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  1. I came to this board to look for singinalot's review & it brought up this one. I'm really enjoying your trip so far. A trip like this isn't possible for me, but I love reading & seeing pictures about it. Thanks!
  2. What a great start to your review! Your pics of Miami are really good. And your adventurous appetite; well, I couldn't do it! But I live vicariously through you!
  3. I've been waiting for this! Let the drinking, food pics and fun begin!
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your review. Your pictures were excellent.
  5. I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but are you planning to do a review? Would love to know how it goes.
  6. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope your surgery goes well & you heal well. Take care!
  7. Enjoying your review. Your boys are so cute! They are braver than me because I'd never touch a snake or a tarantula!
  8. I'm really enjoying your trip review so much! I hope to get to see Paris one day & experience it.
  9. I've only had a balcony once, but I loved sitting out there at night alone. Just looking at the stars and listening to the waves. I fell asleep several times.
  10. Right after the passage that says "Thou Shalt Let Thy Wife Shop As Much As She Pleases, and Thou Shalt Not Count, Nor Judge, Her Boxes of Black Shoes When She Returns. THIS! LOL! This is me all day!!!
  11. Watching Chopped on Food Network and there is a male chef named Sakari! On Food Network's site, it says season 41, episode 13 Team Ice Cream. But if you look on Wikipedia's site under list of Chopped episodes, it's under season 42, #514 Team Ice Cream on June 11, 2019. The chef's name is Sakari Smithwick, eliminated after dessert. Your Sakari was the 1st in my mind though! 😁
  12. Watching Chopped on Food Network and there is a male chef named Sakari!
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