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  1. Today! We are at the Embassy Suites in Fort Lauderdale, looking out our balcony to the port where there are 5 ships! We will be on the Allure in a few hours.
  2. Thanks, I did not realize port /air /tax can change over time. And, yep, the cruise was inexpensive even without any FCC involved so I’m not questioning the $61 FCC received.
  3. What is very clear is that I do not understand RCI math. We did not pay a lot for our cruise, we were in a last minute balcony guarantee and received $61 each as a future cruise credit. I surmise it is bewildering on purpose.
  4. Just curious Mary. How much OBC did you get for port charge/tax refunds while onboard? We got $26.36 each. I met someone onboard that only received $2 something. I’m not sure (and is anyone?) what the breakdown on port charges/taxes are but I’d think that amount isn’t adjustable based on prices/promotion paid. I suspect this is a secret they aren’t willing to share.
  5. Was on the Anthem. Can someone confirm those that left the ship ate and drank for 3 days for free? We heard onboard that the refund was prorated if you left.
  6. the shops and casino opened only after we left and we’re finally underway to cococay. I think all other activities took place as scheduled.
  7. Got an OBC credit this morning for $26 each port/air tax credit.
  8. Appeasing the masses left or less port charges on Cococay than Bermuda...we already paid port charges for Cococay. They are also now saying this late in the season there are less services available in Bermuda.
  9. The announcement said the weather we were expecting to run into is going toward Bermuda. Pity the folks that cancelled Cococay excursions, booked Bermuda instead and now will be rebooking Cococay stuff again. DH heard that 1000 guests left the ship already before this mornings announcement.
  10. Holy cow! Not going to Bermuda, going south to CocoCay! Departing soon. Fluid indeed. They are offering departures for those that wish to leave but they have an hour to report to the gangway.
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