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  1. If you do land before the cruise and go to Fairbanks you stand a good chance of seeing the northern lights in September
  2. Cancelled May 2021 cruisetour on Grand and booked September 2022 on Sapphire. Doing my own land tour. Hoping to see the aurora and fall foliage in Fairbanks.
  3. May is wonderful but cancelled by May 2021 and decided to do September 2022. We will be there for about 6 days before the cruise and are doing a land tour ourselves starting in Fairbanks. Hoping to see the aurora and fall colors.
  4. The actual cruise indicated that noone would disembark in Halifax. Canada would receive the revenue in port charges and the ship would sign the paperwork but just head to Seattle to disembark.
  5. Yes the recent offer was good up to 3 cruises
  6. There are ways to get around that. The ship pulls into port and noone departs but it is registered as a foreign port. So instead of disembarking in Vancouver the ship can sale to Seattle. I was on a Royal anthem cruise that was to Halifax from Bayonne NJ. It was a short cruise but it turned out there was such bad weather in Halifax that the ship headed south to Virginia and turned around and went back to Bayonne.
  7. It's already on sale now
  8. maybe not with the change in president
  9. so have you received a check or credit to you credit card yet?
  10. have you actually received the refund?
  11. I was just trying to understand the process used to develop the point system. We know the poiint system was developed based on the class of cabin booked which normally went with the cheapest cabin receiving less points and as the category went up (as so did the price) more points were given. This just didn't compute with me and it appears that sunset balconies are not always more expensive than concierge class but it happened to be in my case. No issues here.
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