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  1. It should work on the coffee free version of the Ghirardelli double chocolate specialty coffee. I may have the name wrong, but it was definitely made with Ghirardelli sauce. It worked on the Triumph in January 2018. I want to know if all of the ships have a milkshake punch card or if it is only the ships with Shake Spot.
  2. My mother was born in the 50s. Her official birth certificate is basically a folded unlined index card. If she got another copy now, it would be the usual 8.5x11 piece of paper.
  3. A suite doesn't get you the priority line at guest services or priority luggage delivery. Suites also aren't automatically ready upon boarding.
  4. Safety briefings are required to be as close to the lifeboats as possible. The Dream class and after weren't designed with adequate space at the lifeboats. That is why they have indoor muster stations. As for the video, I didn't like it. I watched it because I thought Shaq would be explaining everything himself. That would have held my interest more. At least I wouldn't have checked the time as often. It was too long with too many distractions. The previous video got straight to the point.
  5. A large ship means more people. More people equals more crowding, longer lines, and less non-revenue space.
  6. Just like the fare, these are all costs I would incur to take a cruise. The bus rides are transportation to the port. Everybody pays for transportation whether it is a flight, train, bus, or gas in their car. The cost to transport one person is cheaper than the cost to transport two people. Food costs money whether it is food from home or at a restaurant. People have to eat. The cost of an excursion for one person is cheaper than the cost for two people. That applies to anyone that goes on an excursion.
  7. My post makes sense. I made two different points. $750 × 2 is $1,500. Carnival is still getting $1,500 no matter how many bank accounts it comes out of. Solo cruisers pay less overall. I gave examples. I also only have one income.
  8. It may not, but you are still paying less.
  9. The price of the room would still be $1,500. I hate when people say solo cruisers pay twice as much as two people. That isn't true. The fare is the same with just one person as it is with two people. Solo cruisers actually pay less overall than two people. Solo cruisers only pay one set of port fees, taxes, and gratuities. They only pay for transportation to and from the ship for one person. They only pay for drinks and excursions for one person.
  10. Assigned dining is also on the upper level of the midship dining room. You can be assigned to either one.
  11. With UPS MyChoice, you will only get the initial email if something is being sent UPS SurePost. UPS Surepost means UPS delivers it to USPS who then delivers it to you. You only get additional alerts if UPS is delivering the package to you themselves. The initial email will say if a package is ineligible for further alerts. If UPS later decides to deliver the SurePost package themselves, you still won't get additional alerts.
  12. The coupon book is $25(?) and valid until some date. It can be used on later cruises. I looked at one once. I didn't think it was worth it. I think the talk lasts for about an hour. They do give away free stuff during the talk. I only go to the fun ashore and fun aboard talk that is always right before the shopping talk. They give away free excursions, internet plans, and other stuff. The shopping talk always puts me to sleep. I stick around long enough to get the maps, and then I'm gone.
  13. I remember that e-cards from one site(not AARP or Allstate) didn't have a PIN for some reason. Carnival stopped accepting cards without a PIN. I don't remember if the cards without a PIN were the bogus ones.
  14. In late 2017/early 2018 there were issues with e-gift cards. Some didn't have a PIN. There was a thread that said Carnival was limiting people to three gift cards of any kind without having to contact shoreside to get approval for more. It wasn't always enforced. At least one person had issues applying two cards at once. It sometimes took two or three days to get approval for the extra gift cards. I didn't have any problems applying three e-gift cards with PINs in January/February 2018. I applied two cards on the first day and the third card later when I needed it.
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