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  1. THEY meaning Celebrity or the patients would pay the cost to fly back to Florida??
  2. So I'm curious as to what happens to those people who were put off the ship? Are they just left there to fend for themselves? Are they supposed to quarantine for 10 to 14 days before they can leave that island.I don't want to be kicked off a cruise ship and just left on the island we are docked at if we test positive for covid.I'm rethinking our cruise in December if that's the case? Covid is getting worse by the day now! Any info would be appreciated!
  3. That's great then. Good for you, I can't wait to get my booster shot, hopefully soon!
  4. HOW did you do that because they aren't even available yet? Did you show your vaccine card,or did you just go in like you didn't get the shot? People are doing that now just to get a third shot.It was on the news last week about people lying about getting the shot so they can get a third one!! Just curious!!!!
  5. We were on the Allure in 2018 and went through the casino to a show on that floor by mistake , there were people smoking everywhere and the smell of the smoke was so bad it lingered over to the non smoking section. Horrible, I said to my husband, I feel like I got lung cancer just going through there! It was gross!!! Not sure how it is now, but I will never make that mistake again!
  6. Dr Fauci changes his mind daily like he does his underwear! Not very realiable at this point!
  7. With Covid getting worse and worse and the new MU variant out there now ,it would be much simpler if we could just take the home test and take our results with us? Because it's hard to tell how long the wait will be to get a doctor to watch us take the test.I'm sure there will be thousands of test wanting to be watched at the same time! Those people watching aren't there just to watch cruisers take a test!!! Right??
  8. I have a cruise in December and if this 2 day testing is still in place,I just might cancel.This is causing a lot of worrying for us, and I'm sure for others too!! What if we can't get the results in those 2 days? I forsee a lot of people being left at the port because they didn't get their test results back in time. Covid is becoming rampant and the new variant MU is here and I see the testing facilities being overwhelmed with tests and getting behind.As much as we want to cruise ,I'm considering canceling to avoid being confined to our cabin if we have symptoms or was around someone who tested positive!
  9. Do they still have the sandwich station? I read somewhere else it was gone!
  10. Yes this is true! My hubsand isn't feeling well (Yes we are vaccinated) and we couldn't find anywhere yesterday that would do a rapid covid test.SMDH Most places want you to register online(Impossible) as there are no appointments availiable anywhere. We went through our WVU covid test line and they wouldn't do it without a doctors order( NO ONE WAS IN LINE) Not a car or person around, they were just sitting in their chairs waiting for anyone with an covid order again SMDH.We could have easily gotton one but NOOOOOO! When we tried to get an online appointment it was sending me far far away for one! UMMM NO, So I fell you as we have a cruise coming up in December and fear the same thing!
  11. I did that also.We live in a college town ( WVU) 🙄 and the students are taking up all the appointments!! SMDH
  12. We are cruising in December and we are worried we won't be able to find a place to even get the test? My husband hasn't felt well for a week now and we want to get a covid test for him and there is NO WHERE open to even get the test! We both are vaccinated.(All appointments are taken) With covid ramping up and the new Lamda variant and a new one yet to be named in the US people are gonna want tests and the strain on labs will probably be strained.I honestly think if cruiselines want us to get covid tests,they should be given at the pier! This is just a worry on everyone wanting to cruise!
  13. I JUST read where Carnival was only going to serve bacon every other day because they are having a hard time getting bacon! 😛
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