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  1. I was not home at the time or was not watching when a neigbor had a visiting child that scratched their LONG name in my car with a pebble. The policeman that came said it was a shame we did not have video since the signature could have been written by anyone. Now we have video. I don't need instant alerts, it's just an included enhancement to the device.
  2. My favorite is the plank as well. We are still bumming though that they took the eggplant parm off the menu.
  3. Yes, we have Ring and have gotten alerts online while cruising RCI. So far, I’ve only caught my pet sitter showing up. Our car talks to us while we cruise too. I got an alert that we had a flat tire.
  4. We were walked off by the concierge at 7:15. We were on our shuttle bus and on the road to the airport at 7:30. I think there were 3 walk off times, sorry don’t remember them now.
  5. If you cruise often enough, you can try out new itineraries and still cruise the same old same olds.
  6. Another thread proving RCI is consistently inconsistent. We cruise often and have for 25 years. We bring a small fan although we always request one. On smaller older ships my guess is 95% of the time they confiscate my fan. On newer ships most of the time my fan makes it to our cabin. We’ve been on ships that will provide a fan of varying size, sometimes desk size, sometimes a 20 inch box fan, sometimes not at all. We also bring a CPAP machine that we attach an extension cord to the machines power cord. Twice the extra cord has been confiscated. Recently we cruised in Alaska and could not get a fan and this was on a newer ship. We kept our balcony door open letting in cold air. Anyway, my advise is bring your own small fan and hope for the best.
  7. Balcony on deck 12 - very comfy for me. Firm but cushiony, no previous body impressions to be seen or felt. Slept like a log.
  8. Back when RCI was changing their website login process, their system created second accounts for DH and I. Because of it, we were welcomed to Gold! It was funny and insulting at the same time.
  9. We did ship transfers and although it was pricey, we were at the airport around 9:00 while also using luggage valet. It was actually a pleasure leaving the ship and port compared to the cluster at Vancouver getting from the flight to embarkation.
  10. I was concerned since we have such a late flight. After speaking with Bing (btw, she’s great) we confirmed with Loyalty. He said flights up until midnight will work.
  11. As far as we know and have heard from the concierge, it is free. We are using it tomorrow.
  12. Way cool . Next was a pod of orcas starboard side. We missed them.
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