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  1. So early on, testing was used to help keep businesses open. Perhaps testing combined with the vaccination is still a good option since we do not have science that is undisputed about antibodies, vaccines, ages, variants, etc. For example, I am not confident in the J&J vaccine being good enough for a Covid passport. Test (maybe one of the home ones) 5 days before, day of, and 5 days before the end of a cruise? And I think there will always be the chance of a few cases on any cruise and there needs to be a protocol in place for that. Practica
  2. I just tried to reprice the air but the website did not give that option. Anyone able to check prices? I can see the reservation but there is no way to modify it or do seat assignments. Thanks.
  3. So whether you think its mandatory or not, how do you get people to prove that they are vaccinated? or immune? or unable to take a shot? It probably will boil down to the honor system of attestation or a system that came be forged such as passports. So will it be worth the expense of trying to rigidly enforce? You may just have to rely on the same system or questionnaires and temp checks that we do now.
  4. Thank you for the link. I still wonder about issues that may be occurring such as cancelled cruises. But it is nice to see the that there are cruises happening.
  5. Hi, I can not keep track of which line is cruising, planning cruises, canceling cruises... Where they are planning to cruise, protocols? Anyone out there following the different lines? Or can point me to link? Thanks in advance.
  6. Haven't had a soda in many years but drink wine by the bottle vs. the included wine by the glass. Each cruiser is different. Focus on the price per night for what you want (it's ok if extra is provided). If you determine it too expensive then don't buy.
  7. Looked at prices for a cruise just a little less than one year out. First class air was just a little over double for domestic flight. I decided to book it. If is not a good deal at final payment time, I can cancel and rebook. So it may be worth just looking at...
  8. Proaller, UV Germicidal Lamp 36W Disinfection Quartz Lamp with Ozone Sterilization, Remote Control Timer 15 min/ 30 min / 1 Hour, Lamp Cover for Car Living Room Bedroom. It does generate ozone smell so if that is a concern look for another one, there are many available. Works for us for more issues than just Covid 🙂
  9. You are not alone. Had the same side effects (at one point was close to calling 911) and have the same concern.
  10. Have been doing one week driving vacations. Follow the local protocols. We find using a UV C lamp at each lodging gives us the most peace of mind for ourselves. Found one on line that has an easy to use remote control with times for 15m, 30m or 1 hour. Will take it on our next cruise - hopefully next year!
  11. Hello, Wondering if any of the local area people have any insight about the restart of cruising out of Galveston? Any activity from the cruise lines in the port? Hiring locals for embarcation checkin, etc? Looking forward to the possible restart, thanks.
  12. Last minute bookings can be the best deal. Depending on the cruise comeback, last minute may be better than ever. Most companies favor marketing that relies on people being emotional and not doing the math. It is so much easier and profitable for them if it works :). Glad the OP got to rant.
  13. We have some of the same questions of Steve. Currently just plan to eat at 8:30 and hope not to be given a pager at whichever dining room we pick...
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