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  1. In a Haven room I know there will be several in your room. also sometimes they are delivered with you nightly Freestyle Daily
  2. I swear planning even a year ahead is the magic of travelling, never a boring day with some cruise to look forward to. Not ready to put cash back out there yet, but will spend time exploring online what will be the next one!
  3. I soo miss cruising. Had to cancel our Sept.2020 cruise, just knew it wouldn't go. this is the first time in at least 10 years that we haven't had one or two cruises booked ahead and looking forward to. Every morning was looking on cruise critic for information about our next Ship, destinations, etc. Big bummer right now, but healthy so should not complain. But I do, lol
  4. No cleaning, no cooking, sleeping with the gentle roll of the Ship, looking outside each day to a new view, enjoying a bloody Mary for breakfast, unpacking the first day and starting to feel like this is home for 7, 10, 16, 19 days or more, meeting the room steward,, Butler (yes we have done suites and Haven), getting dressed for dinner, believe me not formal, just casual with a little bling, enjoying evening entertainment, having nightcaps, and not driving home!!!
  5. Much has changed in n 15 years on NCL, new Ships, all inclusive beverage pkgs.,lots of new dining venues, more charges for daily service, cannot bring your own water onboard , the Haven experience on the new Ships, private area on the Ship for guests who wish to pay the $$ for this experience. Go Kart Track, Rope Courses, rock climbing walls, etc. go online with them and look up what great times were had. Unfortunately don't think you will be able to experience any of these good and not so good changes on any NCL Ship or other for a very long time if ever. But the memories are good!
  6. Good for you! agree one less thing to stress over, as if there are not enough in daily life already!! Hoping all others get their $$ refunded soon.
  7. JimS4210, hopefully your refund being processed, I was told 7-10 days, not 90 on March 30th. and yes it was under 30 days that I got refunded. think every situation is different in who gets in line for refunds first. think deposits only like ours was easy for them to refund, but still not in time frame they told me. BUT, am thankful to have $$ back. We have cruised with NCL 20 plus cruises, enjoyed all, but those days I fear are long gone. so sad, that was our retirement enjoyment.
  8. I canceled Sept. 14 cruise on March 30, Had a $1500.00 deposit. Final payment not due until May 17th. Got my deposit back to my credit card on April23. Was told 7-10 days upon cancellation so was getting a little stressed.
  9. Had a Sept. cruise from Vancouver, BC to Hawaii, cancelled on March 30, before final pymt. due on May17th. got our deposit of $1500.00 back April 23. Wanted money back to credit card, not FCC, as I do not feel any future cruises are sailing for a very long time.
  10. Called and cancelled my Cruise on March 30, I had deposited $1500.00 for a Cruise in September. Cancelled 168 days before sailing, entitle to my full refund. full refund was credited to my credit card on April 23,2020.
  11. Hi there , am the original poster. Wow, my post has taken off in a different direction than intended. I have no reason yet to dispute charges/refund. I will wait, after 15 days if no refund to my credit card I will contact Bank and ask them how to proceed to recover my deposit. We all are having so much stress, lets not add more. My post as clearly stated was about no call waiting time and an email confirmation confirming cancellation. when/If I get my refund, if I can find this post, I will let you all know how long it took.
  12. Called at 7:35pm Oregon time, so sadly cancelled out Sept. Cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii on the Jewell. Had a $1500.00 deposit, I thought was wise to get back. Hopefully things may be back to normal by then, but have decided to wait and see and look forward to a cruise next year. Wait was seconds and email cancellation came through while I am typing this. Of course haven't got the refund, but was told at least 10 days. We are loyal cruisers to NCL and am sure missing not having a cruise to look forward to, but still healthy so will wait this out. Representative was very nice and I thanked her for being there to answer my call.
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