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  1. If your vehicle has a lift or hand controls, or specifically modified for your disability parking is free at the port, youi just have to prove your modification and fill out some forms
  2. My wife really enjoys a Mr Worldwide Drink, do you know if they serve it on the Sun On past cruises it depended on bartender
  3. Looking at Sun Bathroom photos, it seems that the hair dryer is mounted to the bathroom wall? Is that the only one they have? Can you bring your own, my wife likes to get ready outside the bathroom while I am using it
  4. I am too a Platinum member going on a 5 day on the Sun Next year, but I do not see anything on my confirmation about free dinners just the 30 minute wifi How will I know?
  5. been on the Getaway, Escape and Bliss Aft rooms and they all had a degree of soot The escape was the worst on Deck 13 The room attendant wiped it down every day
  6. Been on the GEM 2 times in (2) different Balcony room on the port side deck 10. great rooms near elevators, bathrooms big enough to do turn around in a manual chair and the balcony has enough room for a WC
  7. St Thomas and St Maarten very accessible Been there a few time pushing my manual chair
  8. If you can't get on the water taxi, the ride to town is no big deal go out the main gate and make a left down the side walk have done it a few times in my manual chair
  9. Do you find that they are extra pushy Got off the phone and I was kind of pissed
  10. Was think of going in February, I drive to the port , have done Miami 3 times looking for something different but it is a long drive from NJ
  11. Thinking of taking a cruise out of New Orleans But it looks like such a long trip up and down the Mississippi How hard is it to find a hotel room? Looking for some info for those that have done it
  12. thanks for the reply's. I have taken a few cruises on NCL before, it is hard enough to find a cruise that goes where you want then to find out if there are any HC rooms left. New ships are nice but they go to the same old stop\s
  13. Most cruises I have been on they do not have much as far as excursions, and for some they still expect you to climb a few steps into a bus. When they see a wheelchair they think of a lift in a van, most don't think of you transferring to a car seat. Also if it is a lift equipped van it can be very expensive
  14. Most new NCL ships have Automatic doors (Getaway, Escape, Bliss)on HC rooms, exit doors most have a button to press, Balcony doors are not automatic and can be a pain to open
  15. We were on the Bliss Aft Deck 13 in March and you can definitely here H2O when they have something special, a lot of thumping lasting to at least 11 Also I have found that there is always a weird side to side shimmy in the aft cabins, been in the aft on Getaway , & Escape
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