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  1. Am onboard Allure now. I overheard someone order a Fireball in the pub last night. Yes, they have it.
  2. Thanks, I intend to save this in my contacts under RCCL. Now when they call me, this photo will be displayed !
  3. I just made Anthem Coastal Kitchen reservations online and am pinnacle.
  4. I’m also don’t see much of a fuss. The way I look at it is my loyalty has saved me the 20-some dollars a day for perks I already have.
  5. We tie on a Philadelphia Flyers banner.
  6. I’m on the Anthem and yes we had one last night. I would love to hear about the Ovation though since we are doing an 11 night Alaska cruise in a May. Funny, I never heard of an RCI ship without a formal night. I’d be all for it though. Oops, I see Biker posted about the Ovation above. Never mind..
  7. Sorry John, I know you are a groupie and all... but I’d rather watch the golden bear spy video than that!
  8. I agree with MM. It’s from the toilet brush. I’ve seen it lots of times on the Allure. But I also agree with you that they aren’t pleasing to look at and should be replaced. If it is not your present brush, one in the past did that damage. I had a cleaning service in the past that used an abrasive pumice stone to clean hard water stains in ours at home. I did not realize it until it was too late. A yucky view, for sure. In your pic, you can see where the water protected the porcelain from being as scratched as the dry porcelain.
  9. Then there are the ones that have to get up and work the room. Oh brother, save me from the pompous blow hards that are rarely as important as they think they are.
  10. Hubs really enjoys his draft Newcastle in the pub on the Anthem but found the Schooner does not have draft on that ship. We spend most of happy hours in the pub there.
  11. If you get an RCI phone representative telling you to bring your own, have them put that in writing. It will go a long way if you have to go to the "naughty room" because they have flagged your luggage. You may still be denied your fan depending on the condition of your fan. We've had to have a safety officer sign off after inspecting our new fan. We have heard many many excuses (some really odd) from security why our fan is not permitted. One thing we've found is the older ships staff are more restrictive even though I've pointed out that fans are not on their restricted list. Some have no difficulty bringing one, we have had occasional difficulty but then again, we cruise a lot.
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