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  1. The original suggestions might be put in place on some lines. However, if a line has a lower passenger cruise cost by not doing the suggestions then most consumers might book the lower cost? There is a very large variety of cruisers out there that with a variety of outlooks that is why there have been so many options to date. If the exact experience is dictated, then many will not want that experience.
  2. Love the idea of taking a deep breath; however some of the advice is not logical. Stay off the phone, well.... How about using email to cancel? Did so this morning. Worrying about the TA or the cruise lines' bottom line.... not so much they did not worry when business was good and raised prices. Bottomline - travel is a business that has ups and downs; including the possibility of bankruptcy (in which you could lose your deposit). We all have different concerns. Overall the idea to calm down and think logically is sound.
  3. We cancelled a refundable deposit cruise for Aug 2020. Having the flu on a couple of cruises in the past and seeing the quarantine/restrictions in place when many have the flu, helped us decide not to risk it at this time. Also do not want that deposit hanging out there if the cruise lines have financial trouble. Gambling that the price to travel will go down when we decide to do so. Totally agree, if you are at risk, don't cruise. If you don't want to risk quarantine, then you need to decide if cruising at this time is a good idea. For us, we will not cruise until things are more settled. If it never settles out, we will never cruise again. Just like there a multiple options in cruising such as which line to cruise, there are travel/vacation options. Just wondering what the lines will do to survive? Price reduction, better cancellation policies (already seeing this), better sanitation efforts, etc.? They need to do something to confindence the public that cruising has no more risk than other forms of travel. What will happen to costs vs. land based options?
  4. Corona virus is another example of illnesses that are magnified by being in close quarters. Some of us already had started trying to avoid sailings that are more likely to have issues from flus and noro. So to respond to original post, probably cruises will need to adapt to people's concerns about being contained in a relatively small area with large numbers. Lack of any type of control has concerned potential cruisers such as missed ports and changed itenaries. This one regarding being exposed to illnesses will have an impact too. Arguments that the concerns are or aren't logical won't really matter; people will make a different choice that they perceive is less risky. Hopefully, an immunization will be developed but the underlying concern may still exist for the next illness that comes along.
  5. So everyone is talking about the bold reds, is the food pairing up to it? What do you dine on with your really good red wines? I have noted that on the child's menu there there is offered filet mignon Thanks.
  6. We've had one of those cabins. When we noticed the sail in event, we went in the hallway and were invited by staff to join in. The event itself was very subdued with mostly picture taking. Quieter than being out by the pool areas. Hope it works out to your liking.
  7. I guess you know the score however it may be that all cruises are not equal regarding cold/flus (or Noro or Corona virus). Number of passengers do vary. Age of passengers do vary. Some cruises have more "active" itineraries. Some cruises cater to children; longer ones to retirees. Time of year for the cruise. So far I am looking mainly at 10 days or less during the summer leaving from the US for this year to lessen the chance of illness after having issues on TA with many passengers suffering from flu and pneumonia. I do understand the risk is never 0 - anywhere, anytime. And still want to travel a couple of times a year.
  8. First time cruisers tend to really be impressed with the buffets. Mass market cruise lines need to appeal to the masses. Love all the options. Many of the mass market lines do offer smaller included options for lunch, outdoor grills, bistros, burger joints, etc. Something for everyone, just like the different cabin category options. They probably know what they are doing. 🙂
  9. Most of our longer cruises (more than 10 days) have had many people sick with flus and similar illnesses. Have been affected about 1/2 the time. Longer cruises especially transatlantics seem to be the highest risks for us so far. Also visiting a port that is experiencing an outbreak of something contagious like Noro can increase risks. So we do look at what is going on in the area that we will visit. We have a cruise booked out of Boston that seems to be getting fully booked. So there may be certain cruises that seem to hold less risk ( yes, there is always some risk and it does change over time) than others. Galveston to the Caribbean probably falls in that category at this time. Any other ideas on what cruises may hold less risk?
  10. Regarding the taking of photos, the last cruise contract I read said said the line could take anyone's photo and use it how they wished. Getting angry about being photographed in a public place is a bit like getting angry because someone is using an electronic device. But we all do have our personal peeves.
  11. We find you need to be proactive if you want wine by the glass paired with each course or more than one glass of wine. We let the waiter know that we want our wine before the food is served and tell the sommelier the same thing. They usually make it happen. It only takes once for the food to be served and be allowed to sit until the wine arrives for them to get the message that you really do want you wine "paired" with your food. Because we are picky about the wine service we either do traditional dining or select dining at a table for two. Select dining and joining a larger table can be ackward it no one else is having wine by glass IMHO. Wine by the bottle seems to get more sommelier attention.
  12. Not loyal to any cruise line. Like many of them. For us Celebrity works when they offer an interesting itinerary. We like the large inside and outside cabins (compared to others like Princess, smaller Oceania ships, etc.); not interested in paying for a suite on any of the mass market lines; too pricey and delivers very little value for us. So our loyalty depends on what kind of vacation we are looking for. True travel, total relaxation, or a combination. Nice to have the choices.
  13. Celebrity's room service is better. Can order off of the MDR menu for lunch (sea days) and dinner.
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