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  1. Agree with the poster who said to wait to book until you know for sure when you can go. As mentioned before, if companies had to bend to every single person’s unique set of circumstances, it would lead to chaos. As I rule follower myself, I applaud and trust companies that stick to their policies. It assures me that I will be treated the same as everyone else.
  2. Choir of Man - fantastic, would see 2 times during the week. After Midnight - terrible, walked out. I suggest you sit in the aisle near the back to make an easy mid show departure.
  3. Always book with a discount through CAS and get the current offers. 1 st and 2 nd post for this member on this thread. It’s fake. Ignore.
  4. First, I apologize. I know this info is here somewhere and I have tried using the search feature but I must not be putting in the right key search words. What floors on the Escape do the Aft Haven suites have the windows to the balcony in the shower area?
  5. If you really want it, book it outright. Also, to the person that reported they heard of someone who lowballed the GV and got it, remember this is a public forum and there are some people that are less than 100% truthful on here.
  6. Just confirming what another poster mentioned, only the Epic currently has the elevator card feature at least on the ships I’ve been on ( Escape, Getaway, breakaway and Epic). iMHo, Epic has the best Haven experience, but the Escape overall is my favorite ship so far. I’ve had 2 great butlers, and 2 not so great ones. Don’t let it ruin your trip if you get one of the latter.
  7. Personally, while the Haven restaurant is great, I couldn’t see only eating there, it will get tiresome as the menu doesn’t change. The specialty restaurants are really good and offer a different vibe. I would take the promo, and you could always pay for your 3rd person out of pocket if you didn’t want to buy the package. In all honesty though, the package is a pretty good deal. I buy it even if I don’t get it as a perk.
  8. Ours was the same as AllyF reported. I would go on Tuesday, since it is so good you may to see it again, and that will still leave you Saturday.
  9. Can you book a small cabana? I would do this in case they are still upgrading them during your cruise. You could always cancel it if they opened up the villas for booking.
  10. Wow, 2 days at Port Canaveral opens up tons of options for things to do rather than the current 6 - 7 hours. I think your plan to overnight at the mouse sounds great, don’t have an answer on the shuttle question though, an Uber would likely offer the greatest flexibility.
  11. In my visit and in my opinion the area currently open is only big enough for the persons who rent the villas. The area close to the water would not be big enough or have enough lounge chairs on the beach for Haven passengers as well. There are tons of other villa looking structures around the lagoon but these are still shells and I couldn’t figure how one would get from those buildings to the actual lagoon. Right now there is a ton of construction and chained linked fences all around the area. There is no access to the lagoon. But the buffet area has more seating than would be necessary for just the villas. The open villas and the beach in front of them are only a very small part of the whole area.
  12. I’ve read reports of soot before, but I was recently on the Escape in an aft balcony on deck 12, not Haven though, and had zero soot. Is it more prevalent towards the outer sides of the ship?
  13. There are so many ways NCL makes me feel special, from the moment I walk on the ship until I get off. I’ll try to list a few from my last cruise a few weeks ago on the Escape: - my room steward addressing me by name everyday, always smiling, always making sure anything I need is taken care of - bar staff, they work several bars, and once they know you from one bar they give you recognition at their next area. Example bartender from Vibe works the casino at night and greats you like an old friend and makes sure you always have a drink, bartender at Margaritaville works casino at night, same thing. And by the end of the week they are truly like old friends. Always addressing me by me first name after my first drink too. - hotel director and other officers walking the ship all the time smiling, addressing guests, making sure every one is happy. - Restaurant management stopping by tables to make sure everything is good. - staff in the halls not assigned to my room smiling and saying hello when I walk by - getting the occasional surprise treat in the room from the casino, hotel director etc There is a million more, but the common thread here is the people. On debarkation day, I thought to myself I felt like I was saying goodbye to good friends and family, that’s how special the crew made me feel. I was amazed since I know I am not special and only one of 5000 special people on the cruise that week, and the people waiting to embark were 5000 new special people. That is the reality. But I left the ship feeling like the most special person to NCL thanks to their staff. I don’t know how the crew does it. I could not be that nice, all the time.....I would crack at some point!
  14. I had a small cabana rented for my cruise on the Escape March 24th, paid $575. Everyone that had a small cabana rented was upgraded for free to the ocean villas. The notification about the upgrade was in my cabin upon getting on the ship, so this was obviously determined beforehand. It was amazing. I was not staying Haven. I met people on the cruise that were in the Haven and booked a small cabana upon embarkation, and they were still in the small cabana not upgraded. It seemed to me they upgraded those who already booked the small cabanas and then resold the original small cabanas. I met people who booked a large cabana and they were not upgraded. To get to the area you need to take a tram and had to be booked in a villa, and were limited to 6 guests (wrist bands).They still had the fence up that divided the small cabana area from the villa area, so the tram was necessary. One note, to me these are ideal for 2 people or those with kids who will be in the water a lot and it looking to sit. There are only 2 loungers in the outdoor part. If you have a large group that wants to sit and chill with one another outside, the small and large cabanas still seem better suited for that. However there were tons of loungers available down by the water. For those with limited mobility the area where the villas are down to the water was a little on the steep side and could be a challenge. Given the chance though, I would 100% book an ocean villa again. Having the bathroom was super convenient. The villas have their own buffet area which was very good and pretty empty too. Officers stopped by often to see how everything was, and it seemed they were in soft opening for when the area will be bookable.
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