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  1. I’ve never observed a “fill up,” although the later you arrive, the more people are there as you would expect. Still, it is much more civilized than fighting for a table at the Windjammer. We are also sailing Anthem next month.
  2. On the Ovation in the pub they had small snack-sized bags of nacho type chips for sale in a display behind the bar. They appeared to be sealed packages that were manufactured, not filled on the ship. I didn’t recognize the brand.
  3. We find they often run out of IPA’s early in the cruises. Funny (or not), there’s always plenty of Bud and Heineken, go figure. They seem to have a hard time keeping any draught beer in inventory as well.
  4. We loved our CL on 17 on Allure and would do it again and again if we hit Powerball money. Good times. Sub par service complainers (that travel first or business class internationally) make me laugh. The funniest part is that they come here and complain ad nauseam even after getting their FCC. They don’t remember that couple that was banned from all RCC products for doing just that. Imagine what it feels like to be banned from cruise lines you feel are below you.
  5. I personally used a sledge hammer in the Concierge lounge on deck 9 on the last night of our cruise. I can assure you, that lounge is outta here.
  6. Sorry, although the majority of the passengers were from the UK and we enjoyed talking with them, the $6 charge wasn’t evident until our final bill that was emailed to us.
  7. We just came back from the Voyager (Hong Kong/Vietnam/Singapore) and were supplied Passenger Landing Cards by RCI onboard. We are US citizens. On embarkation, we handed our passports over to staff and by the time we arrived in Vietnam the Landing Cards arrived in our cabins. There was a $6 charge to our seapass account for this service. At our first stop in Vietnam, we presented the Landing cards to Vietnamese officials at the gangway area and were advised to keep the cards on us the whole time in Vietnam. Royal had collection boxes for the Landing Cards as we departed.
  8. I know they eliminated the concierge lounge on deck 9 along with the service areas behind it and are replacing it with 4 cabins. I heard this from the hotel director at a party celebrating the change happening on Voyager. There was cake, champagne and a little destroying of parts of the CL. It was a fun gathering which included hard hats, safety glasses and sledge hammers. I should add they didn’t eliminate the concierge lounge, it is being moved to the Viking Crown area.
  9. I thought so as well but just had dinner with the Hotel Director on the Voyager, who assured us that it was a giant error on their part and they took it as a learning experience in this day and age of immediate digital postings and possible costly blunders. Could that have been the party answer? I believed him.
  10. Your screen name . . .LOL and not helpful to this. I've read advise to not wear black if we do get to fly into HKG so we don't take on the appearance of a protester. I don't know, it's been going on for a month, three more weeks doesn't feel like a stretch.
  11. Thanks, I'll be researching those two other airports to see if Singapore Air can get us in there. We could divert while en route to Hong Kong to the other two airports and if we did, that would be the best solution as far as the visas are concerned. We did purchase travel vouchers from Air to Sea and hope we could rely on that should a diversion be necessary.
  12. Thanks, that never occurred to me. Our flights are not refundable though as we did try to change them months ago to allow more time in Hong Kong and we were told by Air to Sea we couldn't change them.
  13. We are due to fly out of EWR on 9/1 for our 9/3 Voyager cruise to Vietnam. The cruise originates in Hong Kong and ends in Singapore. We have RCI Air to Sea flights booked. Hong Kong airport is closed today for the second day in a row due to the chaos at the airport and in Hong Kong. The police are using tear gas and rubber bullets. Thousands of protesters are using luggage carts to block the check in and security area. There has been some violence reported. We have a small amount of travel insurance to cover trip cancellation. We do not have cancel for any reason coverage. Our flights are not refundable and we have learned even if the airport closes, all we have from RCI is a "guarantee" that they will try their best to get us to the first port of call in Vietnam. (Note this well to those thinking of booking Air to Sea) We will not have visas for Vietnam until we depart Hong Kong on the ship as they are ship supplied. We will not be legal to enter Vietnam without visas issued on the ship as we sail from Hong Kong. So many things to worry about and so many scenarios for each step along the way that we cannot predict. Royal is just saying wait and see. Wait and see what, I don't know. That's what is keeping me awake at night. What we are thinking we would like now and don't know our chances is Royal giving us the option to skip this cruise and issue us vouchers for our cruise. They just skipped the port stop in San Juan because of protests. We could ask, right? Do you think RCI could cancel? What do you think would be the best department or person to speak to at Royal would be? We booked direct with RCI. People on our roll call (mainly folks from UK and Australia) seem more interested in formal nights and excursions than the reality that this chaos is happening. Anyway, finally, to all of you. Do you have advise, any experience with these type issues to add? Thanks!
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