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  1. My cruise on the Equinox on May 13th (If it dosen't get canceled) I am just wondering and hoping if any of the ports will allow the ship to dock,because of the corono virus if it dosen't slow down. I really don't want a cruise to nowhere for 10 days! I don't mind a couple sea days but 10!!!
  2. WOW,WOW, WOW, Our cruise in May 13th on the Equinox! Not holding out any hope it will sail either!😲
  3. Add Norwegian Cruise lines to that list too! Only a Matter of time before ALL cruiselines suspend operations!
  4. Now you know that is what I meant,PEOPLE not the cruise ship its self!! BUT the germs from a person with CV can live on surfaces for a while,So technically,the CV Is on a CRUISE SHIP!! RIGHT ??????
  5. If Celebrity does suspend all cruise's till May.I hope they are as generous as Princess is being to their cruiser's who had cruises planned for this spring! My son and daughter inlaw who were suppose to cruise on Princess on Monday were offered 2 options, One was a 225% refund on the price they paid in a FCC plus another FCC for a future cruise,OR 100% money back ,plus a FCC! They are choosing option 2!
  6. Personally I think ALL cruiselines should follow suit! It only a matter of time before all cruiselines contract CV! CV dosen't discriminate against only one cruiseline! JMO Better safe than sorry! This too shall pass.
  7. Thanks Everyone for the reply's! Make's me a little more at ease!🙂
  8. Anyone on the Crown Princess who can tell me if any of the ports been canceled or denied docking.Going on the Crown this Monday,March 16th and I'm deciding rather to cancel or go! Not afraid of the virus,but getting quarantined for 14 days!
  9. We have a cruise coming up in May and worried about missing ports and being stuck on the ship for days! Was wondering if any Celebrity ships been refused docking at any Caribbean port?
  10. To people looking to buy travel size hand sanitizer's and sanitizing wipes,good luck with that,because there is none to be found anywhere! Trust me I looked for our upcoming cruise! Every shelf in any store is empty!
  11. The March 16th sailing has the Princess Cays port day still on there! My son and wife will be on that sailing! No changes so far on that sailing!
  12. We want to got to Alaska in 2021 and do a land/cruise.Just wondering which cruise line is best and why? Any help would be appreciated!
  13. IF I'm on Opera,I can't get into my booking to do anything,But if I switch to either Chrome or Firefox I can get through to my bookings and can manage my bookings.So try changing browsers?
  14. Oh my,for once I'm glad I'm not in Miami or Fort Lauderdale trying to get to the cruise port!How many of you are having trouble getting there??
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