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  1. I was basing that off of what was still available to book when I checked last night. 5/5 wasn't there when I looked at May.
  2. The list is incomplete, but it is still accurate. There are refrigerators in the rooms on that list.
  3. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2349/
  4. They call self-assist by alternating decks. They call deck 1(deck 4 on Fantasy class) then the highest cabin deck, then the next lowest deck, and then the next highest deck,etc, until they get to the middle. They call luggage tag numbers in order.
  5. I was on the first cruise out of Seattle in May 2017 on the Legend. The slides were open every day, but I didn't see anyone use them. I would have used them, but at the time I didn't own a swimsuit that fit properly and covered everything that needed to be covered. I have lived in Louisiana since August 2004(minus 10 months in another state), but I didn't grow up here. I was born in the winter, and all of the other states I have lived in got snow every year. I don't even think about potentially putting a jacket on until temperatures get into the 40s. The weather on that cruise was gloriously cool. I only put a jacket on when it rained in Ketchikan and Victoria. I was otherwise just in a t-shirt and jeans like I am year-round. Louisiana summers suck, and real winters rarely exist in Louisiana. I would gladly jump right into cold ocean water any time of year.
  6. With the way Family Fued is today, even a seemingly innocent question is going to end up with a not-so-innocent answer. I'm wondering how Carnival is going to pull off the family-friendly variation.
  7. The cruise likely has to set sail before 12/28/19. That's the condition that was placed on a 20% future cruise credit* that was given to passengers of the 1/20/18 sailing on the Triumph. The credit had to be redeemed on a cruise that started prior to 7/22/19. *A lady went overboard, and a port was missed.
  8. Clear the cookies in your browser. This should make that page work. This happens alot with Carnival's help pages.
  9. I tried to get as close as I could to the same income range for each filing status. •individuals and married filing separately 12% bracket(taxable income $9,701 - $39,475) = $72 - $144 •individuals and married filing separately 22% bracket(taxable income $39,476 - $84,200) = $132 - $264 •married filing jointly and surviving spouses 12% bracket(taxable income $19,401 - $78,950) = $72 - $144 •heads of household 12% bracket(taxable income $13,851 - $52,850) = $72 - $144 •heads of household 22% bracket(taxable income $52,851 - $84,200) = $132 - $264 I wouldn't mind this prize because the tax liability wouldn't wipe out my refund. I don't accept non-cash prizes if they will wipe out my refund. I don't want to ever still owe something when filing my return. If a large non-cash prize also came with a cash prize that would cover the additional liability, I would accept.
  10. 10% off of $56.95 is $5.70. Carnival only takes $5 off. Technically you only save 8.78% purchasing before the cruise.
  11. The 1-800 reps can also see available cabins that don't show up online. I don't want a PVP. I don't think a PVP has ever called me, but I could be wrong. I have received one upsell call and two upsell emails from the same woman. Her title in the 1/7/16 email was Stateroom Specialist - Post Booking Sales. Her title in the 1/15/18 email was Stateroom Sales Specialist. Is she a PVP? My mother doesn't want a PVP. Hopefully she doesn't have one either. One day a PVP cold called my mother's cell phone. Neither of us asked for a PVP to be assigned to her, but apparently one was assigned to her anyway. My mother has never booked a cruise in her life. My mother's first two cruises were booked by my father. I booked her other six cruises. She has never directly paid for a cruise. The payments have always been in either my father's name or my name. She has never even looked at cruises online. She doesn't want anything to do with travel planning. She is just along for the ride. I did set up an online account for her. I mainly did that so I would have easy access to her cruise history. I told the PVP to never call my mother again. She hasn't received any calls from Carnival since. I hate that Carnival seems to assign a PVP to everyone even if they didn't ask for one.
  12. Cortrans The first departure time from the port is 8:15am. $20 per person each way Cash or credit/debit card You pay when you board the bus. https://www.cortrans-shuttle.com
  13. It only happens to me in Chrome. It happens if I try to view more than two help articles in one day. Clearing cookies for the past 24 hours fixes the problem.
  14. Tiger0613


    How long is the hike each way? Is it uphill at any point in either direction?
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