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  1. We boarded starboard, deck 5. Advice: The first thing you want to do is make a beeline to deck 8 and go to Park Cafe in Central Park and get an out of this world roast beef sandwich (assuming you like meat)! If you don't, I'm told they have great salads there (DW raved about them).
  2. Maybe superstition? I am curious too, last thing I care about is which side I board so long as I get on the ship!
  3. As said, November and early December are cheap times to fill the ships. I was thinking of joining another group on the Oasis in July and 1 interior cabin is going for 5800, last time I checked. As much as I like to cruise and would be nice to go with another group, I can't justify spending that much for 1 week. On top of that is still transportation, gas, lodging, food...... I guess to answer the post question, my line in the sand is definitely pricing, I see little value for price paid since food quality went down, visit less ports/shorter cruises.
  4. Currently raining a fair bit and Gusty winds starting in Halifax. Power loss imminent.
  5. Yeah, this is one thing I don't quite agree with. The kid policy should be share with parents until 18 and after that you go to the level of point you actually have and accumulate from there. Seems only fair to all of the cruisers who are paying for the program. I have nephews who are teens and have diamond plus status..... They cruised a lot but not that much. So once they reach of age (21), they will be in the diamond lounge pounding back the drinks, au gratis. That said, Can't say I agree at all with a 0 cruise point adult cruiser going straight to the D status and DL.......
  6. I booked some flights in the past through Expedia (never again) and the airline changed flight times shortening our connection. I called the airline to discuss this and learned they can't do anything since I booked through Ex... they told me that AIRLINE INITIATED CHANGES TO ITINERARIES do not have fees associated with changing booking to better connection times. At least in Canada..... I'd call the airline and tell them whats going on and what your rights as a consumer are and then (hopefully same as me) call the 3rd party and get this fixed. If you did use Ex, expect to spend a while waiting for the csr to check into it but he will never be able to make changes, ask repeatedly to speak with their supervisor. They are the ones who make the changes. Spending 3 hours on the dam phone to fix my issue is why I will never use them again. I'll search flight options through them and then book directly with the airline.
  7. I think carnival toyed with the schedule/keeping Vista on the water this long because a lot of the crew was due to change over. Many are off for their 3 month break. Those left will tidy things up for when the ship is in ship-shape and the new crew had their schedule altered a bit until the drydock work is done.
  8. I read what Heald said was covered, the extras I listed he did not mention. Not sure why he would not list those in his long post. If you have a link to these extras, add it please. All that being said, I'd much rather not have to go through the trouble of rebooking, lodging after a cruise. I'm usually spent at the end (vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but we go-go-go!) and would not be in a mood to do this. Flights originally booked would be direct and convenient, would be shocked if I could get that last minute. Up to 200, which would only be to change the flight for us, nothing more (Canadian government is good at saying stuff but far too lax to actually do anything, flight changes cost us a lot....)
  9. While the compensation is not too bad, it really depends on the people. For me personally, not sure I'd be ok with it. Extra vacation day (would mess with other vacation days), the airlines would likely charge more for rebooking that what is offered, if the flights are full, might be another day or two (so more vacation time) and hotel/food..... Good deal for retired and/or within driving distance folks.
  10. Same with ours a month almost 2 months ago (time flies). I was wondering if the water bucket had been fixed? The staff were worried it might break off under the weight of water. Looks like people beat the ship since our cruise. I never noticed any broken seats or handrails.
  11. Interesting. We had baked Alaska on the last day of our last cruise (this past April) on the Sunshine.
  12. Similar to this, only on sea days as mentioned. Steak and eggs was good!
  13. Really? For work I could understand needing internet, but for games.... I left everything at home, it was nice to not have an electronic device for 10 days.
  14. Usually second last. And let's call it "elegant" night. I found that formal attire has relaxed on my last cruise. Some wore jeans and a t-shirt that night...
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