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  1. $13.99 per person over two per day in insides, oceanviews, and balconies/two and under not automatically charged $15.99 per person over two per day in suites/two and under not automatically charged 7 days = $97.93/$111.93 As for when the gratuities are actually charged, it isn't always the last or second to last night. I've been charged on day 2 of four and five day cruises and day 5 of an eight day cruise.
  2. Cabin 2314 is under the dining room and more or less under the middle of the lifeboat. No odor issues.
  3. Not on the Baton Rouge - New Orleans buses. There are usually several per day that are 1 hour and 45 minutes with no stops in between before going to the next city. The commuter trips only go between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It leaves the Baton Rouge station on Florida Blvd, goes to the Park & Ride stop at Albertsons on College Drive, then the Cabela's in Gonzales, a McDonald's in LaPlace, Starbucks at Canal & St Charles, St Charles & Poydras, and then UPT. All of the in between stops are pick up and drop off only. I have never seen anyone get picked up or dropp
  4. In the evening on 11/29/19, I was checking the price of my 12/30/19 cruise out of New Orleans. Since the cruises were listed from lowest to highest price, I was expecting a 4 or 5 day cruise to be listed first. The 12/1/19 7 day Key West/Bahamas cruise showed up first for $199 per person. I was able to choose my cabin. I got a starboard ocean view cabin on deck 2 under the aft dining room. There were two or three other ocean view cabins available at that price. I am retired and live in Baton Rouge, so New Orleans is only a two hour Greyhound ride away. I took a bus to the Wal
  5. I found the Legend to be the hardest to navigate. The atrium was backwards compared to any ship I had been on before or after that cruise(Jubilee, Sensation, Inspiration, Fantasy, and Triumph before and Triumph, Dream, Sunshine, Glory, and Valor after). I frequently went in the wrong direction. I constantly had to look out the window to tell which way the ship was moving. I don't hate the Spirit class as much as I used to. That level of hatred is now reserved for the Sunshine class and everything after. I am extremely happy that my cruise is no longer on the Radiance.
  6. I know what the 4K cabins are and what they used to be. I was saying that although I think the 4K cabins are the only real equivalent to the porthole cabins on the Inspiration and Radiance, Carnival doesn't think the same way, as evidenced by being moved from a porthole to an interior under the slide on the Radiance. I need natural light, even if the view is mostly blocked by a lifeboat.
  7. I won't get a truly comparable cabin. I booked a porthole cabin on the Inspiration. When it was moved to the Radiance, they put me in a true interior cabin under the slide. I had to call and get an override to be downgraded back to a porthole cabin. The Miracle doesn't have porthole cabins. The only interior cabins with a view of the outside are the 4K cabins with floor to ceiling windows. I know that isn't Carnival's definition of comparable. I fully expect to get screwed.
  8. If I remember correctly from a few of the Behind the Fun tours I have taken, Carnival does a 28 day rotation. Your point still stands.
  9. You still didn't give me the source. I still haven't received a cancelation email for my Radiance cruise. I only received cancelation emails for my two Glory cruises in January. Also, the Carnival website doesn't mention four day cruises being canceled. Carnival Radiance Sailings through and including November 1, 2020 9, 12, and 14 day sailings from May 2, 2021 through and including April 29, 2022 5 day sailings December 23, 2021 and December 28, 2021
  10. Where did you get this? I haven't received a cancelation email for this cruise. I only received cancelation emails for my two January cruises out of New Orleans.
  11. I tried to do a price check on my 6/21/21 Radiance sailing on Tuesday(11/17/20), but it was gone. It was gone before all of the remaining January sailings disappeared. The only June 2021 sailings out of Long Beach are for the Panorama. I did a search on just the Radiance with no other filters, and the first sailing that is showing up is 11/5/21. I don't remember any announcement being made about a further delay.
  12. Several airlines in the US have gotten rid of change fees on most flights. You just pay the difference in fare. American Airlines gives a travel voucher if the new fare is lower than the old one. I don't know how long you have to use it.
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