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  1. We just sailed on the Breakaway two weeks ago with our 18 year old daughter. There was a meetup the first night for 18-20 year olds and it was listed on the daily. She made friends that first night and we hardly saw her again!
  2. Yes, looks the same but just $10.99 instead of $9.99.
  3. I’m not sure if this is new, but I don’t remember hearing about it. Just off the Breakaway today and there were a couple of other items on the menu with upcharges for the dining plan, in addition to the shrimp. The Surf and Turf (petite filet mignon and lobster tail) had a $10.99 upcharge and the steamed or grilled lobster was also a $10.99 upcharge. With that said, the food was really good. My husband and myself had the dining package so we were paying for the meals for my 13 year old son and my 18 year old daughter. Before getting our food, the water glass broke in my sons mouth while he took a drink...luckily he didn’t get cut and was totally fine. We only wanted to let them know so we could get a new glass and drink, as it really wasn’t anyone’s fault. Very surprisingly, when we received our bill, it was all comped. Including the $12 charge per person. We did not expect them to do this at all, but was very much appreciated! i just wanted to give one of the positives as well since we did have a great cruise overall.
  4. Does iMessage still work on the ship's wifi without purchasing internet? I know it did for me on Escape in 2017. We will be on the Breakaway on Sunday, so was just wondering if this works on this ship the same way. Thanks!
  5. I’m on her in a week too! I’m not too concerned. I’m just looking forward to vacation!
  6. I’m on the Breakaway in 12 days and it’s been replaced with a show called Velvet.
  7. I would love to see the Breakaway Eastern dailies...but I’m sure I’m going to have to wait For someone on the May 5th cruise. Although the May 5th itinerary is a bit different than my May 19th itinerary, as ours stops in San Juan (additional port) and at Great Stirrrup Cay rather than Nassau.
  8. I’m on Breakaway May 19 and Cirque was replaced with Velvet also.
  9. Mine from 2017 didn’t have Haven on them. Just Priority. I’m only sure of this since it’s still on one of my suitcases that I just pulled out for my Cruise next month. Probably changed just before then. The ones I just got this week also only say Priority.
  10. I should have waited a day...luggage tags and the letter arrived today at 39 days. 😀
  11. Yes, sorry. We are in the Haven. I got the package last time with the letter from the concierge requesting our pillow preferences, etc and the luggage tags. Since it was two years ago, I wasn’t sure if they still did that. I’ll just email or call and see what they say. I’m in Florida, so in the US. I’ll post back if I get a response.
  12. When do you get these in the mail? I’m at 40 days today, and I swear the last time (almost 2 years ago) I had them by now. Thanks!
  13. Is there a price showing for you? I’m also on the 5/19 cruise, and it’s coming up as $0 for me. Not complaining, but just wondering!
  14. Yes, please post a current menu if you can. I’m on the Breakaway in 46 days and would love to know. My 13 year old son also is obsessed with crab legs, so I am also hoping they still have those. Thanks!!
  15. I was considering one too, but $575 and $625 is just crazy when it’s just me, my husband and two kids.
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