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  1. Not sure why everything has to turn political. There is too much false information out there, some truth, some outright lies. To get back to the OP’s question, I would feel comfortable going on a cruise tomorrow if they sailed. I have one scheduled for October and will 100% be on it if it sails.
  2. Food Republic is amazing. Hope they continue that offer for lunch a month from now for the Haven.
  3. Completely agree with this. I am completely full, picture Monte Python’s Meaning of Life full, with one app, main course, and dessert, and couldn’t picture ordering multiple apps. I am usually forcing myself to eat dessert, and it would really be in my best interest to just skip it.
  4. Anyone notice the change in the wording of the free at sea perks? Now shows everything as a savings. But reading the T &C’s it now appears the shore excursion credit can be used twice in one port, as long as passenger 1 is booked on both and the excursions don’t overlap.
  5. How many times does this run during a 7 day cruise?
  6. I always get Vibe passes and think it would greatly help in your enjoyment of the week. They do not sell daily passes all the time, only if it does not sell out. You wouldn’t know that on the first day. I wouldn’t risk missing out, and just buy them first thing for the week. If you don’t like it or use it much, then you know that for next time. But having that escape from the masses available for you and your husband could make or break the vacation and in my opinion is priceless.
  7. Thanks, there was no smoking on the Escape, which was an improvement over the Vibe on the BA. I guess I’ll have to wait and see who the bartenders are when we board!
  8. Anyone know who the bartenders currently are in the Vibe on the Bliss? From pictures, it looks like the bar area is smaller than on the Escape and BA. Does it still have the same fun atmosphere even with the smaller bar?
  9. Diamond status at Caesars doesn’t mean much, and pretty easy to achieve. Real benefits are at Seven Star status. But as was previously reported, Caesars (and Hollywood both) are generous with casino certs. I get about 6 per year between the two, but only take 2 based on vacation availability. The only port that CAS status truly helps you get on board faster is New York. I’ve never read about transferring a reservation though to my host. Will my play go towards either programs tier calculation?
  10. My one last year and my upcoming one, I still only paid for one person, not charged double. Both times using land based carts. Other cruise last year I had two of us, so obviously didn’t come into play, but also with a land based certificate.
  11. I have always been assessed the admin fee, has been 140. But I really didn’t mind as I still got great deals. Plus when booked through CAS, there is no single supplement, the best perk of all.
  12. Another option is the Blue Lagoon excursion, which seems to get better reviews.
  13. I did Balmoral once 2 years ago, never again. I’ve never been to Pearl Island. I’m on the same cruise and trying to decide between staying on the ship, going to Bahamar or Atlantis to gamble, or trying to get a small group together to rent a private boat for touring and snorkeling. I read a good review regarding one of the companies down there.
  14. There is a picture of Spice H20 with a bunch of Bud Lite towels. Were those some sort of complimentary gift promoting the super bowl?
  15. Yes, we ordered bottles of wine at lunch.
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