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  1. Jealous of all the lucky people that scored this deal! Enjoy your drinks 🙂
  2. That is interesting. Based on what you've read do you think it's worth it on the symphony or can you not decide? Based on what I've read here I basically decided today that no, it's not worth it any more. The only reason I haven't cancelled is because I don't sail until November and with the way things are changing all the time who can say what the program will look like by then.
  3. This. All this. I'm also considering cancelling.
  4. It's possible to do, but not that straight forward and not something GS could really do (what they could do though is provide cards with holes already punched so maybe you're onto something with the wow band theory). If you stand in a dark room and shine a bright LED light held against and through the card (flashlight, or the light on your phone), you can see where the chip and the antenna are. I tried it on my work key card. I had to be in a dark room or I couldn't see anything. If you buy your own hole punch you could find where the wires are and punch it yourself in a safe area. Worst case you screw up the card and go get a new one 😉
  5. I'm curious if you can go through the suite line when going through security for the symphony in Miami. Someone needs to try :)
  6. I'm interested too, especially how embarkation works for the symphony - security line, where you wait, when you board, all that stuff 🙂
  7. I'm sorry for your loss. This would be devastating at home and a nightmare on vacation.
  8. I don't think that time ever existed. There have always been different classes of cabins that came with different perks, different onboard and port experiences you can purchase, loyalty status. Does a cruise ship exist where every cabin is exactly the same and each guest has access to everything every other guest has access to, all at no extra cost? I doubt it.
  9. Today it's $42.55 CAD per person per day. I think maybe they adjusted for our crap dollar.
  10. Not according to the details and terms, which haven't changed.
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