in 1212 on the Valor on the 12/30/19 sailing.
  12. Do you have a confirmation email from Carnival or AAA? Look at the terms of the rate. They would be at the bottom of the Carnival email. If it mentions the $50 per person penalty, then it is likely an Early Saver rate. I have(or had) a booking where the rate name didn't mention Early Saver but it still is/was an Early Saver rate. I called to confirm, but I had to explain it to the representative. She gave the wrong answer before I asked more questions.
  13. It works on cruises after that date. I applied it to my 1/10/21, 1/17/21, and 1/15/22 cruises.
  14. I was just in that cabin on the 12/30/19 sailing. It is a twin bed and an upper pullman. It does not have a sofa bed. It is a regular couch. I love the upper/lower portholes with upper pullmans instead of sofa beds. You can line everything up along one wall or put the bed along the wall and the couch perpendicular to the bed under the window to have alot of open floor space. There is a really good YouTube video of this cabin. It is about 6 minutes 51 seconds long. The video was uploaded 4/2/17. The couch has been fixed.
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