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  1. Thinking about doing this land/cruise tour.Has anyone done it and if so,how was it?
  2. Has anyone done this land/cruise tour before? If so ,how was it and is it worth it? Thinking about doing this and would like some feedback from others who have done it!
  3. Can anyone tell me what Hotel's/Lodge's does Celebrity use for the land portion of a Land/Cruise.Looking at Celebrity to Alaska for a land and cruise! Thanks in advance!
  4. Considering An Alaska/Land tour next July or August. Wondering what hotel's/ lodge's does Celebrity use? I would like to reserch them. Thank's in advance!
  5. Which ship is better to do an Alaskan cruise/ And has anyone done the 18 day land/cruise on Holland America? How was is?
  6. Decided to do a land/cruise on the Coral Princess.Looking at prices and wonder if the Connoisseur escorted tour is worth the extra money? Looking for advice on with or without the Connoisseur for anyone who did it! Thank's in advance!
  7. So we decided to do a land first then cruise on Princess.Just deciding which ship to pick? Coral Princess or Royal Princess.I know Royal is newer and larger and can't decide which one to pick? Anyone who has been on either ,I would like your input! Thank's in advance!
  8. I honestly don't know why the cruise lines don't cancel ALL cruises till the end of the year and start fresh in 2021? I'm not going to cruise till there is a vaccine! I lifted and shifted my December cruise till next December 2021!
  9. Thank's Everyone.We have decided to go with the Coral Princess Southbound with a land first then cruise!
  10. Planing a land and cruise to Alaska in July or August 2021 and can,t decide which cruise line or ship to pick? Would like advice from others who been to Alaska in the past! Thank's in advance!
  11. Which cruise ship is best in Alaska.What to plan a land and sea cruise next July or august and want to know which ship is best?
  12. Facebook group for the Equinox! This person said they have inside info!
  13. I heard the Equinox isn't going to sail till January 2021? I have a cruise on her December 9th 2020! Anyone else hear that and could it be possibly be true?
  14. I hope that isn't the case! My May 13th cruise was canceled and I took the FCC. I have another cruise booked for December 9th and used my FCC to pay it off. When I booked these 2 cruises back in November for the Veterens Day sale.All 4 perks were included plus an extra 200.00 OBC. I just looked and it says paid in full ,but my perks are gone????
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