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  1. Wow ! Thanks so much for the pictures ! Can't wait for the kids to see these.
  2. We will be sailing out of Bayonne , NJ , Port Liberty in late July . Will we be able to see the 9/11 Teardrop Memorial from the ship ( the Adventure ) , or is this something we would have to visit before we board ? Also, is the Statue of Liberty visible when we sail out of Port Liberty or only to cruisers going out of the New York port ? My grandchildren are very excited to see these statues. TIA !
  3. Be sure to pack long pants and socks for your boys if they are planning to go ice skating . Long pants are required .
  4. Loved every minute of reading your review . Sounds like you all had a great time in spite of the snafus. I do have a question about parking at the port. You seem like a person who does the research pre-cruise . . . So did you look into other parking options or simply decide that parking at the port was just easiest ? Do you mind sharing the costs ? We are driving over to NJ from the Pittsburgh area and cruising on a 10 day on the Adventure so we're trying to save a little money if possible . TIA
  5. Wow ! Thanks so much for the great information . Very helpful !
  6. Thank you so much for the great information . We will definitely be looking into this excursion . .
  7. I have a few questions about renting jet skis ( wave runners ) on Labadee. 1. Are these only rented as an excursion, or can you just walk up on the day of and rent one? 2. Are there any restrictions ( age, height , weight, ) etc.? 3. Are you free to go off on your own (within a certain area ) or is it a follow the leader type activity ? 4. Can you tell me approximately how much they charge per hour , or how long you get to ride if it's done as an excursion ? Thanks for any information you can provide .
  8. Can someone tell me the cost of the meal now? Also , is the price lower for kids meals. I also understand that the milkshakes are an additional charge unless you have the deluxe drink package . Does that also include the refreshment package ? TIA BTW we will be cruising on the Allure if that matters .
  9. Loving this review so far ! We board the Allure in just six days. . . Woot Woot ! Thank you for sharing your experience !
  10. I would definitely make the phone call to be sure it is worked out properly .
  11. I read on a Facebook post that the medical emergency was a one year old child. Please pray for this child .
  12. My daughter just decided to join us on the June 2nd sailing on the Allure so she booked this past Friday May 24th . She chose balcony guarantee and was given her cabin assignment today May 25th . She was given cabin 6714 which is directly across the hall from the back of Johnny Rockets . We think this is a good selection , of course we haven't sailed yet. I did post a question about the noise level there and every one who answered said they experienced zero problems . Fingers crossed !
  13. Can someone please tell me how much it costs to park at Port Everglades ?
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