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  1. In gen-pop. Although it was once advertised as a Haven area, it has evolved into an area for those that rent villas. I disagree with those who say anyone is allowed in that area. In March, only those assigned to a villa were allowed. But, many of those in the Haven were renting them. I actually was not in the Haven that cruise, had a small cabana rented, and was upgraded to a studio villa. It worked, since I booked a villa for my next cruise, loved it.
  2. Should be ok if you are staying Haven or if the promo that was running when you booked is still going on I believe.
  3. Yes I did, not sure if that makes me a bad person or nor, but I did. I have a video of Vibe from that cruise that says it all about how fun it was but I won’t put videos on here of others without their permission. So you will have to trust me on this one.
  4. For me it has nothing to do with exclusivity. It is 100% no kids, the staff, and the other guests that make it worth it. I have never used Spice. The few times I glanced in there it was packed like sardines. People on top of people. The one time I stopped there to get a drink since we were staying aft it was three deep at the bar and no personalization at all. And smoking, although some Vibes allowed smoking too (Breakaway, not sure if they still do). By day two, the Vibe staff knows what I like and what I don’t. And they are asking me if I am ready for another before I get the chance to. Priceless. But it I agree with the one poster, everyone has their own opinions and likes and dislikes. I would never buy a watch, jewelry, art or anything like that on board, but lots of people do. I think bingo and Deal or no deal are the biggest ripoffs too, but lots of people love it. That’s why I love cruising, there is something for everyone.
  5. That interpretation makes sense. Often there are differences in price based in itinerary though. I know taking a ship out of New York to go to Bermuda is far more expensive than taking the same ship a few weeks earlier to the Bahamas.
  6. Oh 100%, and it wasn’t me. Was trying to show that is wasn’t a quiet boring area. It is amazing what people will do when there is alcohol involved! But it never got argumentative like some other areas of the ship do when alcohol comes into play.
  7. A few people posted that letter when it came out and it was pretty obvious that was how it worked. Did your friend think they could book an inside or oceanview on that cruise, and then get 50% off say the total cost of the Garden villa on a future cruise? That doesn’t make any sense.
  8. The only cruise I did where it wasn’t a party was the Getaway. On the Escape this past summer we all bonded and the staff became like family for that week. Plus they all worked in the casino at night, so we got great service there then as well. Shot O clock helps loosen people up, and everyone became so social. But that is all sitting up at the bar. I’ve met strangers that became friends and then shared excursions and dinners together. On the Breakaway last year, oh my, there was singing, video making, clothed people in the hot tub. It was wild, and so so much fun. This was not the vibe in the Haven at all. In fact several people in the Haven could hear all the fun on the other side of the metal partition and wanted to find a way in!
  9. I stay Haven and buy Vibe. I have met more friends and had more memorable experiences in the Vibe than anywhere else on the ship. I stay Haven for the service, but honestly the Haven lounge lacks any sort of fun factor. The Vibe makes or breaks my cruise. I can fathom not cruising the Haven, and have cruised twice not in the Haven and had really great cruises. However, if I didn’t get a Vibe pass, I believe my cruise would be affected negatively. I have gotten a Vibe pass every cruise I have been on.
  10. Vibe is 100% worth it. In fact, on my next cruise I am going solo but still booked the Haven just to make sure I can get a Vibe pass. Vibe definitely makes or breaks my cruise!
  11. I agree, there are plenty of cabs right across the street, and 3-4 hours in the greatest city in the world is a dream. Heck, go to Broadway and catch a play. I feel much more safe in NY than half the ports I have visited on western carribean cruises. Plus the the terminal is huge.
  12. Veuve is still listed on the website, but obviously not on the menu on the Encore posted, so it will be interesting to see if it changes on the other ships, and they can change the offerings on board per the fine print at anytime. Regardless, I will still do the upgrade on my next cruise since I enjoyed the other champagne Nicholas Feuillatte just as much maybe even more that the Veuve since it is slightly sweeter. But I predict NCL will raise the cost of the upgrade, since right now it seems like they are losing on the deal with the bottles of wine.
  13. I will make anyone a wager that it is not the finished product. The material is torn, overlapped, dirty in some areas.
  14. Laser tag is best played indoors anyway. Not sure why they wasted so much room with that on the top deck. I like the option of laser tag, since I think it is a blast, but I would put it interior to the ship on one of the lower decks.
  15. I too have had a credit card company intervene on my behalf when there was an error in billing, not with NCL, and it went very smoothly. However, if the credit card company already sided with NCL there is more to this story than the OP is telling. Having his wife complain about this on a current cruise is just ludicrous.
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