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  1. Shidah

    Bliss vs Joy

    How does the Joy concierge level differ from the Haven?
  2. Tipping is a personal decision. I do tip at bars and specialty restaurants. It is not required, but is what I do in life, on and off cruises. So do whatever you feel comfortable with.
  3. Shidah

    Butler Unpacking

    I’ve stayed in the Haven 3 times and have never had this done or even offered. I’ve only read about it on CC. So no need to worry about your butler doing this. Someone going through my stuff would creep me out too!
  4. Shidah

    Escape bound tips or secrets

    Great topic, I am interested in this as well.
  5. Shidah

    Temperatures in Alaska

    Thanks Erdoran, that’s the info I was looking for. Some weeks in July are the same price as September, and others are higher, I imagine based on what is booked so far. So I guess maybe those cheaper weeks are the way to go. Didn’t realize the daylight hours differed so significantly , thanks for pointing that out.
  6. How cold are cruises in July to Alaska? Also, is there a big difference in temps from July to say September for an Alaskan cruise. Having trouble deciding when to book this summer’s cruise.
  7. Shidah

    Casinos at Sea question

    For my next cruise I was comped by my land casino an ocean view, and booked it during the ocean view and above gets all promo before Thanksgiving, so got all the perks. So there is a way to get more than just 1 perk if you qualify for it and book it at the right time. At the level I am, I get 2 ocean views a year, and then they offer certificates for two additional insides per year. Typically. They are changing their entire rewards system later this year.
  8. Shidah

    Balmoral island questions

    For playing in the sand and splashing in the water, Balmoral is perfect. Anything else not so much. They had many loungers, but they are getting old and stained. Pools are disgustingly dirty so don’t plan on using them. They played loud music that was not my taste. I would prefer no music than music over loud speakers everywhere. Bathrooms smelled disgusting and were dirty and since they were to the side of their cafeteria, it smelled disgusting as well. Food and drinks were over priced, although we didn’t eat there since I couldn’t get past the odor of the building. I had forgot tampons ( my fault, I know not Balmoral’s) so I went into their giftshop to see if they sold them. The girl said they did, charged me $5 for 2 tampons that she pulled out of a box from behind the counter. They was a group of loud girls not from our ship, they were on RC, who were drinking out in the water. When they came back, one starting puking in the sand in the row of chairs ahead of us. We changed seats. Again, not Balmoral’s fault, but lead to my overall impression of the clientele. We met people on our ship that took an earlier ferry back (got on the RC one not the NCL one) who said she threw up the entire ferry trip back and since it was packed full of people with no where to move to, the whole area just had to lift their feet. I didn’t feel that our stuff was safe when we were in the water, kept a close eye on it. The whole area just has a cheap trashy vibe to it. But the water was beautiful, and well sand is sand. So if that is all you are looking for, it might suit your needs.
  9. Shidah

    Casinos at Sea question

    Not sure if he 600 is pp though, I thought it was a flat upgrade fee. But both times I did this I traveled solo. I could have added another person free, well for the 140 admin fee plus port fees and taxes, but that would have taken away all the fun of going solo!
  10. Enjoying your review so far! I too love to gamble, but slots since I don’t know any table games. How were the slots on board?
  11. Shidah

    Casinos at Sea question

    Agree with everyone that says it cost 600, that is what I paid both times I upgraded to a balcony. When I booked the Haven usind a casino certificate, three times it took about 2000 off the list price.
  12. Shidah

    Had an amazing cruise on the Escape

    Can’t wait for your review. Will be sailing on her in March.
  13. Shidah

    Take 6 promotion worth it?

    It is 100% worth it for me. Everyone has different preference though, so your mileage may vary.
  14. Shidah

    Anyone recently off the Escape?

    Unfortunately it is pretty common to not go to GSC because of rough sea conditions, I think more common to miss it in winter. I missed it 2 out of 3 times so far.
  15. Shidah

    NCL Spa Access question

    As someone mentioned, they take each persons card and hold it while you are in the spa. They can look it up on their computer for your picture, but they don’t all the time. Also, if you were trying to scam the system with a card for a male with a female entering, it could lead them to look for the picture. Honestly, I would not try it. If your friend wants to go, just have them buy the spa pass.