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  1. Hi Norma, You're welcome. There is a roof over the balcony and the balcony is very nice. There was plenty of room for the three od us when we went. The door slides to the side to open and there is a 'lip' to it, that's why they say it's not an accessible balcony - the door is too skinny for a wheelchair, but my mother was able to get out onto it with our help (she uses a walker full time). There is no butler like some other cruise lines, but you have a very attentive room steward. Some of the benefits are morning breakfast in a separate area from everyone else (think it was Sabatini's) for suite passengers only, a pillow menu, mini bar set-up (if you don't drink you can trade in the alcohol for soda, juice, etc., free dinner in a specialty restaurant, free laundry and ironing if you need it, flowers in the room, fruit basket in the room that will be refreshed with whatever you ask for, expanded room service menu (and you can get the actual meal from the dining room that is offered that day if you choose), upgraded bathroom lotion, shampoo, etc. I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten, but those are what I can remember. The separate breakfast was the best, no buffet - YAY! If you look on Princess.com you can find the list of suite amenities and all will be listed for you. No real tips on dining room accept that you get seated in a smaller area of the dining room they call 'club class', so your dinner gets to you quicker that the regular dining and you have an expanded menu for dinner also (more yummies to shoode from!). I hope this helps, if you have any other questions please ask. Have a wonderful cruise!
  2. You're welcome! Hope you have an enjoyable trip - I think you'll like the cabin (and the benefits of a suite!! 😀)
  3. Sorry the video of the cabin didn't work. I just posted it on YouTube under the title of "Cabin PR726 on the Island Princess". Crazy4Cruz'n
  4. Do you stand a better chance of an upgrade to a balcony if you book the highest category of an oceanview? Has anyone ever gotten bumped up booking a mini suite to an actual suite? Does your Princess status (Platinum/Elite) play into being offered an upgrade? What's your opinion? I need your 'Secrets' to getting an upgrade. (Or maybe it's all just luck of the draw??)
  5. Question? If my husband has the required 100 CCL stock in his retirement account and I have my own 100 CCL stock in my retirement account, will we both get the $100.00 OBC if we're in the same cabin?
  6. We just returned from our Alaskan cruise Wednesday. We arrived late to the ship via the train just like your'e going to do. It was our first time in a suite and knew we would have a free specialty dinner on embarkation day. We just walked into the Bayou Cafe once we were ready (yes, it was 9:00 pm). They took our cabin number and sat us. We ordered and ate - then they asked us our cabin number again and I was starting to think something was up, but didn't know what? We ate a wonderful meal and went back to the cabin to unpack. Once we got there I found a notification on the bed with 3 cards attached for the three of us that stated 'compliments of Princess Cruises' we had a free specialty dinner at the Bayou Cafe with a reservation date of the night before disembarkation! Uh-oh!!! I was confused and was worried that they had changed our free specialty dinner night from embarkation day to this new day and we were going to be charged for the meal we just ate. We took the cards down to the customer service desk to tell them what had happened and ask if we were going to be charged. They said NO, we weren't going to be charged and we still had another free specialty dinner coming to us on disembarkation night! I was still leery and kept checking our shipboard account to see if we got charged for the dinner we had eaten, but they never charged us. Don't know if this was a fluke or what, but we received TWO free specialty dinners!!!
  7. We're back from our Alaskan cruise on the Island Princess and I know others have been trying to find out more information on Suite #PR726, just like I was prior to our cruise, so I did a quick video of the cabin when we first got to it. Hopefully if anyone else is still wondering what this suite looks like this will help them. This is an aft handicapped suite. Enjoy. If anyone has questions about the suite please ask. Hopefully this video works! Island Princess Suite PR726.wlmp
  8. Thanks for the good info! We leave tomorrow for our land portion prior to the cruise. Really looking forward to the trip. I thought the balcony looked a lot smaller than other suite cabins - oh well. There are 3 of us in this cabin though, so I hope the steward will be able to locate one more chair for us! I saw our weather - HOT! Fairbanks is supposed to be in the high 80's!! I guess I shouldn't complain - we're from AZ - and today's high was 107, so it will be a little bit cooler for us, but with humidity that we don't get. Gotta make the best of things! ☀️
  9. Great pics - thanks again! Looks like there's plenty of closet space. There will be 3 of us in the cabin - hope we'll have enough room. Did your mom go out on the balcony with your help (or a cane)? I hope she was able to enjoy the view - it's spectacular. I know when I get back I'm going to post pics/video of the cabin for future cruisers that want to see it. I, like you, had a very difficult time finding anything on these cabins. I'm so glad I finally decided to post and grateful to you for taking the time to find the photo's and post them!
  10. Thanks so much for the pics and info mamaboss. I really appreciate it! May I ask which part of the room the cabin door was in? Did you enter into the sofa half of the room or the bedroom half? My guess is sofa half, but want to know for sure. Glad you enjoyed the perks - that's what we're looking forward to the most!
  11. Maybe it wasn't a "generational opinion", but more that she didn't like a female (even if it was Daisy Duck, a character) being sexually objectified? Most women don't care for that...
  12. Hi Renmar, As far as I can tell no photo's came across/posted. Could you please try again? Thanks!
  13. Hello fellow cruisers. I know this is a very specific question, but I'm going to ask anyway on the off chance someone has information. Has anyone traveled in cabin PR726, a handicapped full suite, on the Island Princess? This is one of the new cabins that was added to the Island after their refurbishment. Would love to hear your opinion on this cabin as we are booked in it on the July 10th Alaska sailing. Thanks for any information!
  14. Emailed Princess Access Office to ask about a heating pad on board. Was told 'Absolutely NOT' because it has a heating element and the welfare of everyone on the ship is their utmost priority. Oh well, it would have been a benefit for my 84 year old mother, but...
  15. Thanks for the information Doug! I will give Princess a call. Kim
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