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  1. So is everyone saying you must play all your NR OBC once? On Princess we might have $250 OBC but only played about $20 worth on video poker and then cashed all of the remaining out. Once the NR OBC was loaded into the machine there was no difference between it and cash on the account.
  2. So on Princess, was able to load NR OBC into a video poker machine, then play a few times and cash out. Did this twice with no problem. Ended up even on the two sessions. This does give you the chance to end up losing a bit. Can you do this on Celebrity?
  3. The information and menus in this thread are great! Anyone have a theory on what time to eat if you have Select Dining? In the Caribbean? We prefer the room to be a bit quiet with not every table used. Thanks.
  4. Wow, the world is just too sensitive. Soon no Halloween or Santa Claus. IMHO, expecting everyone to be concerned about an item of entertainment or marketing is not realistic. But if something bothers you it is good to point it out, just don't expect everyone to agree. Also demonizing companies and people over it may be a bit much.
  5. Yes, each person in the cabin can have a different package. Wow, seems like alot of plastic being used. I thought the lines were changing over to reuseble containers for water except for excursion use. Hope you find your solution.
  6. Love that the promotion includes Inside Cabins. We have reserved an inside on Apex with 3 perks for a good rate!
  7. Wait staff likes more tables; equals more grats. If you want VERY special requests and attention, the MDR is not the place. Pay for specialty dining, special dining room etc. for special needs/request. Times change; the average diner in the MDR likes to get in and out in around 1 hr.... Many complaints that the MDR takes too long.
  8. Have you visited Vines? Curious about the sound levels there. We have enjoyed Vines with food from the IC on the Crown Princess. Activity Volume can be a bit much but usually tolerable. How is it on the Sky? Thanks for all the information you have provided.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I was confused from other lines and the location so near the suites. Again thanks for the helpful info.
  10. Excellent information and pictures. Personally, The Retreat does not look inviting. Anyone think it is a "big" extra for booking a suite? Again, thanks for the info.
  11. Thanks for the clarifications. Have sailed in or out of all three, NY, Cape Liberty, and Boston. But have only scratched the surface of things to do in each area so the extra info is very helpful.
  12. Thank for the pictures. The Grilled to Order showing the options including fish is just the info I was looking for.
  13. Love the pictures of New York. Next year it is round trip from Boston. Any opinions of Boston vs. New York for the home port?
  14. My 2 cents. The OP is unhappy about weather related changes and a small cabin which made for the worst cruise they ever had. So the small cabin is relative and documented on many sites such that one should know what the cabin is like. Weather related changes happen. The cruise line does a "goodwill" offering. So you take it or not. It is subjective if it is good enough. Expecting a refund is not realistic. Especially if you have stated you don't want to sail with Celebrity. Most lines never give refunds unless obligated too; usually future cruise credits. And booking terms and expectations are different in the UK, so he looks at the problems from that perspective. We recently missed two ports and got nothing but the port fees returned. Would have like more but judged it was not worth the trouble. Otherwise, in my humble opinion, take what is offered and move on.....
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