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  1. Has anyone had credit card refunded for cancelled cruise since mid march. RCCL cancelled two of our cruises We applied for a cash refund and to date nothing has gone back to CC. Just wondering how long it's taking. Stay safe.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. We are very happy with the upgrade and will leave it at that.
  3. Hi We booked an inside last year for an upcoming cruise ( the OV balconies were a crazy high price at that time ) hoping the OV baconies would be reduced to an acceptable price. Over the weekend not only did the OV balconies get reduced but they were actually at a lower price than the inside we had booked . I phoned the agent and was upgraded to the OV balcony free of charge. When I have done this before I have usually had the price difference to pay, so should I ask for the $240 that I have now overpaid for the balcony to be refunded or put as OBC or should I just be happy with the upgrade. Never have I seen a OV balcony at a lower price than an inside. Many thanks Sean
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